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<mtn> 8% used
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @arri-cc closed pull request #91102 → added firebase-tools, which also upgraded the other packages →
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<infinisil> mtn: df should list many filesystems
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<mtn> I'm not too familiar with these, but I don't think pip should be writing to one of the smaller filesystems, right?
<infinisil> That sure does look rather empty
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<mtn> I'm trying out a minimal example: a nix-shell with just python and pip, and trying `pip install tensorflow` to see that happens then
<infinisil> I guess you could run strace on the command that errors, hopefully finding out which syscalls causes this error
<mtn> Oh ok, good idea, i'll try that too
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<nh2> lejonet: in case you are around, I have this ceph question for you:
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<mtn> infinisil: Do you know if `$TMPDIR` has a size limit enforced by nix or something? Assuming there's a system default for it
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @davidak opened pull request #91203 → nixos/zsa: init at unstable-2020-06-20 →
<mtn> Ah yea, that's it, the limit is 1.6G
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<cole-h> IIRC, it should be the amount of RAM available
<mtn> Huh, that's weird, it's 1/10 the available RAM for me
<mtn> Is there an easy way I can resize that partition without tearing everything down?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @mweinelt opened pull request #91204 → esphome: 1.14.3 -> 1.14.4 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @pradyuman opened pull request #91205 → postmark-cli: init at 1.4.6 →
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @peti pushed to haskell-updates « hackage-packages.nix: automatic Haskell package set update »:
<mtn> I'm looking at `hardware-configuration.nix` and it seems like maybe it's configurable in the `configuration.nix`?
<numkem> clever: how did you managed to get the log compression set to `br` to show up in the hydra's UI? I tried to do similar than the config you showed me and it's working except for the log-compression, seems like my browser doesn't understand that encoding
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<mtn> (figured it out: `services.logind.extraConfig = "RuntimeDirectorySize=4G";`)
<clever> numkem: i think i had to set some mime stuff in aws, cant remember
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<numkem> clever: I'll have to see if I can do the same with minio
<numkem> clever: are you aware of any other compression options? I've checked the code but I can't see anything explicit
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<clever> cant think of any thers
<mtn> When I try to import a `pip`-installed tensorflow, I run into the following error: ImportError: ` cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory`. Is this an example of a binary I _have_ to get from nixpkgs so it can have its runtime dependencies patched, or something?
<mtn> I remember there was something about firefox being like that, maybe?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @eadwu opened pull request #91206 → Revert "libinput: ensure that we only apply touchpad options to touch… →
<cransom> mtn: either install from nixpkgs or do your own patchelf commands to manually fix it.
<mtn> I see, so the patchelf commands are to patch the binary?
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<mtn> What I'm confused about is looking at nixpkgs, I don't see where these patches are happening:
<MtotheM> I must misunderstand the standalone nix. why is my nixOS package declarations not compatible with nix-build?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @zowoq opened pull request #91207 → fuse-overlayfs: 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @arri-cc opened pull request #91208 → nodePackages.firebase-tools: init at 8.4.3 →
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<mtn> fwiw, I got the dynamic lib thing working by setting some environment variables
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<energizer> MtotheM: what kind of computer is that?
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<energizer> i dont see a lot of computers with 1GB ram these days
<MtotheM> raspberry pi
<energizer> ah
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<MtotheM> I like buying the 1gb models for my projects. cause it's enough for what I'm doing. and I get them for half the price of the 2gb ones. due to oversupply
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<mtn> I'm trying to figure out where `` is on my filesystem -- can I find it with something analogous to `${pkgs.cudatoolkit_10_1}`?
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<infinisil> ,locate
<{^_^}> Couldn't find in any packages
<infinisil> Ah, unfree things aren't indexed
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<mtn> Ah gotcha
<agschaid> hi everybody. Can I please ask for a general advice? I have an overlay that I use for packages that I want to pull from the unstable channel. This works nicely. Except for packages that I also manage with home-manager (meaning I configure them via home-manager). Looks like home-manager (and its default package) takes precedence over the overlay. So
<mtn> Looking around cudatoolkit's libs, I'm finding things like ``, but not ``
<agschaid> I have the "old" package from stable again . . . is there an advice on how to do what I want? The information I get online is quite conflicting or just doesn't work.
<infinisil> > cudatoolkit_10_1.outputs
<{^_^}> [ "out" "lib" "doc" ]
<agschaid> I found this , But when I tried it, it complained about conflicting versions although I removed all other traces of the package in question except for its home-manager config
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<mtn> infinisil: Ok, so in my store I'm finding `cudatoolkit-10.2.89-merged/lib/stubs/` and `nvidia-x11-440.82-5.4.43-lib32/lib/`
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<infinisil> Ah, should be in linuxPackages.nvidia_x11 then
<mtn> Oh my goodness it works
<mtn> Thank you so so much this is a beautiful moment
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<infinisil> :)
<mtn> How'd you know it referred to ` linuxPackages.nvidia_x11` btw?
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<infinisil> Just seen it so many times by now
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<agschaid> oh dear....I was disconnected. Has anybody answered my question?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @romildo merged pull request #87623 → lxqt.pcmanfm-qt: fix default wallpaper →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @romildo pushed 2 commits to master:
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<pjt_tmp> agschaid: doesn't look like it
<agschaid> ok
<agschaid> ;)
<agschaid> thank you
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<agschaid> in that case . . . good night ;)
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<gchristensen> ,locate bluetooth/bluetooth.h
<{^_^}> Found in packages:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and 3 more
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<nh2> does anybody know why some Python packages do
<nh2> rm -f "$out/lib/${python.libPrefix}"/site-packages/*
<nh2> ?
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<nh2> none of them have comments on it
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<numkem> is there a way to get the build ID or something similar inside a hydra build? like from an environment variable? I'd need something unique to be able to tag docker container
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<gchristensen> you could use the hash in the $out path
<numkem> also if someone does a `docker push` inside a hydra jobset I'd be interested. My current path goes with runCommand probably and
<gchristensen> very scary :)
<numkem> gchristensen: I'm open to any other ideas :)
<numkem> I don't see anything from nixpkgs, I'd need to have those images sent to a registry to be used by nomad/k8s
<gchristensen> yeah... hmm... maybe you could use the RunCommand Hydra plugin:
* colemickens imagines a Kube CRI ImageSvc that just loads images from/via the nix-store
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<energizer> nh2: if i had to guess the reason: can end up invoking code from arbitrary locations on disk which would break in the sandbox
<numkem> gchristensen: would you have an example of that?
<nh2> energizer: how does it end up doing that?
<numkem> gchristensen: you've mentionned the output hash, what's the name in the set?
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<energizer> nh2: been i while since i looked inthat module, iirc `python3 -m site` will show you the places it might look for code
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<quinn> so i have set, but the generated .service file does not contain that setting
<energizer> nh2: which package are you talking about?
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<nh2> energizer: ceph; what's your github?
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<energizer> nh2: why?
<nh2> energizer: I just want to note down who helped me with the issue so that I don't forget when I get back to it in a year
<energizer> not necessary :)
<energizer> @energizah
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @marsam merged pull request #91198 → alacritty: fix build on darwin →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @marsam pushed 2 commits to master:
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @ccellado opened pull request #91209 → pyvips: init at 2.1.11 →
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<mtn> When building a derivation, I run into a collision error, I guess because 2 different versions of the same dependency try to install
<mtn> Anything I can do about this?
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<numkem> is there a way to have a buildInput to a runCommand? through the ENV?
<numkem> nvm found it :)
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @bhipple merged pull request #91207 → fuse-overlayfs: 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @bhipple pushed 2 commits to master:
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @bhipple merged pull request #91186 → broot: 0.15.1 -> 0.16.0 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @bhipple pushed 2 commits to master:
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<taylskid> Is there a canonical way to "undo" a nix-build operation? or just removing the result/ dir and the collecint garbage at some point?
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<numkem> taylskid: removing the result symlink will make that derivation be garbage collected
<energizer> mtn: it's called ignoreCollisions=true or something like that
<taylskid> okay, thanks
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<aleph-> Stupid question with k8s on nixos. Setting easyCerts to true. Should it be generating certs for me under /var/lib/kubernetes/secrets/?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @chessai opened pull request #91211 → poica: init at 0.2.0 →
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<colemickens> 3m<65;126;63M91;68m5;99;67m;64m5;77;64m;66M5;76;66m;65M4;75;66M4;82;65M5;4
<cole-h> Nice
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<{^_^}> Channel nixpkgs-20.03-darwin advanced to (from 31 hours ago, history:
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<quinn> can anyone tell me why (user) pulseaudio.service has
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<mtn> Noob question: how do I calculate the hash to pass to a function like `fetchFromGitHub`?
<pie_> quinn: i dunno but have you looked at the git blame?
<quinn> mtn: there is a dummy hash function (or attr?) but i generally do $(date|sha256sum) for a dummy hash
<pie_> mtn: disappointingly, you give it a bad one; replace a few characters with zeros
<pie_> look at the error
<quinn> pie_: i have. there's nothing in the actual service module that even mentions or indicates it should be socket triggered
<mtn> pie_: haha, sounds good :)
<pie_> alternatively, use the various prefetch tools
<pie_> like nix-prefetch-github i think it was
<pie_> i usually have something like this in a file;
<pie_> # example: nix-shell -p nix-prefetch-github --run 'nix-prefetch-github jimsalterjrs sanoid --rev master > sanoid.json'
<pie_> fetchGitHubJSON = file: fetchFromGitHub { inherit (lib.importJSON file) owner repo rev sha256; };
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<pie_> and
<pie_> src = fetchGitHubJSON ./sanoid.json;
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vbgl opened pull request #91212 → ocamlPackages.js_of_ocaml: 3.5.2 → 3.6.0 →
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<{^_^}> Channel nixpkgs-20.03-darwin advanced to (from 24 hours ago, history:
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<mtn> Sorry for the onslaught of python and poetry-related questions. One more (maybe the last?): I have a working nix shell with poetry2nix, and now I want to use it with uwsgi, which takes a parameter `pythonPackages`. Can I use the dependency set generated by poetry2nix to generate this?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @rnhmjoj merged pull request #91206 → Revert "libinput: ensure that we only apply touchpad options to touch… →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @rnhmjoj pushed 2 commits to master:
<quinn> okay so it looks like the problem is that the pulseaudio upstream unit is getting used instead of the one the module is actually defining. is systemd.suppressedSystemUnits totally kludgy and stupid or is it acceptable? i don't see it used anywhere in nixpkgs
<mtn> energizer: Hm, is this saying `app.dependencyEnv` is the argument?
<energizer> mtn: honestly that feature is new and i haven't used it yet, but it was designed specifically for the situation where "i'm writing an app that should be invoked by uwsgi"
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @davidak opened pull request #91213 → nixos/systemPackages: clean up →
<pjt_tmp> what's the diff between these two?:
<pjt_tmp> Latest successful build
<pjt_tmp> Latest successful build from a finished evaluation
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<pjt_tmp> on hydra
<pjt_tmp> is there any difference in stability or something?
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<mtn> Kinda confused by what seems like a basic error message: an error that a path has a trailing slash. What's weird is the path I set actually doesn't include have one -- maybe I'm interpreting the message incorrectly?
<quinn> mtn: post it verbatim and i'll take a look
<mtn> (assuming this is a nix error, not from a package or something)
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<mtn> Oops, found a mistake while preparing the example :p
<mtn> Thanks nonetheless :)
<quinn> mtn: hehe. happy to help
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<mtn> Is the `fetchFromGithub` function from `nixpkgs`? In my `configuration.nix` it comes up undefined
<immae> mtn: Try with fetchFromGitHub ;)
<immae> (note the "H")
<mtn> Oh wait sorry, mistyped it here but correctly in the config
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #91152 → python3Packages.spacy: fix build →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed 5 commits to master:
<immae> Then it should be there, you might have done an error somewhere
<quinn> immae: i have done that so many times!
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<quinn> mtn: pro tip: `nix repl`, `:l <nixpkgs>` then use tab completion to double check
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<immae> quinn: yes me too
<mtn> Oh, so it is from `nixpkgs` -- so I need to call `pkgs.fetchFromGitHub` i think
<immae> probably yes, it depends on how you wrote your derivation
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @flokli opened pull request #91214 → nixos/make-ext4-fs: increase fudge factor from 1.03 to 1.10 →
<{^_^}> [nixos-hardware] @Mic92 opened pull request #172 → update description of the project →
<mtn> Ok, so I've been trying to figure out what `mkPoetryApplication` is returning here. Can I inspect this in `nix repl`? When I try I'm getting derivations that I can't look further into
<mtn> I'm trying to understand why `dependencyEnv` doesn't seem to be getting set on my `app`
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<energizer> mtn: you might not have a new enough version to have dependencyEnv?
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<mtn> Don't think so, in `fromGithub` I took the current master
<mtn> Let me double-check to be sure
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<idontgetoutmuch[> I have which works fine on my local machine but when I run `nix-build release.nix ` on circleci I get `error: executing 'git': No such file or directory`
<idontgetoutmuch[> Perhaps there is a way of getting the source from hackage (or stackage) or is there some way of telling nix to use its own version of git?
