<arianvp> more work on my systemd-based initrd today
<arianvp> I think we need some more patches in systemd
<arianvp> especially systemd-remount-fs.service should be patched to also remount /nix. not only / and /usr
<arianvp> it's again a one-line patch so not a very big burden
<arianvp> bit a bit annoying this is not configurable at the meson-level
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<arianvp> really wish that /nix/store was in /usr right now and nix/var/nix in /var
<arianvp> this would require considerably less patching on our side :D
<flokli> arianvp: systemd master introduced A LOT more meson options for all these paths
<flokli> maybe we can repurpose some of that stuff.