<andi-> arianvp: did you succeed with your less invasive patch?
<NinjaTrappeur> andi-: nice, this startup race condition was in my todo list :) thanks
<andi-> NinjaTrappeur: I had it on mine since >6m or so... and I always thought it would require some more invovled work. I've read our issues about it and flokli was talking about dbus activated foo and it all felt waaay too complex to dive into. Maybe less DBUS is actually good ;-)
<andi-> Also it stays portable between resolver implementations
<NinjaTrappeur> same
<NinjaTrappeur> I was not aware of nss-lookup.target
<NinjaTrappeur> nor of the bazillion targets listet in man systemd.special!
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<arianvp> andi-: nop. I was thinking of setting DESTDIR=$out and setting rootbindir and bindir and rootlibdir to /run/current-systemd/systemd
<arianvp> (cant set libdir to that; as linking will break of course)
<arianvp> and then in postInstlal; move things from $out/run/current-system/systemd to $out
<arianvp> then you dont need to touch the meson definitions at all I think
<arianvp> That's the idea. but I haven't written the patch yet
<arianvp> but I think it should work?
<arianvp> The other idea that I had was
<arianvp> move $out/lib/systemd-shared.so to $lib and hope if that solves the cyclyc dependency already
<arianvp> but idk if it's enough
<arianvp> as everything is statitcally linked to libbasic
<arianvp> and that's the problematic part
<arianvp> not libshared
<andi-> yeah, moving that is the equivalent of having just one output
<andi-> minus having outputs where both of them are always required :D
<arianvp> is it though?
<arianvp> libsystemd-shared is only like 2 MB
<arianvp> having $out depend on $lib is ok
<andi-> yeah, the other way around is bad
<andi-> we should probably do this in stages and verify carefully that things still work.
<arianvp> ah yeh but wont work my idea
<arianvp> libsystemd is a standalone library (doesnt link to systemd-shareD) and already has the probelmatic path dependecnycy
<arianvp> oooh andi-
<arianvp> but the other way around _is_ true. no single library or executable in systemd links to libsystemd
<arianvp> afaics
<andi-> arianvp: shall we try to document the ideas, next steps etc.. in an issue or something?
<arianvp> yeh these rambings should probably go in something more persistent
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