<mtn> energizer: Is there any way I can see all the attributes on the thing it returns easily?
<energizer> mtn: `:p that` in the repl
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 opened pull request #91215 → README: include link to nixos-hardware →
<energizer> adisb and infinisl are the people who've used dependencyEnv afaik
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vbgl merged pull request #90291 → coqPackages.coquelicot: 3.0.3 → 3.1.0 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vbgl pushed to master « coqPackages.coquelicot: 3.0.3 → 3.1.0 »:
<idontgetoutmuch[> It seems that `builtins.fetchGit` relies on an external version of git?
<NinjaTrappeur> Hey, I'm having a problem with the daemon, I'm stuck and can't do any store operation anymore :(: . It seems like this assertion has been recenctly removed by . There's not much context in
<NinjaTrappeur> the commit message though. Is there a way out of my current situation without updating Nix?
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<immae> idontgetoutmuch[: there is no "own version of git", nix is trying to use git to download the fetchGit {...} derivation and it’s not in the PATH so he fails. You’d have to replace that part with some other way of downloading the source
<idontgetoutmuch[> @im
<immae> (there might be some other places too deeper in the stack)
<idontgetoutmuch[> * @immae I am sure there is some way of downloading the source from hackage but I am failing to find it
<immae> idontgetoutmuch[: note that since you have a github url, fetchFromGitHub might work because in some situations it downloads a tarball rather than using git
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<kiwiirc> after 20 years of running freebsd, i'm switching to linux for both desktop and server. *bsd has stagnated too badly, sadly. now i need to choose a distro, and i'm looking for security, reliability, and performance, in that order. which distro has the best rep for that pls?
<multun> debian would be the go to
<kiwiirc> why may i ask?
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<DigitalKiwi> yeah, why
<DigitalKiwi> i wouldn't even tell people i don't like to use debian
<mtn> energizer: Hm, should I be able to call `:p` on `poetry2nix.mkPoetryEnv`? I tried that and a few other invocations -- I should probably go brush up on what the distinction between these objects are
<multun> it's not a good user distro, and yet it runs the server world
<multun> it has an active dedicated security team which provides fast updates, it has a pretty long release cycle, and it's also pretty bloat free
<multun> kiwiirc: is it for a server or for a desktop ?
<Athas> kiwiirc: if security and reliability are your #1 and #2 concerns, why does the BSD stagnation matter?
<kiwiirc> both, i wanna use same distro for both desktop/gaming and serious servers
<kiwiirc> cuz it's a shit desktop/gaming experience
<Athas> Isn't it mostly stagnant in features and performance? E.g. I use OpenBSD for servers when I can get away with it, but it is dog slow.
<kiwiirc> tried using plasma DE on it and tons of stuff didn't work
<kiwiirc> i've been using freebsd
<kiwiirc> the problem is that linux has 99% of the dev/commercial attention, and is gaining users. BSD is being limped along
<energizer> i'd think the 600 pound gorilla is ubuntu
<multun> yeah it's probably the best for a first linux distro
<multun> if you want super up to date software, manjaro is pretty darn nice compared to ubuntu
<kiwiirc> i don't mind tough to learn, i've been using fbsd for 20 years, but i do wanna choose the right distro
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<energizer> ubuntu because of the massive community and corporate backing or nixos
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<mtn> Is there a function like `a.keys()` from python in nix?
<mtn> (to print the set of keys in a dictionary/attribute set)
<multun> kiwiirc: picking a linux distro is mostly a matter of preference:
<energizer> lib.attrsets.attrNames
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<Athas> kiwiirc: for Linux, I would (perhaps obviously) always pick NixOS, unless I had specific requirements like support contracts that make me pick RHEL instead.
<Athas> For a desktop system that will have frequent updates and configuration changes, definitely NixOS.
<DigitalKiwi> lol manjaro seriously?
<DigitalKiwi> and have you considered nixos
<multun> DigitalKiwi: anything with up to date software
<kiwiirc> multun makes a good point about a dedicated security team which is obviously important for a server platform. can nixos compete?
<DigitalKiwi> manjaro users can't even find the right irc channel
<multun> 1) ubuntu has a huge community, and is a debian derivative. it uses the same package manager with different repositories. it has a long release cycle, but not at long as debian. security isn't that great, they have a team which isn't famous for being that good
<Athas> Definitely don't run these dubious derived distributions like Manjaro. They trade superficial complexity for deep complexity.
<DigitalKiwi> nixos has a security team
<Athas> NixOS doesn't do things like security backports, does it?
<kiwiirc> ya i'm gonna stick with a root linux distro, not a derivation
<DigitalKiwi> gchristensen is on it
<Athas> kiwiirc: if you want a Linux with reliability and security as the focus, then run CentOS or RHEL.
<Athas> Those things are super stable in all meanings of the word.
<energizer> do people run centos desktop?
<Athas> I did for a while.
<idontgetoutmuch[> So now I have `builtins.fetchTarball { url = "";}` but I get `downloading 'file:///nix/store/1q41mjncrlsds9nxwr2xrl6lb9g48man-source'tar: This does not look like a tar archive`
<energizer> huh, didnt know that
<idontgetoutmuch[> I have no idea what that is telling me
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 opened pull request #91216 → nixos-generate-config: refer to nixos-hardware →
<Athas> If not for I would probably still run CentOS on my desktop.
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<multun> 2) nixos is very, very different compared to most linux distros. is has a rolling release unstable channel, and stable releases. it's pretty up to date, also gets security updates sort of in time, but still not professionnal as debian. it has some quite amazing package and config management capabilities, which come with a quite steep learning curve
<mtn> learning curve is indeed steep :p
<energizer> it's technically true that ubuntu is a variant of debian, but i think it's substantially more mainstream than debian is
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<multun> 3) archlinux is a pretty barebones rolling release distro, which mostly gets sec patches with upstream releases, even though some fast patches sometimes get though, a bit like nixos. software is more up to date than with a stable nixos or ubuntu, and it also has a pretty clean filesystem layout. not the most stable distro, but the most stable rolling release out there. manjaro is an overlay distro
<multun> which adds an installer and better UX, never tried it myself, but people seem to like it
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<DigitalKiwi> hi i'm ArchKiwi on twitter and i use nixos
<DigitalKiwi> if that says anything about arch
<multun> 4) RHEL is a very enterprisy linux, which is super stable, has a dedicated sec team just like debian, but also has the same long release cycle. fedora is the community / same company maintained distro with a faster release cycle. pretty decent, a lot of cutting edge features
<multun> kiwiirc: even though ubuntu mostly works like debian, it is very well maintained and isn't just a ripoff
<kiwiirc> hmm
<multun> choosing a distro is super hard
<kiwiirc> multun ty for the summaries. have one for gentoo?
<kiwiirc> ya it is
<idontgetoutmuch[> I'd say this is a very poor feature of nix: my error message was caused by me using a particular hash; if I use a different hash I get the expected error message of the hashes do not match.
<multun> gentoo has some pretty nice package management, but it's also pretty involved to use. it has better package management than most distros, but binary caches aren't traditionnaly a thing, so gentoo users usualy spend ages rebuilding stuff to get the packaging features they want
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<multun> idontgetoutmuch[: that's pretty unfortunate yeah, copy pasting hashes can confuse caching
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<multun> kiwiirc: we can talk about it by voice if you like
<DigitalKiwi> also i've used every distro mentioned here extensively and i'll only willingly use nixos anymore
<DigitalKiwi> well, not gentoo, never drank that coolaid
<kiwiirc> multun how would you summarize centos? and ty but i don't have anything for voice chat
<mtn> Is there a function to serialize lists, just for printing/debugging?
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<DigitalKiwi> and centos was always my go to server distro (now it's nixos)
<multun> centos is like rhel, but free
<immae> idontgetoutmuch[: got bitten by that several times. take the habit of using lib.fakeSha256 ;)
<DigitalKiwi> ,tofu-vim
<{^_^}> <esc>52i0<esc>
<immae> Or tat ^
<kiwiirc> multun how often are there sec vulns in nixos that are slow to be patched?
<multun> gaping famous vulns are usualy patched fast
<immae> idontgetoutmuch[: I think there were a PR that added a feature to allow *not* putting a hash (replacing it behind the hood by zeroes), that would solve this kind of issue
<multun> anyone can submit a patch pretty easily, and many people do
<multun> not all vulns are patched that fast because of the outstanding number of packages in nixpks
<multun> I believe it's the biggest maintained package repository out there
<kiwiirc> even bigger than arch's?
<multun> oh yeah, a lot bigger
<immae> it is according to repology yes
<etu> kiwiirc:
<immae> Ease of contribution is a nice word but it’s kind of false, contributions may stay forgotten for ages before getting attention and that’s frustrating
<multun> easy contributions are usualy merged pretty fast
<multun> but yeah, sometimes it takes ages and it's unfortunate
<kiwiirc> etu cool ty
<immae> (Note that they’re working on that, so it may improve)
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<multun> the truth is most distros just work, you'll meet a lot of people that like their stuff better because X, and will try to convince you it's the best thing in the world. at the end of the day, picking one over another usualy isn't a big deal
<multun> nixos is a notable exception, as it is very different from all the others. better on many aspects, but still different
<multun> if you wanna impress your freebsd friends with crazy features, the nixos church is a pretty good one!
<kiwiirc> is nixos used in any well known server environments?
<multun> shopify I think?
<multun> it's not very popular with companies, it's so different from the rest they usualy don't want to handle the learning curve for newcomers
<DigitalKiwi> have you seen nixops
<multun> it also only have reached decent maturity recently, so many companies just haven't heard of it
<multun> but I believe it's the most server-capable distro out there
<multun> it's a bit like rust
<energizer> target sponsors a bunch of nix stuff
<multun> oh cool
<multun> didn't know that
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<multun> nix is pretty darn good, but not popular enough yet for companies to dive in
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<DigitalKiwi> is it not?
<pjt_tmp> oh shoot yeah
<DigitalKiwi> i see tons of companies use it
<multun> I don't think you realize how tiny nixos's market share is
<kiwiirc> multun what about nixos is like rust? rust is actually what i use for everything i code so whatever distro i pick it'll be running lots of rust code
<energizer> they're both cool new kid
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @zimbatm merged pull request #91200 → nixos/gerrit: allow configuring replication declaratively →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @zimbatm pushed commit from @edef1c to master « nixos/gerrit: allow configuring replication declaratively (#91200) »:
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<kiwiirc> oh, ya
<multun> nixos is like rust because it's the new shiny thing that's actually better than what was there before, but isn't yet widespread enough to make companies dive
<kiwiirc> what about nixos makes it so much different/better than other distros? just the declarative whole-system config?
<kiwiirc> "just", i know
<multun> yeah, it is
<kiwiirc> i actually pushed for freebsd to incorporate the same idea a couple decades ago. UCL got created but it didn't go much further
<multun> I spent years with traditional configuration management software, like ansible or salt
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<kiwiirc> ppl called me a "winblowz registry fag"
<kiwiirc> nice
<DigitalKiwi> Initial release2003; 17 years ago
<mtn> Okay, so another newbie question: how can I find out what the set returned by `buildPythonPackage` looks like?
<multun> it's actually super shitty compared to what nixos can do
<kiwiirc> isn't nix similar to ansible since they both have declarative configs?
<multun> kiwiirc: nixos also trashes all the weird bullshit inherited from who knows when, like the weird filesystem layout
<multun> not at all
<multun> ansible is very imperative
<energizer> it's similar, yes
<kiwiirc> i'd normally overlook something like nixos because ansible made me hate using config files for complex stuff, i just wanna use code for ops now
<multun> it you install a configuration file and do not delete it later, you're screwed
<kiwiirc> sorry, nixops, not nixos
<multun> I realize my sentence doesn't make sense, sorry about that
<multun> anyway, ansible is super imperative, it just runs actions in a sequence
<multun> with nixos, you're a 100% sure your configuration actually reflects what's running
<multun> if your machines dies and you have the config someware, you will be able to spin it up from a backup
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @zimbatm merged pull request #91202 → google-cloud-sdk: 286.0.0 -> 297.0.1 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @zimbatm pushed commit from @pradyuman to master « google-cloud-sdk: 286.0.0 -> 297.0.1 (#91202) »:
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<multun> nix also enables properly versionning configuration inside your home dir
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<kiwiirc> what's "if your machines dies and you have the config someware, you will be able to spin it up from a backup" mean?
<kiwiirc> like if you have config + a back up of your data, you can rebuild to last backup state?
<immae> yes
<DigitalKiwi> nixops - the paper
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<multun> I mean that as everything is configured declaratively, you only need the nixos system configuration to rebuild all your /etc, install all your programs, and even renew your certificates to some extent
<kiwiirc> i'll read that ty DigitalKiwi. my problem with config-based workflows is eventually the config language becomes complex enough to just turn into a shitty programming language in which case it's better to just use a programming language. my dream is to use rust for ops/cm
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<multun> nix is a programming language
<DigitalKiwi> nix is a p
<DigitalKiwi> yeah that
<kiwiirc> there we go :)
<kiwiirc> well at least it's mature enough to have understood what it needs to be
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<kiwiirc> is the idea that what you learn in nix, you can apply to both nixos and nixops?
