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<flokli> arianvp: #99530 might be something for you ;-)
<{^_^}> (by lopsided98, 2 hours ago, open): nixos/avahi: fix nss module
<worldofpeace> flokli asked me to be in here so we could get to the bottom of I'm wondering what commit in systemd broke it (if systemd at all) and if bisection is worth it
<{^_^}> #98141 (by jerith666, 2 weeks ago, open): KDE "Switch User" menu item and lock screen button no longer present after systemd 246 update
<pie_> Im still preoccupied with actively looking at things, but can anyone weigh in on some seccomp stuff?
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<pie_> afaict seccomp filtering only accepts names and you cant pass integers
<{^_^}> systemd/systemd#17245 (by deliciouslytyped, 27 minutes ago, open): SysCallFilter/system-call-filter do not support passing syscalls as numbers
<NinjaTrappeur> worldofpeace: I digged into that. I see 3 options here. Details here:
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<worldofpeace> omg this is incredible ✨
<worldofpeace> NinjaTrappeur: our hero
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