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<sphalerite> andi-: hm, I tried the sysctls you mentioned for stopping the firewall from applying to bridged stuff, but they're set to 1 even though I set them to 0 in the nixos config
<sphalerite> any idea what might be doing that?
<sphalerite> manually setting them to 0 does indeed fix the issue
<andi-> which ones did you set?
<sphalerite> net.bridge.bridge-nf-call-{ip6,ip,arp}tables
<andi-> do we have other code that sets them?
<andi-> or does the userspace set it?
<sphalerite> not in nixpkgs
* sphalerite grep -r nf-call $(nix-store -qR /run/current-system)
<sphalerite> I love nixos
<sphalerite> Binary file /nix/store/91s309vxhdbnqnvpgfh5if2q8vdj9jd7-docker-19.03.12/libexec/docker/dockerd matches
<sphalerite> I hate docker
<sphalerite> Firewall rules it is, then!
<andi-> hrhr
<hexa-> don't let docker ruin your day
<hexa-> switch to podman if you really need docker
<hexa-> neither support nftables afaik :)
<flokli> I'm glad systemd is getting support
<sphalerite> I guess it would be pretty much trivial to switch to podman, since I'm only using docker for one container and am specifying it via virtualisation.oci-containers :)
<sphalerite> (home assistant…)
<flokli> sphalerite: do it! :-)
<hexa-> home-assistant in docker?
<sphalerite> hexa-: yep. The nixpkgs packaging is… a little flaky IME
* hexa- sad
<sphalerite> hexa-: hm, looks like it's seen a bit more love since I last used it… :D
<hexa-> :p
<hexa-> managing hass with nix makes it a bit more palatable
<hexa-> writing functions to abstract away patterns
<hexa-> i don't think the docker usage has many benefits
<hexa-> using hass.io would probably have some benefits (like addons), but also disadvantages as its something else :D
<sphalerite> what I'm liking about running it in docker (haven't been doing so for very long, I was using a debian nspawn where I installed it with pip before that) is that updates are quick and easy to install, and not tied to my system
<sphalerite> as for add-ons... I'm not sure there are any that I want/need? x)
<hexa-> pretty sure my parents would like grafana, evcc and other stuff integrated :)
<hexa-> esphome addon
<hexa-> personally, I'd like the zigbee2mqtt addon
<sphalerite> what does that do? I'm using the esphome integration and it's fine
<sphalerite> zigbee2mqtt I'm running via nixos :p
<hexa-> tracks all your devices
<hexa-> gives you an overview
<hexa-> central management frontend
<hexa-> with z2m you iirc get a network map
<hexa-> see packet loss, snr, signal
<sphalerite> aaah
<sphalerite> meh :p
<hexa-> but addons are usually those shitty defined things that install php, drop stuff here and there
<sphalerite> I mean, in my hypothetical ideal world https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/96131 is merged and working and I build my ESP firmware based on nix config :p
<{^_^}> #96131 (by taktoa, 12 weeks ago, open): Add basic support for the ESP32
<hexa-> in an ideal world I don't have to touch these low level devices :P
<hexa-> fwiw: running esphome is just fine
<sphalerite> eh, I really don't like platformio
<sphalerite> sure it works, but…
<hexa-> me neither, but it abstracts it away for me
<hexa-> so that is nice
<sphalerite> also yaml is a terrible way to program :p
<hexa-> funny how you call it program
<colemickens> declarative yaml > everything else I've seen in the space
<hexa-> sans new-age features of type inference
<hexa-> or … type interference
<sphalerite> hexa-: sure it's programming. Just not the fun kind :p
<colemickens> (imo, of course) Almost the entire time I was using esphome it felt "right" for the type of things that the esp32 chips tend to be used for. It was extremely easy for me to figure out how to help my dad make custom garage door openers and expose a custom sensor/service to home-assistant. I was/am pretty impressed.
<hexa-> yeah, the protobuf based integration in hass is spot on
<hexa-> and hellish fast compared to tasmota et al
<sphalerite> colemickens: I totally agree, it's really good stuff. But it still feels quite unpleasant, especially the automation-writing
<colemickens> heh, you don't feel great embedding some C fragments into a chunk of yaml?
<sphalerite> I keep imagining (in a probably unrealistic way) how dhall would be so much nicer for this :p
<flokli> #nixos-homeautomation ? ;-)
<hexa-> on your router?
<flokli> if you want to?
<hexa-> the question is, what channel would I need to give up for #nixos-homeautomation
<jasom> sphalerite: you can convert dhall to json and json to nix, so if you really want to ...