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<energizer> "Nix" is the name of the language, but it's also the name of the package manager written in that language
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<energizer> unfortunately
<DigitalKiwi> sometimes makes it hard to know which manual to read
<energizer> there are three
<DigitalKiwi> but i linked that already
<multun> kiwiirc: yeah that's pretty much it
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<kiwiirc> that seems pretty good. i'd obviously prefer if it was all rust, but at least i'd be able to get rid of ansible and its shitty config format from my stack
<Athas> kiwiirc: I mean, Nix is a shitty programming language, but it started out that way instead of organically growing to become that.
<multun> :D
<kiwiirc> i can respect that at least
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<multun> you'd love those sick compile times to do anything
<kiwiirc> fair rebuttal :P
<multun> Athas: it's a DSL tailor made for doing that thing right
<kiwiirc> are any usage stats of nixos available? would be good to see a trend line for it. 20 years into freebsd learning going into the toilet, i'd really like to avoid another mistake
<multun> I'm pretty sure the trend is up
<Athas> For the Eventual NixOS Successor, I think the most important improvement would be replacing the Nix language with something that has types. Guix replaces the Nix language with a better language (Scheme), but that improvement on its own is not enough for me to move away from NixOS.
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<kiwiirc> static typing for the yay!
<multun> yeah I do have to agree
<Athas> kiwiirc: no usage statistics that I know of, but at least Nixpkgs sees growing activity:
<Athas> Also importantly, NixOS is fundamentally a Linux that runs ordinary kernels and software, so it benefits from general Linux improvements.
<multun> I don't think there are any usage state out there actually
<multun> for _any_ linux distro
<multun> even distros that do don't do it in the same way, so it's hard to compare
<kiwiirc> Athas is it as generic as arch is? i was reaching about arch and it seemed pretty much "either upstream accepts patches or we don't keep them"
<Athas> kiwiirc: Nixpkgs contains patches as needed, but mostly (exclusively?) to work around Nix-specific issues.
<Athas> It's not like Debian.
<kiwiirc> i like a minimal distro that's generic unlike de.... ya
<Athas> I think Debian is the only distribution that patches the way it does.
<kiwiirc> ok great ty
<kiwiirc> which repo has nixos in it?
<energizer> nixpkgs
<kiwiirc> ty
<kiwiirc> 2k open pull requests ha
<kiwiirc> reminds me of rust with its 5k+ open issues
<Athas> Yeah, contributing to Nixpkgs can require a lot of patience.
<Athas> Too few committers, too many PRs I think.
<multun> kiwiirc: it has like 500 merged PRs a week
<energizer> it's a pretty serious issue imo, i hope the community can figure out a way to automate or hire that problem away
<kiwiirc> Athas looks like the trend is having a nice, albeit small, exponential growth
<kiwiirc> damn
<kiwiirc> that's pretty active
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<multun> so 2k is not that big
<multun> yeah that's insane
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<multun> it's some of thge must active on github
<kiwiirc> speaking of hiring, does nixos have a foundation with commercial backers that fund some core devs?
<multun> which can't even handle printing the pulse stats for the month
<energizer> a lot of the core devs work at
<kiwiirc> nix*
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<Athas> ...and just in case any committers are here, I have this quite simple PR which has been languishing for a while:
<multun> it's pretty recent I think
<{^_^}> #84730 (by athas, 10 weeks ago, open): mlkit: init at 4.5.0
<MichaelRaskin> Then there is also Mayflower that does a lot of upstream Nix* work
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<evils> Athas: quote the homepage URL
<kiwiirc> i'm feeling like nixos might be the distro for me. i know you recommend against it for server use multun but lemme ask, would it be an inappropriate or reckless decision? like running a windows server or some other garbage
<multun> what? nixos is pretty good for servers
<Athas> evils: oh right, the unquoted ones are deprecated now, right?
<energizer> Athas: yes
<multun> it's a risky choice for enterprises because people usualy aren't familiar with it, but it's a super good server distro
<kiwiirc> multun sorry i thought you recommended debian over nixos for server
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<kiwiirc> mainly for the slow sec patching
<multun> kiwiirc: debian is the most commonly used
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<multun> kiwiirc: it all depends on what you prefer
<kiwiirc> security, reliability, and performance, in that order
<multun> :D
<Athas> I think a single NixOS server will require more maintenance than a single Debian or CentOS server, but NixOS seems pretty popular if you have many servers (so you'd use some kind of orchestration framework anyway).
<kiwiirc> i run systems with only a few services and very locked down firewall/daemon rules fwiw
<multun> nixos will push you out of your comfort zone
<kiwiirc> why would it require more maintenance athas?
<Athas> In particular, NixOS shines when you want to rebuild servers declaratively. I'm a sysadmin amateur, so my servers are pets, not cattle.
<multun> if you're ok with that, then it's better than debian
<Athas> kiwiirc: I can leave a Debian Stable running for years and just run an 'apt upgrade' sometimes, without worry.
<kiwiirc> ya i don't care about comfort zone i only care about high quality end result
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<Athas> NixOS will certainly fix security problems just as quickly as Debian, but they might also come with functionality changes.
<kiwiirc> a consequence of rolling vs point releases?
<multun> nixos doesn't have breaking changes in the same release
<multun> nixos has releases
<multun> it also has release notes
<Athas> Yeah, but for how long are those releases supported?
<Athas> RHEL/CentOS is supported for something like a decade.
<multun> only the latest is supported, but it doesn't matter much as software management is better done
<DigitalKiwi> changing release is easy though
<multun> people can keep antique software and run a recent nixos if they want
<DigitalKiwi> you can even go backwards
<Athas> Sure. I guess my main argument is mostly that RHEL/CentOS/Debian is more tolerant to _bad_ or negligent administration. If you put in the effort, NixOS is fully as stable and secure as those.
<DigitalKiwi> go try and downgrade your debian tell me how it goes
<multun> I've administered both nixos and regular distros on a small scale basis, shared with 5 coworkers each time, and nixos is just better
<multun> I upgraded to a more recent release without even rebooting
<multun> people can't patch shit in place, they have to update the nix configuration and pull it
<kiwiirc> hm speaking of work, how are nix* jobs? might be nice to find a rust+nixos/ops devops gig
<KarlJoad> Hey guys, how would I go about getting the path to my user's home directory for a home-manager module? I used `${config.users.users.<name>.home}` to try and get it, and I get the error "error: attribute 'users' missing, at /home/karl/.config/nixpkgs/home.nix:16:15", even though I have `config` as an argument to the home.nix function module.
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<multun> kiwiirc: nixos jobs are even more rare than rust jobs
<kiwiirc> that's saying something!
<multun> :D
<multun> that good engineers are rare?
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<Athas> Anecdotally, the professional Nix ops users I know of are mostly working in small organisations, where they can decide on the tech themselves.
<DigitalKiwi> tweag removed the page that had all of their staff from their website? :(
<MichaelRaskin> Also, that tasks where good engineering can pay off are rarely even attempted
<multun> I mean that's not surprising, for a company to switch to nixos, you have to move all the team out of their comfort zone, out of nixos
<multun> into nixos*
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<kiwiirc> multun or that good engineers aren't valued as much as they should be
<multun> they are
<Athas> For example, I think the backend ops team for the Danish public libraries ran NixOS.
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<multun> I work in a super big tech company with super terrible package management, and it's mostly due to the fact moving away from the current infrastructure is pretty much impossible
<multun> not because engineers are bad
<multun> also, the bigger the company is, the more weird constraints there are
<kiwiirc> ya that underscores athas' point about small shops. that's a lot of rust too, tho past year or so Big Tech, Inc has started to bring rust into its mix
<Athas> Anyway, the best OS is the one you don't have to manage. We have RHEL development servers at my job, and those are great because keeping them running and updated is not my problem.
<kiwiirc> would be nice if a few of them brought nix* in too
<multun> nix can't be used at my company because it doesn't support QNX, nor windows
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<dminuoso> Athas: Haha, that sort of reasoning has little to do with RHEL though, but rather with the fact that its someone elses problem.
<MichaelRaskin> In a large company it is cheaper to have a dedicated quirk-fixing team than make everyone relearn
<dminuoso> MichaelRaskin: That depends on how many servers you have.
<kiwiirc> athas ya but there's a danger in that, of the whole internet consolidating to GCE/Azure/AWS
<Athas> dminuoso: totally! But it's nice to have an OS where the upgrade procedure is "send an email to someone who is paid to care about it".
<multun> Athas: that type of management is super stupid long term.
<dminuoso> multun: No its not, it's what you do when you scale.
<dminuoso> We maintain a fleet of 300+ servers.
<dminuoso> I cant be responsible for OS upgrades.
<Athas> kiwiirc: oh, we have physical hardware. And in fact, whenever we want hardware upgrades; I have to grab a screwdriver and do it myself. The IT department only handles software. It's a little weird.
<Athas> I think it would be awesome if the servers here ran NixOS, honestly. It would make parts of my life easier.
<multun> dminuoso: he was refering to the 'I just install and upgrade stuff by and, it just works' strat before, I'm not sure I'm understanding him correctly
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<DigitalKiwi> i maintain that a lot of the alleged security of RHEL and the like is not that their programs are more secure or better patched (frequently they're more out of date and more vulnerable) but that more of the problems (and workarounds) are known because they're 10 years old
<MichaelRaskin> They do backport patches
<dminuoso> DigitalKiwi: I think its actually about something else.
<MichaelRaskin> Sometimes to the level of creating the infamous RHEL-exclusive gcc version
<Athas> DigitalKiwi: I don't think that makes the security "alleged". It is well known that minimising change and features is key to security.
<dminuoso> DigitalKiwi: The RHEL mentality is "changes cause breakage so dont ship changes"
<multun> dminuoso: that's pretty much what he's saying
<kiwiirc> so RHEL is basically frozen forever save for sec patches or?
<dminuoso> kiwiirc: No, but frozen for feature changes.
<MichaelRaskin> Not forever, until the next major release
<Athas> A specific major version of RHEL is feature frozen, yes.
<dminuoso> You still get security patches, but dont expect to get the new version of nginx containing feature XYZ.
<MichaelRaskin> (with, of course, a few years of overlap)
<Athas> They issue new major versions every 3-5 years.
<kiwiirc> new major version is basically new kernel + updated packages then another 3-5 years till the next, and 10 years of sec patch support?
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<Athas> We run RHEL 7.8, which still uses GCC 4.8. It doesn't use C99 by default!
<multun> pretty much
<kiwiirc> ya that has value
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<multun> that's a pain in the ass from a dev standpoint
<kiwiirc> i'm solo and can be more nimble but if i had 10k systems i'd prolly want that
<multun> I hate these distros
<kiwiirc> MichaelRaskin dminuoso either of u run nixos on servers or have reservations about it?
<dminuoso> kiwiirc: We run nixos servers
<energizer> i run nixos on servers, happy with it
* DigitalKiwi runs nixos on everything
<multun> nixos is pretty much perfect for servers
<energizer> but're in #nixos :)
<kiwiirc> dminuoso good experience?
<DigitalKiwi> hey i'm also in #archlinux
<dminuoso> kiwiirc: Its a mixed bag.
<kiwiirc> is nixos any worse for desktop/gaming than ubuntu or other desktop focused distros?
<kiwiirc> dminuoso how so if i may ask?
<dminuoso> Well I use nixos for my laptop as well.
<dminuoso> Its rock solid here.
<kiwiirc> nice
<dminuoso> The main problem with nixos for servers is if you have a team of people and they dont know nix.
<kiwiirc> ah ok
<Athas> kiwiirc: slightly worse than Ubuntu, mostly because Steam puts effort into running correctly on Ubuntu. However, I use NixOS for gaming, and it works fine, albeit sometimes it requires a little prodding.
<kiwiirc> but not the engineering itself
<energizer> kiwiirc: for desktop it's a more complicated answer. nixos makes you do a lot of work to get things working, but then they stay working.
<kiwiirc> athas with the prodding can it run games as well as ubuntu?
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<multun> I got people into nix to run servers, and they are happy about it. they just have to be willing to do it
<Athas> kiwiirc: yes, *if* something runs it's just as fast and stable as it would be on Ubuntu.
<kiwiirc> if something doesn't run, is it impossible or just requires config?
<Athas> These days I am playing Original Sin 2 running in Steam Proton on NixOS, and it runs beautifully. That's quite far from the environment the developers intended!
<kiwiirc> fuck ya
<Athas> Mostly just enough config to make the run-time environment look Ubuntu-ish. Nixpkgs has lots of helper things to make it work.
<kiwiirc> ok great
<kiwiirc> i've pillaged yall with enough questions. tyvm. i'm almost sold. gonna go read everything on the nix site
<Athas> There is a 'steam-run' derivation that makes most of the needed libraries available for command line running, and I think the 'steam' derivation itself also does it.
