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<jasom> how do people like running the wifi AP on their router itself? I use a netgear router in AP only mode for wifi
<gchristensen> I don't like it. I felt like I would have to research too much to figure out the 5ghz bands
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<maljub01> Has anyone tried running NixOS on Ubiquiti hardware?
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<mdlayher> nah, i figured it would be too much trouble and swapped out my edgerouter lite for a PCEngines apu4d4 with NixOS
<q3k> maljub01: is there any official support for runnign non-edgeos on edgerouters?
<q3k> also how do these work, anyway? is this just a linux box that does software routing, or is there some actual programmable network processing silicon in them?
<hexa-> maljub01: you can check nixwrt
<hexa-> q3k: edgeos is basicalla vyatta, a debian
<hexa-> some of them have hardware offloading for packet forwarding, some don't
<q3k> i know that about the control plane
<q3k> okay
<gchristensen> I think vyatta (or vyos?) was looking at switching to nixos
<q3k> that would be cool
<hexa-> edgeos is a fork of vyatta
<hexa-> same as vyos, which is the open source fork of vyatta
<hexa-> if you already own an edgerouter, sure. Else get an APU4 instead.
<maljub01> Just checked nixwrt and it looks like it doesn't have any Ubiquiti devices. I don't actually own one yet, but I've read lots of great reviews and was wondering if I should get one. At the same time, I want to have NixOS everywhere :)
<maljub01> I'm guessing for APU4, I'd still need a separate device for wifi, no?
<maljub01> and probably also a separate adsl/vdsl modem
<cransom> imo, it's a bit silly to buy the proprietary hardware (ubiquiti, microtik, et al) to throw out their os and put your own on. it's not open hardware, you aren't going to have the drivers/tweaks that they put in, if it even works at all.
<q3k> yeah, it's certainly doable, but it's a project in its own
<q3k> if you want this to become a primary project, go for it. if you just want something that works, but has nixos - get an APU
<q3k> you can also stick wifi cards into an APU, iirc
<hexa-> cransom: true, but their software has gone to shits since 4.x
<hexa-> and I'm successfully running openwrt on a bunch of them
<hexa-> q3k: but do mind, you need one radio per frequency band
<hexa-> I basically build openwrt with config migrations scripts (written in lua) included
<hexa-> so reconfiguring them is not such a hassle
<hexa-> openwrts interface for hostapd is a bit nicer than what nixos has though
<hexa-> and drivers and firmware for ath10k (as seen on the unifi ac series) is readily available and works pretty good
<hexa-> and using openwrt you also get features like sae-mixed and owe
<maljub01> hexa- that sounds pretty interesting. Do you happen to have a public repo for the scripts?
<maljub01> I'll need to look more into using an APU but that does seem to be the best option I guess
<maljub01> Thank you all for your help and advice :)
<hexa-> need to sanitize the secrets, but sure
<hexa-> should you find any secrets, please poke me so I can reset them
<hexa-> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<hexa-> I think the general idea is pretty neat, but it needs some generalization and the configuration needs to be separated from the script logic
<maljub01> Awesome! Thank you so much. Taking a look now.
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