<hexa-> 245 has networkctl reload, so it will be :)
<aanderse> ok great, problems getting solved one by one... next i need to find a major pulseaudio nerd
<aanderse> :)
<hexa-> not sure whether or not I should dare ask
<aanderse> i like kwin well enough
<aanderse> you can setup rules to tell kwin what screen (monitor) to put each window on, or tweak settings like whether the app is fullscreen, or windowed, if a windowed app has window borders or goes borderless
<aanderse> it has a cool "rules" feature
<aanderse> so kwin will apply these rules to the specific app you ask it to
<aanderse> its great
<aanderse> too bad pulseaudio can't remember my rules :(
<aanderse> i have multiple screens (monitors) and multiple sound outputs
<aanderse> these screens are in different rooms
<aanderse> each with their own sound output
<aanderse> in kde i can click on the volume button and it will let me choose which app outputs to which speaker
<aanderse> but then pulseaudio will forget pretty quickly what i set
<aanderse> it would be nice if there was a way to more explicitly set rules in pulseaudio, or if i could better understand how pulseaudio remembers (or forgets :\) what i've told it
<aanderse> ... so i need a pulseaudio nerd :D
<hexa-> uh okay
<hexa-> maybe save that explanation to repost ist elsewhere so it's not wasted on me :p
<aanderse> its a pretty minor annoyance that i haven't spent any time looking into yet shrug
<aanderse> Mic92++ thanks for specific mention on networkd or network manager
<aanderse> i may have been banging my head on the wall if not for that mention
<{^_^}> Mic92's karma got increased to 22
<aanderse> working perfectly now :)
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<Mic92> aanderse: you are welcome.
<Mic92> hexa-: so this is makes configuration changes more granular, but does not remember the old configuration does it and remove old ip addresses yet, does it?
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<arianvp> what is the rationale of us disabling systemd's test suite?
<Mic92> it requires root in many parts
<arianvp> it just not working in a build-chroot? If not would it be useful to run it in a vm-test?
<arianvp> and then put passthru.tests on the derivation ?
<Mic92> I think it makes a lot of assumption about the OS though.
<arianvp> yeh systemd tends to do that
<arianvp> :/
<Mic92> It is mainly tested on Fedora.
<arianvp> This was an extremely interesting read by the way: https://blog.darknedgy.net/technology/2020/05/02/0/
<Mic92> Looks like the database we have in NixOS.
<arianvp> what additional entires do we have in nixos then?
<Mic92> I have not compared it.
<Mic92> It is supposed to be extendable so we should be able to fit our stuff in.
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<arianvp> wooo I got systemd to build on nix without any of our build system patches
<arianvp> if it works is another question
<Mic92> arianvp: what did you do about all the binaries paths?
<arianvp> Mic92: the only ones broken currently are the ones in the unit files
<arianvp> i think i'll just patchShebang them (or something similar)
<Mic92> arianvp: there no absolute paths in binaries?
<arianvp> the ones with absolute path work
<arianvp> but in 245 they removed all the absolute paths for binaries that live in /usr/bin
<arianvp> :/
<arianvp> bit of an annoying change
<arianvp> and for udev n friends; instead of patching them to read $out/lib I just put them in /etc
<arianvp> just like we do for units
<arianvp> I think that should work
<arianvp> the commit is a lie. PATH != @rootbindir@ but something hardcoded
<arianvp> see our 0025-path-util.h patch
<Mic92> arianvp: maybe we can make systemd looks in its own $out/bin by default.
<arianvp> that's what that patch sort-of does; but maybe it has more luck to be upstreamable if we indeed make it look in a #define that is based on rootbindir
<hexa-> Mic92: not played with that feature yet