<kiwiirc> really really appreciate it
<multun> kiwiirc: many stuff requires patching to run on nixos, as many programs go fetch stuff inside /etc like it's chistmas, or exec /bin/bash
<multun> kiwiirc: it's not always "just config", but adding support for most software is super smooth thanks to all the previous work
<kiwiirc> oh so i might have to patch code
<multun> it does happen when you package stuff yeah
<multun> it's almost never the end of the world, but it's still there
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<Athas> Yeah, the smoothness of NixOS is built on thousands of man-hours invested in workarounds in Nixpkgs.
<multun> It's still much, much easier than packaging stuff for debian derivatives, and even arch derivatives
<multun> nix people has to patch and repackage the world so it's pretty darn smooth to package new things now
<Athas> But the workarounds are stable, documented in code, and shared. It's very different to other distributions, where your fixes become invisible just after you've made them.
<Athas> I ran Debian for ten years without contributing anything, but I made my first PR to Nixpkgs the same weekend I installed NixOS.
<Athas> It's orders of magnitude smoother.
<multun> same here
<kiwiirc> i like the idea of invested work being shared and building a better common base so that's fine with me
<kiwiirc> fortunately i know more langs than just rust
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<kiwiirc> someone said about nixos: "I think Nix works but is wasteful, inelegant, and encourages bad software. it reminds me a lot of Windows where you dump a million tons of redundant deps into C:\Programs Files\ and each program has its own copy of the same dep, because they can't interoperate, because they're bad software running on a bad host"
<kiwiirc> any validity?
<multun> no
<multun> that's pretty backwards
<DigitalKiwi> i wrote a package manager and aur helper for arch and didn't even write my own PKGBUILD
<multun> nixos doesn't do that
<kiwiirc> ya didn't sound right to me either
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @markuskowa merged pull request #90669 → faad2: 2.8.8 -> 2.9.2 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @markuskowa pushed 2 commits to staging:
<multun> there's only a single version of a library for all up to date packages, and older versions get garbage collected after the update (when you tell it to)
<kiwiirc> according to nixos has the 2nd biggest software repo, that's amazing
<DigitalKiwi> i'm a maintainer for like a dozen nixpkgs
<multun> the policy is "if a package can't cope with the latest version of a library, ditch it"
<kiwiirc> graham is very hard working. i looked in contributions and he's on fire
<multun> (mostly)
<multun> core contributors are amazing
<multun> all of them
<kiwiirc> i really hope they get more commercial support
<multun> it'll eventually come
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @danieldk opened pull request #91217 → pythonPackages.spacy_models: add more models →
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<multun> nixos pushes people so hard out of their confort zone it will take ages, but it will come
<DigitalKiwi> too bad about the NSFW nixos dot com lolol
<multun> stuff like that will change the game
<DigitalKiwi> gchristensen: I HAVE AN IDEA
<multun> I'm not even sure is safe for work
<multun> companies don't seem to like it more than
<DigitalKiwi> gchristensen: what if we held a raffle! i'll donate art
<multun> wtf
<kiwiirc> is that a way for easy docker integration to nixos?
<multun> yup!
<kiwiirc> nice onramp, docker has a huge ecosystem
<multun> you can tell nixos to create an image with some packages inside, and just that
<multun> and it just wurks
<multun> you don't have to feel the pain of the docker caching bullshit
<kiwiirc> good job DigitalKiwi
<kiwiirc> looks real nice
<multun> sick wall art
<kiwiirc> multun so is the idea that nix gave nixos a very structured existence, and then now that structured existence is being used to easily create onramps to nixos from many popular ecosystems like docker?
<DigitalKiwi> thanks
<DigitalKiwi> i make stickers too scroll for the nixos ones
<multun> that's it
<DigitalKiwi> i'm making ~144 "right now" to send to contributors
<kiwiirc> smart idea
<multun> nixos just makes a lot of stuff easy
<DigitalKiwi> that's a secret don't tell anyone i still haven't figured out how to do it
<kiwiirc> DigitalKiwi you code haskell?
<DigitalKiwi> allegedly
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<multun> so just these lines setup nginx + letsencrypt
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<kiwiirc> seems much easier than the 2 pages of ansible dance i currently use
<DigitalKiwi> kiwiirc: much like nixos it's the only thing i can tolerate anymore :)
<manveru> DigitalKiwi: you do your own silkscreen printing?
<multun> oh yeah
<kiwiirc> DigitalKiwi much respect to anyone who writes haskell. i wanted to learn it but it's too niche so i went with rust :P
<DigitalKiwi> i have not done silkscreen printing i airbrush though
<DigitalKiwi> rust is the gateway lang to haskell
<DigitalKiwi> ask lovesegfault
<DigitalKiwi> i'll help anyone learn haskell as much as i am able
<manveru> i really like the baby colored ones for some reason...
<kiwiirc> pls, don't tempt me
<kiwiirc> menveru ya but which emoji skin tone variant baby color!?
<KarlJoad> kiwiirc: Haskell by itself is not terribly hard to learn. Getting functionality out of it like what you expect out of imperative languages is the hard part.
<kiwiirc> ya that sounds right. when i'd talk to ppl in #haskell or watch vids the big concepts made sense but translating it into a working program was a different story
<{^_^}> [nixos-homepage] @edibopp opened pull request #483 → Enable local link checking and fix a few outdated links →
<kiwiirc> really great link digitalkiwi
<KarlJoad> What I found was the key thing in Haskell, at least for me, was understanding the smallest amount of work possible to achieve something. For example, don't write 1 big function to achieve 5 things. Write 10 small functions that do 1 thing and put them together in creative ways.
<kiwiirc> same in rust actually. some of the hardest concepts in rust (like lifetimes) are irrelevant to most code
<kiwiirc> good advice
<KarlJoad> Lifetimes are only really difficult to consider when writing multithreaded things. For single threaded applications, the human mind is just as efficient as Rust's lifetime system.
<kiwiirc> you use rust too?
<kiwiirc> is rust popular with nix ppl?
<multun> nix is a functional language, so it attracts a lot of haskell / caml / whatever people
<multun> and these people often do rust, which must be the most functinal-ish imperative language
<DigitalKiwi> a lot of the tweag people use rust/haskell/nix
<KarlJoad> I'm a Uni student, so I use whatever I need to. I regularly write C, Rust (Learning it right now), Haskell, SML, Java, Python3, and now, Nix.
<DigitalKiwi> the is rust
<kiwiirc> awesome
<KarlJoad> I wouldn't say that Rust is popular with Nix people, rather that people who use Nix like functional languages' super strong typing, and Rust is an imperative language that bridges the gap of functional's strong typing and imperative's straight-forward development.
<DigitalKiwi> *lisp has entered the chat*
<kiwiirc> ty
<KarlJoad> Yeah, but while most LISPs today are in the same imperative/functional niche as Rust, I know of few people who like the prefix-function/operator syntax.
<MichaelRaskin> Common Lisp is not a functional language. It is a language that just supports a ton of paradigms, including but not limited to first-class functions.
<MichaelRaskin> (I like Common Lisp)
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<KarlJoad> I personally love LISP's very clear and expressive syntax. Much more so than Haskell, where people always try to get rid of parentheses.
<Athas> kiwiirc: I think there is some truth in that quote, as Nix allows you to handle complexity and poor packaging, rather than insist that bad or complex software is simplified.
<kiwiirc> the one comparing nixos to windows?
<Athas> Yes. This is why OpenBSD remains my favourite system, but it's not just practical. It's like a pristine jewel, and I find that its advantages disappear when you move away from the base system. NixOS scales much better with all the complexities of a modern desktop system.
<kiwiirc> oh
<eta> Common Lisp is great
<kiwiirc> likewise re openbsd
<Athas> NixOS does address the complexity in a much more principled way than any other system, though, so the quote is only relevant if you are comparing NixOS to extremely puritanical systems.
<Athas> Also, comparing the number of packages on AUR and Nixpkgs is probably not fair.
<Athas> Nixpkgs is vetted and maintained, while the AUR is a collection of everyone's private stuff, with lots of dead and duplicate packages.
<Athas> There's lots of people maintaining their own unofficial Nix derivations that can be added to a NixOS system, a lot like AUR or Ubuntu's PPAs.
<MichaelRaskin> Maintenance attention varies across Nixpkgs, but indeed duplicates get noticed and merged
<kiwiirc> ah
<kiwiirc> did any of you come to linux/nixos from freebsd? if so, any quick onboarding (here's what's different) primers or tips?
<Athas> I maintain a program at my job, and it is present in AUR as four different packages.
<KarlJoad> Hey guys, how would I go about getting the path to my user's home directory for a home-manager module? I used `${config.users.users.<name>.home}` to try and get it, and I get the error "error: attribute 'users' missing", even though I have `config` as an argument to the home.nix function module.
<DigitalKiwi> did you use literally <name> or did you substitute your user name
<DigitalKiwi> and maybe that's 1 too many users
<KarlJoad> I substituted my username, no worries there.
<KarlJoad> When I run that same expression through the REPL, I get my path back though.
<KarlJoad> nix-repl> config.users.users.karl.home
<KarlJoad> "/home/karl"
<DigitalKiwi> hm
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @jtojnar merged pull request #91194 → thunderbird: cleanups →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @jtojnar pushed 10 commits to master:
<manveru> KarlJoad: you could try checking what's in `config`
<KarlJoad> manveru: What do you mean by that?
<manveru> replace it with `${(lib.traceSeqN 1 config config).users.users.karl.home}`
<DigitalKiwi> how'd you figure out their name
<manveru> magic :P
<KarlJoad> manveru: trace: { "_module" = {…}; "accounts" = {…}; "assertions" = […]; "dconf" = {…}; "fonts" = {…}; "gtk" = {…}; "home" = {…}; "home-files" = {…}; "lib" = {…}; "manual" = {…}; "meta" = {…}; "news" = {…}; "nixpkgs" = {…}; "pam" = {…}; "programs" = {…}; "qt" = {…}; "services" = {…}; "submoduleSupport" = {…}; "systemd" = {…}; "targets" = {…}; "warnings" = […]; "wayland" = {…}; "xdg" = {…}; "
<DigitalKiwi> haxor
<KarlJoad> xresources" = {…}; "xsession" = {…}; }
<DigitalKiwi> i see one named home
<manveru> that'd be the one then :)
<manveru> are you using the home-manager nixos module?
<KarlJoad> I have it declared in environment.SystemPackages, and my user has program.home-manager.enable = true
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<manveru> so yeah, the `config` inside and outside the home-manager submodule is different
<manveru> nixos options have no power there
<manveru> anw, hope that will help you debug stuff in the future :)
<KarlJoad> I sure hope it will. Thanks!
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<DigitalKiwi> manveru: how do you know about traceseqn
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<DigitalKiwi> it's hard to find even when you know about it
<DigitalKiwi> afaict the only mention on is in a release note saying it replaced something else that was deprecated
<manveru> by reading everything in lib a bunch of times :P
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<DigitalKiwi> would you like a pink and blue sticker
<manveru> do you have a shop yet? :)
<DigitalKiwi> i have a basement
<manveru> well, that's a start
<DigitalKiwi> i cut 24 stencils (6 stickers each) but have to make the masks and decide on colors and figure out logistics for so many people lol
<DigitalKiwi> ...and i have to prep some boards
<manveru> sure, i'd love a sticker though :)
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* DigitalKiwi starts a spreadsheet
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<gordon1> hi
<gordon1> i’m trying to write a derivation for a python application that uses gtk
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<gordon1> and i’m struggling with a "Namespace Gtk not available" when I run it. I’m using the buildPythonApplication helper function, I have gtk3 in my buildInputs, I even set strictDeps to false. I’m checking in for reference
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @iblech opened pull request #91221 → Unbreak dsniff by partially reverting a commit to libpcap →
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<symphorien> gordon1: you need gobject-introspection:
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @mweinelt opened pull request #91222 → poetry: fix build and update from 1.0.5 -> 1.0.9 →
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @roberth opened pull request #91223 → hercules-ci-agent: init at 0.7.2 →
<gordon1> symphorien: in which inputs list? I currently have it in buildInputs
<gordon1> okay, i tried to put it in buildInputs, nativeBuildInputs and propagatedBuildInputs, without success
<symphorien> apparently, both buildInputs and nativeBuildInputs
<{^_^}> #56943 (by emmanuelrosa, 1 year ago, open): setup hook of gobject-introspection in nativeBuildInputs does not run with strictDeps
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<{^_^}> [nixos-homepage] @edibopp opened pull request #484 → Integrate tutorials as a flake →
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<gordon1> symphorien: okay, i managed to make it work with wrapGAppsHook in my buildInputs, thank you
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @iblech opened pull request #91224 → terminus-font: make build reproducible by using `gzip -n` →
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-20.03-small advanced to (from 24 hours ago, history:
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @bjornfor opened pull request #91225 → [20.03] Backport all kernel updates →
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<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable-small advanced to (from 28 hours ago, history:
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<gchristensen> zimbatm: do you think direnv on nixos should come with its own bash?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @danieldk merged pull request #89276 → utf8cpp: init at 3.1.1 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @danieldk pushed 3 commits to master:
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<Hayden[m]> I know it's more of a Nix question, but I was wondering -- Is there any way to append to an existing string variable (`` in my case) without causing infinite recursion?
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<Hayden[m]> I tried this but it didn't work
<gchristensen> prefer
<Hayden[m]> Is that something you can do?
