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<flokli> damjan: you probably also need dev for headers, so you?
<flokli> If it generally makes sense to build this with systemd for startup notification and logging, I'd just call the input systemd, and tolerate it being set to null.
<flokli> I'm not yet really sure on the long-term story of this.
<flokli> Personally, if it's only for the journal protocol and signalling readyness etc, I'd prefer if that protocol were stable, and there were a somewhat simple library implementing only these bits.
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<damjan> flokli: the sd_notify interface is stable and easily implemented. but you never know what apps will use :)
<damjan> the journal interface OTOH is more complex
<flokli> yeah
<damjan> and yes, I do have the 'dev' too, was just wondering in general
<flokli> maybe systemdMinimal then
<flokli> it's not really udev only
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