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<arianvp> the recent trend of systemd code just ignoring prefixdir and hardcoding /usr/lib and /lib everywhere is really annoying
<arianvp> doesnt seem to be any technical reason for it but to push distro's away from not using /usr :P
<arianvp> why dont the daemons just take a cli argument telling where to find the config files .-.
<arianvp> why does it all need to be hardcoded
<arianvp> OTOH at least it's more consistent across all the services now though
<arianvp> instead of it being different between udev and journald etc
<flokli> arianvp: what do you mean with hardcoding?
<flokli> I mean, got a specific commit at hand?
<arianvp> e.g. 116b91e8ccf
<flokli> this makes things more consistent in fact, and there's less places we need to touch, doesn't it?
<arianvp> yep
<flokli> so why is it annoying?
<flokli> I mean, yeah, UDEVLIBEXECDIR now isn't used there anymore, but it's still in the build system and in other places
<flokli> so there's more cleanup work needed
<arianvp> yeh but units are stilll read from rootlibdir
<arianvp> system units that is
<arianvp> (Not that we package rootlibdir; because we rename it to "example")
<arianvp> anyhow; im ok with them getting rid of dependency of rootprefix
<arianvp> and we can then just read everything from /etc
<arianvp> We currently have a patch that undoes that linked commit actually
<arianvp> because we were depending on reading udev rules from systemd package implicitly a
<arianvp> but maybe we should just set udev.packages = [ systemd] instead; and drop our patch for that
<arianvp> or we keep this patch; is also ok
<arianvp> but that patch we added actually does more than just make udev rules be read from systemd package again too
<arianvp> it now also causes all the other systemd config files to be read from the package
<arianvp> e.g. journald and networkd n friends
<arianvp> it's just a bit confusing to me. we should do config in one consistent way
<arianvp> im mostly just using you as a rubber duck to understand things; not a critique per se
<arianvp> =)
<flokli> arianvp: this is basically yet another question on "where do we want to fetch nixos-configuration provided things from"
<flokli> > We have all NixOS config-generated udev rules in /etc/udev/rules.d and don't really have a separate place for "rules created imperatively that should survive reboots". We might want to have, but that's another topic too broad for the scope of this issue.
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