<gchristensen> yep!
<Hayden[m]> I didn't think you could, I thought it had to be done via the Service objecgt
<Hayden[m]> * I didn't think you could, I thought it had to be done via the Service object
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<gchristensen> I don't think there is, actually, a Service attribute, I think it islike serviceConfig or unitConfig
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @bjornfor opened pull request #91226 → [20.03] Backport linux latest and testing →
<Hayden[m]> (just wanna point out that this is for home-manager, not sure if that matters though)
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<gchristensen> oh I don't know about home manager. do they not implement the same abstraction?
<Hayden[m]> I think it's similar, but not quite the same
<gchristensen> I guess it matters then :P
<sunova> Hellol people. I have some questions about NixOS. Would you mind please?
<qyliss> Go ahead!
<Hayden[m]> I'd answer but I only installed yesterday lmao
<sunova> FIrst of all, may I compile all of packagse from the sources? I want to use my gcc flags
<gchristensen> sunova: sure!
<qyliss> There's a way to set GCC flags to apply to all packages
<qyliss> I'm afraid I don't remember what it is, though.
<qyliss> I could find out if you want, but be warned it'll be a HUGE amount of rebuilding
<qyliss> Every time glibc updates, for example, you'll have to rebuild _everything_
<sunova> That's cool! Is the setup time taking? I mean, does it work out of box?
<qyliss> Does what work?
<sunova> gyliss: Do you mean everything is statistically linked / prelinked?
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<sunova> gyliss: I mean switching from binary packages to build from the source configuration
<qyliss> No, but Nix packages have to be rebuilt if any dependencies (even dynimacally linked ones) change
<sunova> Hmm, then it's a MUST of the package manager itself, nix, if I'm correct
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<gchristensen> if you tell Nix to build everything in some way, it will only do that
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @teto merged pull request #91151 → vim_configurable: improve luajit support →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @teto pushed commit from @doronbehar to master « vim_configureable: improve luajit support »:
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<sunova> Thank you, another question. I read that nix kinda hashes different components of packages to prevent rebuilding of the whole packages. I didn't understood though. Is that correct? because for example if in Gentoo I want to rebuild a live version of GCC, I have to recompile the whole stuff
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<symphorien> if any dependency changes, nix rebuilds
<symphorien> the only exception are fixed output derivation, whose hash is given in the nix file. Those are mostly used for fetching sources
<sunova> symphorien: Is there any way to prevent it? for exmple I know that this minor release from, say libcap is stable. No ABI changes.
<gchristensen> no
<symphorien> that's by design
<sunova> Aha I got it.
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<sunova> Do you support ZFS sort of out of box?
<qyliss> Yes
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @danieldk merged pull request #88098 → libreswan: 3.31 -> 3.32 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @danieldk pushed 2 commits to master:
<sunova> Perfect! And I wonder how the kernel stuff works? Is it something like LXD containers? I mean when you build a VM by nix and launch it.
<symphorien> you mean nixos-rebuild build-vm ? it's a boring qemu vm
<gchristensen> this is fun, sunova
<sunova> Why?
<gchristensen> you're asking fun questions
<sunova> Yeah maybe, noobs be noobs
<gchristensen> no really
<sunova> Well I have very little knowledge of how NixOS works. I just impressed by the functionalities. And I like a little bit dig into stuff.
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<DigitalKiwi> sunova: do you use syncoid/sanoid
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<sunova> No but I barely use zfs snapshots/clones. I always keep multiple versions of Gentoo for different stuff. E.g. one hardened, one using unstable config and things like that. But I can't switch between them without rebooting/kexec
<DigitalKiwi> oh
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<sunova> And that's how NixOS fascinated me. I mean if you can have multiple versions of a package and kinda switch between them, then I'm heavily wasting my time by that stupid procedure
<sunova> Perfect! You made it a lot easier
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 merged pull request #91154 → home-assistant: 0.111.0 -> 0.111.4 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 pushed 7 commits to master:
<sunova> Now I got how it's done.
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<sunova> Very neat job, I'm gonna try out NixOS at this weekend.
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<DigitalKiwi> i feel like options.html should be a lot easier to find ;_; rather than being in the footer of a very long page
<sunova> I wasn't aware of that. Yeah it's technical without any extra words. Nice documenation though
<gchristensen> it is also a bit front-and-center on the "Learn" page, DigitalKiwi
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<DigitalKiwi> (oh i was on features.html)
<gchristensen> but yeah a bit different
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @mweinelt opened pull request #91227 → pythonPackages.pymetno: 0.5.0 -> 0.5.1 →
<DigitalKiwi> and in very small text below the fold "or search among many NixOS options."
<DigitalKiwi> on the main page
<gchristensen> open an issue? :)
<gchristensen> they're still working on this stuff
<DigitalKiwi> i feel like i'm a bad case study
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 merged pull request #91227 → pythonPackages.pymetno: 0.5.0 -> 0.5.1 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 pushed 2 commits to master:
<DigitalKiwi> because i didn't even see it on learn page until you said it was there and i'd just checked it
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @ryantm merged pull request #91215 → README: include link to nixos-hardware →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @ryantm pushed 2 commits to master:
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @cpcloud opened pull request #91228 → tracy: 0.6.3 -> 0.7 →
<sunova> Yeah, I wonder how did you come up with the idea of declerative configuration for everything? And I saw your post in 2007 in Gentoo's forums. Why NixOS is so much unheard of?
<DigitalKiwi> this might be because they are changing stuff and it was different before and i'm used to that...
<gchristensen> sunova: NixOS started in 2003, and started gaining popularity in like 2014. I think the world had to catch up :)
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @danieldk merged pull request #91126 → deno: 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @danieldk pushed 2 commits to master:
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<sunova> You know, I think how powerful NixOS might for deploying kubernetes. Different nodes for different namespaces, with different configurations, already ZFS integrated
<gchristensen> yup
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<AmandaC> I'm using a self-signed cert for my substitutor, due to it only being reachable via LAN, isthere any wya I can make it trusted, without making it trusted by the whole system?
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<AmandaC> gchristensen: what's the default value for that, so I can combiine in my mkcert rootCA with it?
<gchristensen> pkgs.cacert
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<AmandaC> actually, I just realised I don't need since the cache I'm pulling from is building the system image for this machine in the first place through hydra. :D
<gchristensen> nice :D
<AmandaC> I assume I'd use lib.mkDefault to override nix.binaryCaches and nix.binaryCachePublicKeys in my nixos config?
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<chiiba> Using niv it seems that `sources.nixpkgs.bash` is not a valid attribute. But previously before I used niv `nixpkgs.bash` was a valid attribute :/
<chiiba> Am I missing something?
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<gchristensen> you need to import sources.nixpkgs , then get bash from that
<gchristensen> (import sources.nixpkgs {}).bash
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<srk> AmandaC: mkForce, mkDefault allows to set option to default value and change it via other modules
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<AmandaC> is there a corosponding nix package value for the NIX_SSL_CERT_FILE?
<AmandaC> s/package value/option/
<{^_^}> [nixos-hardware] @Mic92 merged pull request #172 → update description of the project →
<{^_^}> [nixos-hardware] @Mic92 pushed 5 commits to master:
<chiiba> gchristensen: Ah, right, thank you!
<chiiba> If I want to create a package for a shell script without altering the shell script source, then how can I manage runtime dependencies? Should I create a wrapper script which will setup PATH properly?
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @nagisa opened pull request #91229 → tracy: add capture and update binaries →
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<rycee> Hayden: It depends on the module. Some modules use lists when defining the `Service.Environment` field and in that case it should be possible to merge in more entries by assigning a list to the option. Unfortunately `sxhkd` is not one of those modules so I think the easiest would be to `mkForce` a value containing both the value set by the module and what you would like to set.
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @bjornfor closed pull request #91225 → [20.03] Backport all kernel updates →
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @mweinelt opened pull request #91230 → python3Packages.PyRMVtransport: init at 0.2.9 →
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @DianaOlympos opened pull request #91231 → confluent-platform: update 5.3.0 -> 5.5.0 →
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<pbogdan> is there a way to get more detailed logs when lorri is building a project?
veleiro has joined #nixos
<chiiba> How can I do anything in a derivation build if within the build step everything is read-only?
michel-zimmer[m] has joined #nixos
<clever> chiiba: the working directory and $out are both writable
<clever> chiiba: the default unpackPhase will unpack $src to . for you, and cd into the directory it produced, which is writeable
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<simukis__> is there anything I need to do to get coredumps from nix sandbox?
<chiiba> clever: I was accidentally using `cp -a` which was probably the reason for permission problems. But regarding unpack phase - how does it work? Currently I'm cp'ing manually to . myself.
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<clever> chiiba: line 910 will chmod things
simukis__ is now known as simukis_
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<veleiro> i'm trying to create an overlay with a newer version of mesa, but i need to swap out one of its patches in the `patches` array, i was thinking i could do something like 'builtins.replaceStrings' but for array values?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @teto merged pull request #91189 → kitty: 0.17.4 -> 0.18.0 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @teto pushed commit from @Luflosi to master « kitty: 0.17.4 -> 0.18.0 »:
<Hayden[m]> Anyone know how to set up a Go nix-shell environment that will allow me to install modules?
<Hayden[m]> at the moment it tries to install them in the GOROOT, which is obviously in the Nix store, making it read-only.
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @primeos opened pull request #91232 → systemd: Allow setting the transient hostname via DHCP →
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<bkv> veleiro: best bet is filter out based on equality and then append to the result
<bkv> Hayden[m]: copy the goroot elsewhere :)
<bkv> At a guess
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @maralorn opened pull request #91233 → [haskell-updates] haskellPackages.reflex-dom and deps: Fix patch urls →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 opened pull request #91234 → home-assistant: also collect after_dependencies →
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<veleiro> bkv: thanks
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @primeos pushed to master « dav1d: 0.7.0 -> 0.7.1 »:
<AmandaC> Hayden[m]: It'll only install there as a last resort. you want a go.mod file, (`go mod init` I think?) somewhere in your project tree, or a GOPATH
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @onsails opened pull request #91235 → Missing vim plugins →
<Hayden[m]> AmandaC:
<Hayden[m]> * AmandaC: Already have one
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @tilpner opened pull request #91236 → openimagedenoise: 1.1.0 -> 1.2.1 →
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @balsoft opened pull request #91237 → fix build by disabling tests →
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<dejvo> what is the difference between import bla.nix; and imports = [] ?
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<symphorien> the first takes an arbitrary nix file and evaluates it, the second is only for nixos modules
<dejvo> is tehre a way to pass inherit into imports = []?
<symphorien> can you elaborate ?
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<dejvo> I have a nixos file that is using a variable that I defien in let in in the main file
<dejvo> but I want to import the second file that is using it
<dejvo> so import "myfile.nix" { inherit region; };
<symphorien> declare a nixos option and assign the variable to the option
<symphorien> then use in the second module
<dejvo> actually that file is not a module
<dejvo> just something I want to include
<symphorien> a then make the file a function taking the value as an argument
<symphorien> then (import foo.nix) evaluates as the function, and you have to call it with the value
<dejvo> how to call it? so I have a bunch of stuff (define packages, open port) in foo.nix
<dejvo> I do import foo.nix?
<symphorien> if foo.nix contains the text "x: x+1" then import foo.nix 1 evaluates to 2
<symphorien> because import foo.nix evaluate to x: x + 1
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @roberth merged pull request #91223 → hercules-ci-agent: init at 0.7.2 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @roberth pushed 2 commits to master:
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @rnhmjoj opened pull request #91238 → nixos/users-groups: do not check validity of special hashes →
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<dejvo> oh ok, so there is a way to include a file?
<dejvo> not to import it?
<dejvo> just to include it as if that block was there?
<symphorien> no. nix is a functional language so everything has to be a value
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<symphorien> a function, an attrset, an integer, you name it, but a value
<dejvo> ok, I need more reading as I do not understand that
<dejvo> I have a foo.nix which says open a port portX
<dejvo> and main.nix which say let portX = 1337 in bla bla imprort foo.nix
<dejvo> but says portX doesn't exist
<dejvo> even if I put { portX }: at top of foo.nix
<symphorien> then foo.nix is a function
<cole-h> `import foo.nix { inherit portX; }`
<symphorien> taking as argument an attrset with one attr: portX
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<dejvo> that import foox.nix is in the top file or in "let ... in ... import"?
<symphorien> `let foo in import ./foo.nix { inherit portX;}` is a short-hand for `let foo in import [snip the content of foo.nix here] {inherit portX; }`
<dejvo> but how I do use it then?
<dejvo> I want to call it?
<symphorien> ah sorry:
<symphorien> `let foo in import ./foo.nix { inherit portX;}` is a short-hand for `let foo in [snip the content of foo.nix here] {inherit portX; }`
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<symphorien> I don't don't know what you are trying to do so it's hard to answer
<dejvo> so let's say my foo.nix has: networking.firewall.allowedTCPPorts = [ portX ];
<symphorien> that's not a value
<dejvo> I want to do let portX = 1337 in import ./foo.nix
<dejvo> hm
<symphorien> put it in braces and suddenly it's an attrset
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<symphorien> but if you are setting nixos options, you are better off writing a module
<cole-h> dejvo: That won't work as you think it will. It only binds portX to the value 1337 in the scope of the `in`, but it doesn't get passed to the import.
