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<flokli> arianvp: I've been thinking about that weird question all night!
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<arianvp> lmao
<arianvp> I dont remember what I wanted to ask
<arianvp> makefu: here you forgot this )
<makefu> arianvp: much better now
<arianvp> gchristensen: you facoted out the autoluks module from nixops i see
<arianvp> I am looking at it; and I dont understand how that unit file ever worked
<gchristensen> yeap...
<arianvp> It uses a Before=<mapper-device>.device
<arianvp> but systemd doesnt support waiting on devices
<arianvp> lol.service: Dependency Before=dev-mapper-lol.device ignored (.device units cannot be delayed)
<arianvp> you'll get that error
<arianvp> appearance of devices can trigger other units; but a unit can not be a dependency _for_ a device unit
<arianvp> [Unit]
<arianvp> Before=dev-mapper-lol.device
<arianvp> DefaultDependencies=false
<arianvp> [Service]
<arianvp> ExecStart=/nix/store/y26qxcq1gg2hrqpxdc58b2fghv2bhxjg-hello-2.10/bin/hello
<arianvp> using this simple reproducer
<arianvp> hmmph
<arianvp> did you confirm if those modules ever actually worked correctly? Or you just moved them out?
<arianvp> (I neeed something similar now; but I worked around it a bit differently)
<gchristensen> I know for certain people use them, so they must work
<gchristensen> but I have never used them or tried to use them
<arianvp> alright
<gchristensen> or must have worked :)
<gchristensen> but your notes here are 100000000% paying off the decision to move them out of nixops :P
<arianvp> =)
<arianvp> yeh I think the correct solution is to put here instead of Before=/dev/mapper/crypdevice
<arianvp> but not sur
<arianvp> (context: migrating some cloud-init upstart hack at work for setting up autoraid0 to systemd units)
<arianvp> alas not nixos
<arianvp> was hoping for some enlightenment from you but seems Im on my own :'D
<{^_^}> systemd/systemd#10154 (by yoe, 1 year ago, closed): Please allow a servide to be marked as configuring a device
<arianvp> AHA but Wants= do work on device units. ok i understand why the unit works now
<arianvp> cool thanks for rubber ducking
<gchristensen> cool :) I'm glad it worked
<arianvp> ah systemd is quite powerful
<arianvp> this is so much more elegant than the hacks we had in upstart to make this work
<arianvp> me happy
<gchristensen> :)
<gchristensen> it is almost like having a well defined graph of your system's various hardware, software, and environmental dependencies is a good thing
<gchristensen> and that deeply integrating this in to your environment provides significantbenefits
<flokli> gchristensen: arianvp: systemd has even more understanding on the whole "cryto volume" concept with
<{^_^}> #66856 (by flokli, 38 weeks ago, open): systemd: build with cryptsetup support, add cryptsetup generators
<flokli> which is btw still looking for more reviews, and probably some more tests ;-)
<arianvp> that's for mounting and attach/detach
<arianvp> not for creating ;)
<arianvp> gchristensen: note that systemd is _not_ a graph
<arianvp> it's a hack that makes you think it's a graph
<arianvp> it doesnt keep track of dependency graphs anywhere
<arianvp> does a great job explaining
<arianvp> (Chapter about Jobs)
<arianvp> it's a long read! But I think it's a mustread
<arianvp> lots of history and perspective of what is systemd and why
<gchristensen> hah.
<arianvp> what is the difference between creating a RAID0 with lvm2 vs with mdam?
<arianvp> mdadm*
<aanderse> gosh i'm so glad zfs exists
<aanderse> i haven't had to touch mdadm in years
<arianvp> well im a bit wary to run database clusters on top of zfs
<arianvp> CoW and database worksloads always make me a bit wary
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<aanderse> yeah, thats fair
<aanderse> i don't run any real databases on my personal stuff and i only do zfs on personal stuff really
<aanderse> work machines all run on vmware so zfs is kinda pointless
<aanderse> so is redundancy
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<aanderse> hmm... we don't have a "user" tmpfiles option in nixos
<aanderse> i don't see where i should be creating user tmpfiles files on nixos from this
<aanderse> if i had to guess /etc/user-tmpfiles.d/
<{^_^}> #62813 (by peterhoeg, 48 weeks ago, merged): nixos/systemd: enable systemd-tmpfiles-setup and -clean for user sessions
<aanderse> so i see reference to a systemd.user.tmpfiles in that PR... but i see no option
<aanderse> :\
<aanderse> i take it no one ever went ahead?
<aanderse> i also see systemd upstream doesn't support /etc/user-tmpfiles.d/
<flokli> :shrug:
<flokli> I mean, we can install user templates all the way we want. Both some of this stuff really needs home-manager to work properly.
<flokli> When do we make home-manager a first-class citizen already?
<aanderse> it looks like systemd doesn't read user tmpfiles from any spots we would put them
<aanderse> i mean outside of $HOME
<aanderse> the only location is /usr something or other
<aanderse> systemd doesn't support /etc/user-tmpfiles.d :\
<{^_^}> systemd/systemd#11444 (by JanLuca, 1 year ago, open): Support /etc/user-tmpfiles.d for user-tmpfiles.d configuration
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<arianvp> just pulled this cool trick
<arianvp> no need for environment.etc _yet_
<arianvp> can just BindPaths= the required config files into systemd service if it insits in finding config in /etc instead of nix store path
<arianvp> so currently have an empty-etc distro and it boots fine :D
<arianvp> systemd-sysusers ets up /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow on start