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<NinjaTrappeur> worldofpeace: aww :)
<NinjaTrappeur> It's not enough though :(
<NinjaTrappeur> Help welcome, I'm stuck with the lockscreen issue: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/99582#issuecomment-703555446
<arianvp> worldofpeace: just give me a ping if we need to invoke the nuclear option
<arianvp> (that is; roll back to v245)
<arianvp> I suggest only partially reverting it. We had to replace many calls of `systemd.lib` to `lib.getLib systemd` but I wouldnt want to revert all that
<arianvp> because it would mean reverting hundreds of packages; and the behaviour should be the same (if there is a split library output, it will use it)
<NinjaTrappeur> arianvp: I think patching temporarily the now private interface would be preferable.
<NinjaTrappeur> As a worst-case scenario approach.
<andi-> So, I looked a bit into the systemd situations. The biggest problem is probably that meson doesn't have the concept of runtime vs install paths. I've started hacking on a PoC that would make it work for NixOS. The bianries will carry references to /run/… while the installation still happens to the "vanilla" paths.
<arianvp> andi-: yeh I think that would be a clean solution, I was working on a similar patch but mine is alot more ad hoc
<andi-> mine is really ad-hoc right now. I think that would work for us with reasonable effort to keep up2date (as builds fail if we missed something).
<andi-> Unfortunately meson doesn't set any standards on how to do packaging so they really just invested their own stuff there (as far as I can tell)
<arianvp> yep
<arianvp> my idea was to have all the #define's that meson sets refer to /run
<andi-> that is what I just did
<andi-> and it did build and I am running the tests now
<arianvp> whilst the directives they use in the meson.build refer to the $out path
<arianvp> ah perfect
<arianvp> good that we had the same idea =)
<andi-> but now I'm building qemu and gtk and sdl and … so I'm taking a detour into #49403 again
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/49403 (by andir, 1 year ago, open): WIP: qemu_test: disable features that are not needed for tests (closure 567MB -> 174MB)
<arianvp> andi-: One problem I foresee is that /run/current-system/systemd would have to be populated before systemd starts
<arianvp> that's currently the case; but e.g. my systemd-initrd branch would need some tweaking
<andi-> systemd-initrd must, unforunately, wait until we figure this out entirely.
<arianvp> definitely
<andi-> I think we have to take a step back at feature adoption and look at the mess we collectively made
<arianvp> Totally agree. path handling in general needs love
<arianvp> .e.g unit files are only read from /etc (which we explicitly assmble) whilst other stuff like udev rules are implictly read from $out
<arianvp> that not all config files in systemd work the same is confusing for the user
<andi-> Ugh, since I last did work on the qemu closure it grew from 174MB to 346MB
<arianvp> in my own little world i use hostPkgs.qemu_kvm instead of pkgs.qemu_kvm
<arianvp> such that every time I tweak systemd I dont need to rebuild it
<arianvp> it's a useful little hack / patch "{
<arianvp> =)
<arianvp> (here hostPkgs is just the <nixpkgs> package set
<arianvp> :P
<arianvp> it saves me _a lot_ of rebuilding time
<andi-> I'll propose something along the lines of this: https://github.com/andir/nixpkgs/commits/test-closure-size-reduction-v2
<andi-> but gotta run now for a few hours
<andi-> so far all the tests succeeded
<arianvp> nice
<andi-> One last thought: was does it take to remove the duplicate systemd build? What did we gain by doing that?
<arianvp> we gained cryptsetup support in systemd
<arianvp> lvm2 depends on udev (because it talks to libudev; though that can be optionally disabled in the build; haven't tried), but systemd pulls in lvm2 when cryptsetup support is enabled
<arianvp> iirc
<arianvp> that was the cycle
<arianvp> one solution would be to build libudev in a separate derivation; or have a systemdMinimal with most features disabled
<arianvp> both are the same solution; just libudenv is a _super minimal_ systemd :P
<{^_^}> #97051 (by vcunat, 4 weeks ago, open): systemd: build libudev.so "separately"
<{^_^}> #98998 (by Kloenk, 1 week ago, open): systemd: create options for smaller derivation
<damjan> btw, is it suggested to use `getLib systemd` now?
<damjan> and how about `lib.getDev systemd`?
<arianvp> usign getLib and friends is usually the right call in generic code; where you are not sure whether the code has multiple outputs or not
<arianvp> since systemd doesn't have a lib output atm; but might again in the future; we opted to change all the systemd.lib calls to getLib systemd so we dont need a large patch later on
<arianvp> idk if we might want to revert that or not; andi- thoughts?
<damjan> I have a patch for pkgs/servers/uwsgi/default.nix to add `lib.optional withSystemd (lib.getLib systemd)`
<arianvp> for now that is the right call. as systemd.lib doesnt exist at the moment
<arianvp> (due to a temporary snafu)
<damjan> yeah, read the discussions
<damjan> I've read*
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<arianvp> I never understood this "withX" pattern
<arianvp> why not just pass in "package = null" if you want to not build a package?
<arianvp> or does that not work
<arianvp> its very widespread in nixpkgs so I might be missing something
<damjan> hm
<damjan> I'm a complete newbie about that
<arianvp> me too :D
<arianvp> but some others here ar not; so I hope they perhaps know
<arianvp> NinjaTrappeur: why does making a dbus method hidden break things though?
<arianvp> eventhough it's hidden, it should still be callable no?
<arianvp> (I must say I haven't followed the KDE discussion closely; but the commit that was linked doesnt seem to make a breaking change to me on first sight)
<damjan> is it this ^
<NinjaTrappeur> arianvp: yes, I still don't really get it either. The method is definitely not available.
<andi-> arianvp: I think the getLib was the right call and long overdue.
<arianvp> ok then we simply keep it
<worldofpeace> arianvp: I don't think we need a nuclear option https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/99629 😸
<{^_^}> #99629 (by ttuegel, 3 hours ago, open): systemd: show CanMultiSession again
<worldofpeace> ahh I see u approved
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