<dejvo> okay I did but still cannot import it
<dejvo> yeah I want to pass it to import :)
<dejvo> that's what I am trying
<cole-h> So you'll need to do what you did earlier and have `{ portX }:` at the top of foo.nix
<dejvo> ok ok, so now I have a function right?
<cole-h> And then you can do `let portX = 1337; in import ./foo.nix { inherit portX; }`
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<symphorien> dejvo: writing nixos modules is documented here:
<symphorien> remember that you are not forced to declare options
<dejvo> cole-h: so now I get error: syntax error, unexpected PATH, expecting '.' or '=',
<cole-h> Can you paste the file somewhere?
<dejvo> I actually do
<dejvo> import ./myfolder/mysecondfolder/bla.nix
<cole-h> Question still stands.
<dejvo> yeah a sec
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<Raito_Bezarius> Does anyone had already encountered kernel panic regarding "VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-bloc(0,0)" during iPXE boot with for NixOS?
<Raito_Bezarius> It's a KVM (QEMU) virtualized machine
<Raito_Bezarius> And it's a BIOS one
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<AmandaC> I'm getting a SIGSEGV from Xorg when I'm booting into the latest nixos-unstable-small, here's the X.0.log: -- anybody got any ideas for how to further debug this? I thought it migth be because I was using the LTS kernel due to some recent issues with intel GPUs, but switching to latest doesn't seem to have fixed it.
<MtotheM> Where do I find the raspberry pi images?
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<betaboon> how do i get the absolute path to the location of a nix-file within that nix-file ?
<MtotheM> It says I can use the armv6 image. but I can't find it anywhere.
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @max-wittig opened pull request #91239 → gitlab-runner: 13.0.1 -> 13.1.0 →
<boxscape> hm, fira code used to be in my fonts, I wanted to update it, noticed that it's not part of fonts.fonts, so I added it, rebuilt, and now I do have the new version, and can use it, but it doesn't show up in the qterminal font selection menu anymore
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<boxscape> Is there something else I have to do to make sure it gets added to all font databases?
<betaboon> MtotheM: armv6 is not officially supported by nixpkgs. but you can find a link to an old image and further instructions here:
<dminuoso> Mmm, does nixos have some integration for arduino? The second I pull in other boards through the board manager, the binaries I obtain have incorrect elf interpreters.
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<dminuoso> Now obviously I can just manually patchelf around, but that's not really elegant.
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<MtotheM> thanks boxscape
<boxscape> I think you meant betaboon :)
<MtotheM> yes, sorry
<MichaelRaskin> dminuoso: well, you can run it in FHS env
<MtotheM> my fault for auto completing on only `b`
<dminuoso> MichaelRaskin: Mmm would that be with the steam helper?
<dminuoso> Or has nixos received some more generic tool?
<MichaelRaskin> It has always had more generic tools
<dminuoso> Ah
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<MichaelRaskin> steam-run has the drawback of needing unfree Steam (by definition, more or less), and the benefit that it comes with a pretty well-balanced set of libraries included
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<MichaelRaskin> But you can use buildFHSEnv without Steam and list what to include
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<dminuoso> buildFHSEnv works fine, thanks.
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<dutchie> how do people typically keep /etc/nixos/configuration.nix under version control? I don't really want to be running git as root all the time, and it'd be nice to have it all in the same repo with my home-manager config
<manveru> dutchie: symlink to your home then :)
<MtotheM> an easy way to get around that is by symlinking into your nixOS repo
<MtotheM> this way you can just change the link to swap configs too
<MtotheM> `ln -s /path/to/repo/configuration.nix /etc/nixos/configuration.nix`
<MtotheM> Or maybe it's the other way around. i don't recall
<{^_^}> [nixos-hardware] @bbigras opened pull request #174 → add xps 13 (9343) →
<manveru> no, that's right :)
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<MichaelRaskin> Advanced way is -I nixos-config=…
<clever> i prefer to have configuration.nix outside of revision control, it only does boot and fs related stuff, and imports = [ /path/to/repo/configuration.nix ];
<clever> if the disk is lost and i have to re-install, the boot and fs stuff will be different anyways
<clever> and this lets me have 2 identical installs, without the different UUID's causing a conflict in git
<MtotheM> you don't have to include the hardware information. since it can be auto generated
<clever> MtotheM: but you must reference that generated file, in the main configuration.nix
<clever> MtotheM: also, bootloader stuff isnt in the auto-generated file
<MtotheM> sure, but you can make everything into modules. that's how I do my things.
<clever> yeah
<clever> thats why my config forms a tree, with hostname.nix at one end, and core.nix at the other end
<clever> all hostnames eventually lead to core.nix
<clever> and its sort of 2 trees weaved together
<clever> multiple starting points (hostnames), one ending point (core.nix) and many dead-end leaves (large features)
<xantoz> you could always recreate using the same UUIDs or maybe use labels instead of UUIDs
<MtotheM> I like grouping things by what they bring to the table. like `gaming.nix` brings in steam, opengl, retroarch and those things.
<MtotheM> So if I want to do that on a system I just import it.
<clever> this file for example, will pull in plex, set plex to run on login, and sets sddm to auto-login
<clever> and it runs plex in tv mode, so the UI expects you to only have ~6 buttons
<asymmetric> if i set dontBuild = true, then how can i still run tests in the checkPhase?
<clever> asymmetric: that just means it wont run the buildPhase, and skip right to the next phase in the list
<asymmetric> iiuc dontBuild = true means that `foundMakefile = 0` in
<asymmetric> so checkPhase will exit early
<clever> asymmetric: it will just skip running buildPhase
<clever> asymmetric: and lines 1261-1264 is the default phase list
<asymmetric> this is set in buildPhase right?
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<clever> asymmetric: yeah, line 1015
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<clever> so its not that it sets it to 0, but rather, it doesnt set it to 1
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<clever> so you need another phase to set it to 1, or just `buildPhase = "export foundMakefile=1"`
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<asymmetric> right, thx that worked
<asymmetric> is this kind of coupling between the two phases desired?
<clever> not sure
<clever> i dont really use the checkPhase much
<asymmetric> when do you usually test the package?
<clever> the only packages ive really delt with that have tests, are haskell based
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<Raito_Bezarius> does anyone knows why iPXE in BIOS does not work (19.09 or 20.03) but UEFI (19.09 confirmed, I'm trying 20.03) works fine?
<clever> and those use build and check phase
<Raito_Bezarius> I'm using and the kpxe for BIOS and efi for the UEFI
<Raito_Bezarius> (on a KVM guest)
<Raito_Bezarius> (yeah, UEFI works fine with both versions)
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<asymmetric> clever++
<{^_^}> clever's karma got increased to 462
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @marsam opened pull request #91241 → zziplib: fix build on darwin →
<MtotheM> I personally want to learn how to do the '.enable' pattern though
<clever> MtotheM: one sec...
<MtotheM> Cause having files that you import is all nice and good. but it's easy to over declare them
<clever> MtotheM: this defines a custom option, programs.vim.fat, and then it uses the value to decide if youcompleteme should be enabled
<MtotheM> having a pattern like `gaming.steam.enable` would give a more clear and easy to read file in the end
<clever> MtotheM: but you can also do `config = mkIf config.gaming.steam.enable { ... };` to do more complete on/off
<MtotheM> yeah I will look into that.
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<{^_^}> [nix] @B4dM4n opened pull request #3726 → flakes: Only check apps for the current system →
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<MtotheM> must i do this using 'with lib'? clever
<Raito_Bezarius> (if anyone has an idea…)
<{^_^}> netbootxyz/ (by RaitoBezarius, 32 seconds ago, open): Cannot BIOS boot NixOS
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<symphorien> AmandaC: looks like
<{^_^}> #91145 (by delroth, 1 day ago, open): Some Mesa drivers break with patchelf 0.11
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<chiiba> How to create an application derivation and get it into my environment as a runnable app in NixOS? Do I just plug the derivation into environment.systemPackages and that's it?
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<jwaksbaum[m]> "chiiba" ( yeah that will work. You can also use nix run or nix-shell to open a temporary shell with the built derivativation available, or you can install it into a user profile with nix-env or nix repl.
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<jwaksbaum[m]> Is there a way to have Bluetooth powered off on boot? I tried bluetooth.powerOnBoot = false, but powertop still shows it as using power until I rfkill block bluetooth.
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<delan> g’day o/ does .envrc “use nix --pure” work for anyone? direnv/direnv#368 says it works since 2.17.0, but when i try it with shell.nix “{ pkgs ? import <nixpkgs> {} }: pkgs.mkShell {}”, i get a couple of lines from direnv, followed by a 3 KB line of base64, followed by “direnv: ([/nix/store/...-direnv-2.21.2-bin/bin/direnv export zsh]) is taking a while to execute. Use CTRL-C to give
<{^_^}> (by steveeJ, 2 years ago, closed): use_nix: introduce an argument to enable nix-shell's `--pure` mode
<delan> up.” o_O
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<simpson> delan: Does it eventually complete, if you wait for a minute? Is there a corresponding background Nix builder that is running?
<simpson> Oh, nevermind, I see what you mean. Reproduced just by adding that `--pure` to an existing .envrc.
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<AmandaC> symphorien: damn, that does look like the issue I'm having. Hopefully it makes it into nixos-unstable-small soon
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<chiiba> jwaksbaum[m]: What are the requirements for packages to work in nix-shell and systemPackages. I tried adding my package to buildInputs in shell.nix, but after entering the shell my package is not available in the environment. My derivation results in a folder with two shell scripts. Should the output be just one output file or something?
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<delan> simpson: thanks; fwiw htop shows “direnv export zsh” > 2x “bash --noprofile --norc -c ...” > “direnv apply_dump ...”
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @vldn-dev opened pull request #91244 → i3ipc-autotiling: init at d521cd6 →
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<simpson> delan: Curious. I'm using bash, so it's not shell-specific.
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<delan> hmm. so if i paste my blob into tr -- '-_' '+/' | base64 -d > file and run file file, i get zlib compressed data. i wonder what i’ll find if i apply
<delan> it’s JSON data! lo and behold {"AR":"ar","AS":"as","CC":"gcc",[...],"strictDeps":"","system":"x86_64-linux"} wtf
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<ar> yes, ar is ar.
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<delan> sorry :I
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda merged pull request #91204 → esphome: 1.14.3 -> 1.14.4 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda pushed commit from @mweinelt to master « esphome: 1.14.3 -> 1.14.4 (#91204) »:
<jwaksbaum[m]> "chiiba" ( it should put those shell scripts in a subdirectory called bin, that's what will get added to the path I think. Check out writeScriptBin, it will automatically do that, and set the executable bit, and I think also checks it's syntax.
<fresheyeball> I solved it
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @danieldk merged pull request #85576 → gargoyle: 2018.10.06 -> 2019.01.01 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @danieldk pushed 2 commits to master:
<fresheyeball> dminuoso: I needed to add ghcjs-dom to the deps
<fresheyeball> the error called out the wrong package
<dminuoso> fresheyeball: Mmm, but why?
<fresheyeball> dminuoso: I don't tknow
<dminuoso> fresheyeball: My instinct says, this could be a GHC bug if it reports the wrong library.
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-unstable-small advanced to (from 29 hours ago, history:
<fresheyeball> dminuoso: I think jsaddle-dom is a funky lib, and it's funk it probably at fault
<fresheyeball> also where is console.log in here?
<dminuoso> fresheyeball: I dont even know why it would suggest the module was a member of jsaddle.
<dminuoso> That seems to be the bug.
<dminuoso> Because in jsaddle 0.9.4, its definitely not.
<Raito_Bezarius> did anyone tried to write a service for this: ?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @marsam merged pull request #90977 → lepton: 1.2.1 → git-2019-08-20 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @marsam pushed 2 commits to master:
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<madhukar93> need help understanding `__functors` and how they're different from ordinary functions ```nix-repl> s = { __functor = x: x + 1; }nix-repl> s 1error: cannot coerce a set to a string, at (string):1:19```
<dminuoso> fresheyeball: Oh haha! Reading helps!
<fresheyeball> dminuoso: what did you learn?
<dminuoso> fresheyeball: I was looking at jsaddle instead of jsaddle-dom, however same thing. The module is not even in there.
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<dminuoso> I dont know why GHC would suggest that, I think this could be a diagnostics bug in GHC.
<madhukar93> I went through, no light bulb moment
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<clever> madhukar93: the __functor accepts 2 arguments
<clever> madhukar93: the set youve called s, and the arg it was called with
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @marsam pushed commit from @artemist to release-20.03 « lepton: 1.2.1 → 2019-08-20 »:
<clever> > let s = { __functor = a: b: a.hidden + b; hidden = 1; }; in s 5
<{^_^}> 6
<madhukar93> thanks I missed the last part of the sentence "A set that has a __functor attribute whose value is callable (i.e. is itself a function or a set with a __functor attribute whose value is callable) can be applied as if it were a function, with the set itself passed in first"
<madhukar93> "with the set itself passed in first" It's late, and I'm sleepy, maybe I should turn in lol. Thanks a lot for explaining!
