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<Mic92> opening this for discussion:
<{^_^}> #87073 (by Mic92, 29 seconds ago, open): Declarative partitioning with systemd-repart/growfs/makefs
<gchristensen> Mic92: I assume that systemd won't eat my data if I change the spec?
<Mic92> gchristensen: afaik it only adds/grow stuff.
<Mic92> gchristensen: I have only read the manpage so far.
<gchristensen> pretty good
<gchristensen> I don't like things that pretend to be declarative, though, since it gives a bad impression of the word "declarative". for example, I wouldn't be surprised if a user changed their repart config after initial install (using 100% disk) and then was unhappy that it wasn't applied. this is why I feel like robust partitioning information doesn't belong in nixos options, but I recognize the need
<gchristensen> for something like EC2 or other cloud vendors
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<flokli> gchristensen: TBH, I'd hope these things get tested a lot more than our home-grown scary bash scripts in stage2 ;-)
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<arianvp> so
<arianvp> I was giving this whole nscd thing another though?
<arianvp> what happens when you call an nss module from some nix package with a different glibc version?
<arianvp> doesn't things break in the weirdest ways potentially?
<arianvp> gchristensen: I think I like the CoreOS model here
<arianvp> their initrd executes some tasks only _Exactly once_
<arianvp> only on first boot; and then that config is never read again
<arianvp> so their is a clear documented thing saying "these options only affect things the first time you run them"
<gchristensen> yeah
<gchristensen> that is cool
<arianvp> I will defenitely experiment with repart configs in my nixos-from-scratch experiment
<arianvp> is what i'm implementing this week
<{^_^}> arianvp/server-optimised-nixos#4 (by arianvp, 29 seconds ago, open): Allow config activation in initrd
<arianvp> NixOS CoreOS
<arianvp> :)