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @danieldk opened pull request #91245 → [20.03] libreswan: 3.31 -> 3.32 →
<madhukar93> The error could've been more helpful perhaps instead of "error: cannot coerce a set to a string"
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 merged pull request #91234 → home-assistant: also collect after_dependencies →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 pushed 2 commits to master:
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @danieldk opened pull request #91246 → resilio-sync: 2.7.0 -> 2.7.1 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @dotlambda opened pull request #91247 → khard: fix tests →
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<xwvvvvwx> I have a remote builder with a post-build hook that pushes to an s3 binary cache. If I run a build locally with `nix build` the post build action is triggered, but if I run nix-shell the post-build hook does not seem to be triggered. Does anyone know if this is expected?
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<delan> update on my direnv problem: it’s probably this bug but someone pointed out that “use nix --pure” is probably a bad idea anyway
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<simpson> Yeah, that's the other part of it. Obviously it should be possible to pass *some* flags to nix-shell, but it shouldn't be possible for nix-shell to unset stuff from the environment; that's direnv's job.
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<jD91mZM2> Can you make SETUID binaries work inside of buildFHSUserEnv? I tried running fusermount, but without special care it just aborts with `fusermount: /nix/store/...-wrapper.c:203: main: Assertion `!(st.st_mode & S_ISUID) || (st.st_uid == geteuid())' failed.`
<LambdaDuck> When trying to run any nix-env -i command I get this error: '/nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/anka' is not a symlink. What does that mean?
<jD91mZM2> LambdaDuck: Seems like something is wrong with your nix profile? What's the output of `ls -la /nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user`?
<iwq> I'm trying to package a rust project with buildRustPackage, but it fails because the actual rust code is inside a "server" directory, how can I make it build inside the directory?
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<LambdaDuck> total 0
<LambdaDuck> drwxr-xr-x 10 anka wheel 320 10 Jun 15:23 anka/
<LambdaDuck> drwxr-xr-x 2 anka wheel 64 14 Jun 22:03 andreaskallberg/
<LambdaDuck> drwxr-xr-x 42 root admin 1344 21 Jun 20:38 ../
<LambdaDuck> drwxr-xr-x 5 root admin 160 8 Jun 15:55 ./
<LambdaDuck> drwxr-xr-x 4 root wheel 128 2 Jun 19:33 root/
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @mmilata opened pull request #91248 → pythonPackages.mautrix: 0.5.4 -> 0.5.7 →
<dminuoso> Hi. Im installing nixos on a synology vm. When I reboot into the installation, the boot is stucking waiting for the guid of the root device to appear.
<jD91mZM2> LambdaDuck: Does a `profiles` symlink exist inside that anka directory?
<dminuoso> The installation is boilerplate from the manual, with just basic LVM sprinkled ontop.
<LambdaDuck> jD91mZM2: No. I haven't installed anything as this user yet.
<LambdaDuck> My guess is that the problem is caused by me renaming the user. The question is how to fix it.
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<jD91mZM2> iwq: In your src attribute, you can append "/server". So like "${fetchFromGitHub ...}/server", or `fetchFromGitHub ... + "/server"`
<iwq> thank you!
<jD91mZM2> LambdaDuck: So you renamed your user *to* anka? From andreaskallberg?
<LambdaDuck> Yes
<LambdaDuck> The anka directory does contain a bunch of channel symlinks
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<LambdaDuck> The andreaskallberg directory is empty
<jD91mZM2> Not sure what to make of this... Maybe delete the profile from that directory and try again?
<LambdaDuck> Which profile? The anka directory with the channel symlinks?
<jD91mZM2> yeah i guess?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @teto merged pull request #91235 → Missing vim plugins →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @teto pushed 9 commits to master:
<jD91mZM2> maybe back it up, in case
<LambdaDuck> Ok, I'll try that. Thanks
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<jD91mZM2> Maybe also check that ~/.nix-profile is correct
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<LambdaDuck> Running nix-channel --update seems to break it again.
asbachb has joined #nixos
<LambdaDuck> Yep, ~/.nix-profile links to /nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/anka as it should
<LambdaDuck> Maybe I'll just have to install something before running nix-channel --update
acarrico has joined #nixos
<LambdaDuck> Oh, forget that. I was trying with dry-run before. Removing it did not help
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<dminuoso> Mmm, which kernel module is necessary to detect regular drives for udev?
<dminuoso> Is that AHCI?
<LambdaDuck> jD91mZM2: Or yes it did. Removing the directory now causes the error: error: opening lock file '/nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/anka.lock': Permission denied. So it's kind of progress.
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<jD91mZM2> Not sure if that's progress. Don't know what to do here, sorry. As far as I can tell, nix-env should make profiles for you without you having to worry about it. So when it doesn't, that's pretty bad
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @yrashk opened pull request #91249 → lattice-diamond: 3.10 -> 3.11sp2 →
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<{^_^}> Channel nixos-20.03-small advanced to (from 26 hours ago, history:
<LambdaDuck> I'll try removing the symlink ~/.nix-profile too to see if it helps.
orivej has joined #nixos
<jD91mZM2> Yeah maybe, good idea
asymptotically has joined #nixos
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timokau merged pull request #90026 → python3.pkgs.zimports: add missing setuptools →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @timokau pushed commit from @Mic92 to master « python3.pkgs.zimports: add missing setuptools (#90026) »:
<LambdaDuck> Yeah, that seemed to fix it \o/
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<jD91mZM2> Woo, did it create the dir and everything now?
drdee has joined #nixos
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<jD91mZM2> Okay so from what I now understand, doing `nix-env -i` will create a user profile in some cases if you don't have one. But your ~/.nix-profile link made Nix think you wanted to use an existing profile, which caused issues because it was empty of generations to build on
<LambdaDuck> Yeah, I installed a new package and then it created both the symlink and the directory with symlinks in it
<LambdaDuck> Oh, right. The old symlink was actually wrong. It pointed to /nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/anka and not to /nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/anka/profile. Not sure how that happened.
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @oxalica opened pull request #91250 → vscode-extensions.vadimcn.vscode-lldb: init at 1.5.3 →
<dminuoso> Ah nvm - I should fix this nixos installer bug
<dminuoso> It fails to pick up that the installation needs virtio_scsi.
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<{^_^}> [nix] @Ericson2314 opened pull request #3727 → WIP: IPFS Store --- contains #3714 →
LunarLambda has joined #nixos
<asbachb> Is it needed to use mv instead of cp in nixpkgs?
<LambdaDuck> For what purpose?
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<LunarLambda> Hello, I have a question about enabling bitmap fonts, as I cannot get my terminal to show the Terminus font
shiver has joined #nixos
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<LambdaDuck> asbachb: My guess is that it's just because it's faster and the build directory will be thrown away in the end anyways, so it shouldn't matter much otherwise.
<LambdaDuck> But that's just a guess
<asbachb> But in the end it should not make a difference?
<LambdaDuck> Not what I know, other than the needless copying. Here's the commit that changed it from cp -av to mv:
<LunarLambda> I tried adding 75-yes-terminus.conf to ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf but it doesn't seem to have any effect
<LunarLambda> (even after fc-cache -f, restarting programs, etc)
<asbachb> LambdaDuck I basically want to execute the installPhase multiple times. That's because I asked.
<LambdaDuck> Ah, I see. Why do you want to do that?
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<asbachb> Bascially I want to add the jre but am not 100% familiar with nix. So I guess it will be some trial and error ^^
<{^_^}> Channel nixos-20.03-small advanced to (from 2 hours ago, history:
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @maralorn opened pull request #91251 → hackagePackages.hnix: Disable completion to fix build →
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<bbigras> ,locate gio.h
<{^_^}> Found in packages:, fontforge-gtk, signal-desktop, fontforge-fonttools, python27Packages.fontforge
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<LunarLambda> Couldn't get any other bitmap font package to work either :/
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 merged pull request #91229 → tracy: add capture and update binaries →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 pushed 3 commits to master:
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Mic92 merged pull request #91228 → tracy: 0.6.3 -> 0.7 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @flokli closed pull request #88172 → virtualbox: 6.1.6 -> 6.1.8 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @volth closed pull request #68817 → hadoop: update →
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<dminuoso> Is there a handy trick to get the commitRev of my channels?
boxscape has joined #nixos
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @prusnak reopened pull request #68817 → hadoop: update →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @flokli merged pull request #91214 → nixos/make-ext4-fs: increase fudge factor from 1.03 to 1.10 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @flokli pushed 2 commits to master:
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<clever> dminuoso: nix eval nixpkgs.lib.version
<dminuoso> clever: Mmm that appears to be a shortened commit hash
<dminuoso> Everything I look at has only the short hashes.
<dminuoso> whether its `/nix/var/nix/profiles/per-user/root/channels/manifest.nix`
<dminuoso> nixos-version
<dminuoso> or `nix eval nixpkgs.lib.version`
reanimus has joined #nixos
<clever> dminuoso: try the .git-revision file in the root of the channel
<clever> [root@amd-nixos:~]# cat $(nix-instantiate --find-file nixpkgs/.git-revision)
<clever> 9480bae337095fd24f61380bce3174fdfe926a00
<dminuoso> Ah that's perfect, cheers.
<clever> lib.version reads that with builtins.readFile
<clever> and then shortens it
<dminuoso> Fair enough
<dminuoso> It seems a bit contrary to the idealistic determinism.
<dminuoso> To provide an interface to a shortened commit hash
<clever> trivial.nix: revisionFile = "${toString ./..}/.git-revision";
<clever> ah, its in a let block
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<clever> nix-repl> lib.trivial.revisionWithDefault "not found"
<clever> "9480bae337095fd24f61380bce3174fdfe926a00"
<clever> dminuoso: that should also work
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<kiwiirc> is fedora silverblue an improvement over nixos?
kmein has joined #nixos
<prusnak> it's different concept, i would not consider it an improvement
<qyliss> kiwiirc: you're asking in a channel called #nixos. what sort of answer do you expect to get?
<dminuoso> clever: Cheers, the second is a bit nicer for what I do.
<kiwiirc> hopefully honest and unbiased
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<energizer> silverblue is a month old, maybe nobody's tried it
<jtojnar> it is a bit older than a month (it was called atomic workstation before)
o1lo01ol1o has joined #nixos
<energizer> are you a developer kiwiirc?
<jtojnar> or something like that
<energizer> using nixos basically requires you to write software. if that's not your style then another option would be better
<kiwiirc> ya i am
<prusnak> i would say that silverblue is similar to android/macos in some regards
<prusnak> you have immutable OS, that is meant not to be tinkered with
<kiwiirc> i didn't look closely into it but some are talking about silverblue like it's the future of linux
<prusnak> and you install "apps" into it
<energizer> what's the sandboxing situation in silverblue?
<energizer> nixos doesn't really have an app sandboxing story like the mobile oses do
<prusnak> with nixos you can tinker with everything by changing the definitions
<prusnak> and once you are satisfied with them you rebuild the whole world according to the recipe
<jtojnar> energizer it relies on flatpak a lot
<prusnak> energizer: silverblue uses flatpak
<energizer> does flatpack have restrictions on where apps can write to?
<energizer> and read from
<energizer> or is it just a packaging format? i'm not very familiar
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<energizer> oh
<energizer> nice. nixos is extremely missing that feature
<prusnak> flatpak has "portals" - framework for providing access to resources outside of the sandbox
<prusnak> afaik you can use apparmor with nixos
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<energizer> nixos does have a firejail option, but i haven't talked to anyone using it (idk why)
<prusnak> but not a lot of packages contain apparmor definitions out of the box
fpob has joined #nixos
<jtojnar> from what I gathered, silverblue is more consumer oriented and does not lend itself to tweaking
<jtojnar> NixOS offers you great hackability since it is basically a set of tools you use to build your own system
<jtojnar> energizer and you can also use flatpak on nixos :-D
<energizer> also, "NixOS offers you great hackability" because it doesn't have application sandboxing on :P
<prusnak> silverblue is going to a restaurant to have a dinner
<prusnak> nixos is cooking your own dinner
<prusnak> :D
<prusnak> food in the restaurant might be good, but not might be for everyone
<prusnak> your own food might not be great, but it might be also very yummy, depending on how much you like to read cooking books and practicing cooking
<jtojnar> I think someone was mentioning using bubblewrap to wrap packages
<jtojnar> we could even have a fork of nixpkgs that wraps packages in mkDerivation
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @flokli opened pull request #91253 → vimPlugins.vim-bsv: init at 2019-07-11 →
<energizer> i want that
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<jtojnar> or build flatpak ostree repositories
shad has joined #nixos
<prusnak> jtojnar: bubblewrap is nice!
<patrickod> is anyone here using a VFIO setup where they're successfully passing a romfile for their guest GPU? I'm trying to pass my 2070 to the guest w/ a ROM that I took from my Win10 install but I'm running into "failed to find romfile" exceptions on boot. The path definitely exists and I've given qemu-libvirtd permissions to it so I'm not sure what's at issue
<jtojnar> I also think Eelco was considering `nix app` command to support sandboxing
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<kiwiirc> isnt usually called capabilities rather than permissions?
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<{^_^}> [nixos-homepage] @nixinator opened pull request #485 → added install and clean targets update flake.nix →
<samueldr> patrickod: just incase, have you validated using e.g. `sudo -u` that the user libvirt is runnng under can actually read the file?
bkv has joined #nixos
<samueldr> it could be that one of the folder disallows traversing in your chosen path
<prusnak> kiwiirc: capabilities are kernel mechanism; this permissions are flatpak specific and are more similar to android permissions
<samueldr> a folder's +x mode bits is what allows that user/group/other to traverse the path
<prusnak> flatpak/android permissions can be implemented using kernel capabilities though
<samueldr> (I find it's the most common issue when sharing a file for another user on a system)
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<jtojnar> the access (through xdg-destktop-portal) is implemented using capabilities or capabilities-like binds into the sandbox
shad has joined #nixos
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<jtojnar> here is the reference to nix app sandboxing
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<kiwiirc> prusnak ah ty
orivej has joined #nixos
<kiwiirc> i wish every binary by default operated with 0 capabilities and it would have to specifically request those it needs and user allow
<patrickod> samueldr: that was indeed the issue! thanks for reminding me of that sudo -u method :)
<samueldr> yw!
<samueldr> (you're welcome!)
<patrickod> I'm now looking a a working virtualized win10 login screen. Now to figure out the evdev input passing :)
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @mausch opened pull request #91254 → pianoteq: init at 6.7.3 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @mausch closed pull request #87451 → pianoteq: init at 6.7.3 →
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<asymmetric> is it possible to use patchShebangs to rewrite /usr/bin/env node to ${pkgs.nodejs}/bin/node?
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<mtn> A few more poetry2nix questions -- is there a good way to inspect the derivations generated by poetry2nix? I'm having trouble integrating it with uwsgi and have a minimal example that seems to suggest something isn't working right with the application it's generating
<jtojnar> asymmetric yeah, that should work
<jtojnar> (the file needs to be executable)
<asymmetric> jtojnar: sorry think i missed your response, could you repeat (if it was meant for me)
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<jtojnar> asymmetric patchShebangs should support that
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @mausch opened pull request #91255 → ilspy: init at 5.0-rc2 →
<asymmetric> jtojnar: didn't work.i tested changing the shebang to `/usr/bin/env bash` and then it did
<asymmetric> whereas with `/usr/bin/env node` it didn't
<jtojnar> nodejs in path?
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<asymmetric> not sure if it's in path in the postFixup phase
<jtojnar> it should be it it is in buildInputs
drdee has joined #nixos
<asymmetric> right, that fixed it! jtojnar++
<{^_^}> jtojnar's karma got increased to 52
<mtn> More specific question: are there "systmed startup logs"
<energizer> mtn journalctl
<mtn> I'm trying to debug uwsgi, which isn't finding my python app -- but only when I'm using poetry
<mtn> Ah, so I guess if it's not logging there it's not logging at all
<mtn> I'm only seeing runtime logs
<energizer> have you posted your code?
<energizer> what's going on with this filesystem?
happyfishes has joined #nixos
<happyfishes> hello
<happyfishes> I am using IRC first time in my life, I hope it works
<mtn> energizer: Here's the working minimal example, plus the non-working version with poetry and the syslog:
<mtn> happyfishes: yep, it works :)
<gchristensen> welcome, happyfishes!
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<pjt_mpt> energizer: looks like you wanted the --no-preserve-root flag?
<pjt_mpt> or not maybe
<pjt_mpt> I may have gotten that backwards
<energizer> pjt_mpt: that's for preserving / but i'm not messing with /
kw4775[m] has joined #nixos
<pjt_mpt> It's either that or -R is needed
<pjt_mpt> In that case I
<pjt_mpt> 'm not sure
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<happyfishes> Anyway, I am intermediate level Arch user and I saw this `nix` thing. Could you help me rommorow installing it? I intend to make dualboot with Win10 on separate drives and LVM nixOS with KDE and xmonad
<energizer> smaller example
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<pjt_mpt> happyfishes: If you installed arch this is pretty similar. The 'big' difference is editing your config file.
<happyfishes> ah I forgot about Refind
<happyfishes> I never did Refind and LVM in my life
<energizer> mtn: is it just the service that's not working, or are you also unable to run uwsgi in a nix-shell?
<pjt_mpt> the only real hard parts are getting drives setup and stuff, at least for me. The rest is customizationm and even that can be done later after the install instead.
karetsu has joined #nixos
<pjt_mpt> and the install ISO does have the nixos-help command which contains the whole manual too
<happyfishes> can I just follow Arch guide for LVM and Refind?
<mtn> energizer: I can run uwsgi in nix-shell, with the poetry-configured app
<mtn> I'll add my `shell.nix` to that config
<pjt_mpt> happyfishes: possibly. Looks similar enough for nixos though:
<energizer> mtn: even in a nix-shell --pure ?
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @prusnak opened pull request #91256 → seeks: remove, upstream unmaintained →
<happyfishes> BTW if any nix dev is here now: It would be really nice of you if you put simple Wi-Fi tool to make installatiion a bit speedier
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Th0rgal opened pull request #91257 → wpsoffice: add myself as a maintainer →
<mtn> energizer: yep -- just to sanity check, I'm just running the and server to check
<karetsu> how do I set up mopidy to use its extensions when installed via configuration.nix? Every time I run mopidy from the command line it cannot find any of the extensions I have also included. Is this a problem with PYTHON_PATH?
<happyfishes> like `wifi-menu` on Arch or something
<pjt_mpt> happyfishes: wpa_supplicant isn't too hard to use
<pjt_mpt> wpa_supplicant -i wlan0 -c wifi.cfg
<mtn> energizer: Added the shell config:
<happyfishes> it isn't, but it requires noticeably more attention
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ma27 merged pull request #91247 → khard: fix tests →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @Ma27 pushed 2 commits to master:
<pjt_mpt> maybe so, but you can set it up one time in a script and then it's fine--and If you're installing kde you wont even need it later anyway.
<energizer> mtn: idk how services.uwsgi.instance works
<b42> nmtui-connect is easy to use but the minimal installer doesn't have networkmanager
<energizer> mtn: might start by looking at the service file it creates
<karetsu> note that `nix-shell -p mopidy mopidy-youtube` (for example) picks up the module for use, but specification in environment.systemPackages doesn't find them
<mtn> energizer: How can I do that?
<happyfishes> hmm, but it could only residue on installation medium. Anyway, such tools are nice addition for people who just want to use system without too much configuration and custom scripts
<energizer> mtn: i'm assuming it creates a service. do you know the name of the service?
<mtn> energizer: I think it's just called uwsgi
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<energizer> mtn: then `systemctl status uwsgi` might show you the path to the service file
<happyfishes> It certainly would be one step to make this distribution more popular, which is a plus I presume
sbetrium has joined #nixos
<energizer> happyfishes: i think people worry about ensuring the balance of experts to novices stays sustainable
sbetrium_ has joined #nixos
<energizer> some tools i've used the experts are so overwhelmed they basically go into hiding :\
<mtn> energizer: It does -- thanks this was a very very helpful suggestion
<kiwiirc> welcome happyfishes
<pjt_mpt> happyfishes: You can also download the gui installer, which avoids that. It's larger to download but if you'll be using KDE it'd save that download later
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<mtn> energizer: What's really interesting is if I invoke the execstart command on the commandline, it actually works
_ris is now known as ris
<energizer> mtn: what about with the Environment variables it describes
<happyfishes> I prefer to install GUI things as I need them, because I feel uncomfortable not knowing what I have on my system
<Hayden[m]> Okay, now my generations aren't keeping between reboots...
<energizer> mtn: and unsetting your existing environment
<happyfishes> about balance, well that is good point. I just hope that someday this distribution would be as accessible as Ubuntu or Fedora, because if you add ease of configuration you have really competitive tool
<jtojnar> happyfishes you will only have on your system what you put in your configuration
<pjt_mpt> If you're coming over from arch there's not a huge difference in setup challenge
<jtojnar> the GUI iso is just for convenience (like network manager)
<mtn> energizer: Yep, still works (to test, I created an empty nix-shell and set just the env vars from the config file)
<mtn> I'm going to sanity check to make sure nothing else was different
<happyfishes> pjt_mpt I know, I am just talking from different user perspective
<pjt_mpt> and again, if you want to use KDE, downloading the install iso that already has KDE is just saving time later
<energizer> mtn: dont forget --pure
<mtn> Yep, included that
<energizer> mtn: also check what user it's running as
<happyfishes> jtojnar let's assume that you have GUI program that generates a config for you based on list of checkboxes or something for "mere" users
<happyfishes> it would be awesome to see people using it and learning about functional programming in classes
<mtn> energizer: wow I don't think I changed anything but all of a sudden things seem to work :o
<mtn> oh nevermind, that was a mirage :p
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<jtojnar> happyfishes unless something changed, nixos-generate-config just uses a simple template, no GUI
anderslundstedt has joined #nixos
<Hayden[m]> Anyone know why my NixOS config generations aren't keeping across reboots?
<pjt_mpt> yeah, you said you came over from arch, this is a step sideways in difficulty, not upwards
<pjt_mpt> Hayden[m]: are you using nixos-rebuild switch or boot? those are the ones that do it.
user_0x58 has joined #nixos
<pjt_mpt> others like 'test' wont
<Hayden[m]> nixos-rebuild switch
sheeldotme has joined #nixos
<happyfishes> dunno, I didn't make many changes with it. I just slapped i3wm, Gnome, VSCode and IntelliJ into it and called it a day
justanotheruser has joined #nixos
<happyfishes> but I was tired of issues with GNOME, because their new relases often have many bugs. This is also a reason why I found that nixOS exists - I can just keep version of program that I need, which is awesome
gustavderdrache has joined #nixos
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @sternenseemann opened pull request #91258 → ocamlPackages.tls: 0.12.1 → 0.12.2 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @zimbatm merged pull request #91239 → gitlab-runner: 13.0.1 -> 13.1.0 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @zimbatm pushed commit from @max-wittig to master « gitlab-runner: 13.0.1 -> 13.1.0 (#91239) »:
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<jtojnar> Hayden weird, I might be seeing it too
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @sternenseemann opened pull request #91259 → ocamlPackages.dns(-client): 4.6.0 → 4.6.1 →
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<energizer> i just tried booting nixos and i just get a black screen with a blinking cursor
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<Raito_Bezarius> can NixOS get its IPv6 through SLAAC just with enableIPv6=true; ?
<energizer> i dont even get to stage 1
<simpson> energizer: Sigh and `nomodeset`
<energizer> simpson: add "nomodeset" to boot.kernelParams?
<simpson> energizer: Wait, when you installed, your installer *didn't* need `nomodeset`? Do some differential analysis. What did you change?
<simpson> The installer has a nomodeset option which you can choose, along with other debugging options.
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<AmandaC> is there a nixos option for NIX_SSL_CERT_FILE? or shoud I just set it as a global env option
<energizer> simpson: i'm running nixos already, the goal is to move the system to an nvme drive
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @veprbl opened pull request #91260 → zziplib: convert back to autotools build →
<energizer> so i did `nixos-install --root /mnt/foo` and tried booting but nothing
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<simpson> energizer: Aha. So we might hope that the main things to be changed are the drive identifiers in hardware-configuration.nix?
<energizer> simpson: yes
<energizer> maybe i'm missing a kernel module or something and it can't read from the drive
<mtn> Whew, I finally figured out to see startup logs from uwsgi and found the error (a python import error) -- woohooo :)
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<simpson> energizer: You could try the `debug` kernel param, which might make some useful message appear. You could also double-check with nixos-generate-config that there's no additional hardware tweaks that need to be configured.
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @arri-cc closed pull request #91208 → firebase-tools: init at 8.4.3 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @arri-cc reopened pull request #91208 → firebase-tools: init at 8.4.3 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @aanderse merged pull request #91069 → gitea: 1.11.6 -> 1.12.0 →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @aanderse pushed 2 commits to master:
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<ohhaimark[m]> The ... is a call to fetchFromGithub.
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<infinisil> ohhaimark[m]: .overrideAttrs (old: { ... })`
<pie_> anyone have any ideas why my vga port isnt showing in arandr
<pie_> i have edp1 dp1 dp2 and hdmi1 and hdmi2
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<pie_> edp1 is the only one thats enabled
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<sheeldotme> I've written a derivation that patches a file, when I run nix-build it says it's doing so, but the file is not patched. There are no errors. Does anyone know how I might debug this? I'm stumped.
<sheeldotme> Looks like I was overwriting the working directory, $src did not contain the patched files.
<bkv> ,locate bin gnome-network-displays
<{^_^}> Couldn't find in any packages
<bkv> guess i have a new packaging project...
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<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @rnhmjoj opened pull request #91261 → nixos/doc: add section on Intel DDX drivers →
<{^_^}> [nixpkgs] @marsam closed pull request #91241 → zziplib: fix build on darwin →
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<pie_> protip, the lenovo thinkpad dock has a vga port. it seems to take precedence. doh.
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