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<Ke> does anyone have armada 8040 here
<Ke> or mostly does someone have it working on linux-5.9 or later
<eyJhb> Is there any reason for doing IPv6 at home/on your router? I am debating if it is worth the trouble
<Reventlov> eyJhb: well, you don't have ipv6 at home ?
<Reventlov> the main reason would be well, using ipv6.
<eyJhb> Reventlov: Well, I think the main thing is, that no hosts in my local network can access IPv6 sites, etc. even when I have a external IPv6 IP
<Reventlov> usually you don't have an external IPv6
<Reventlov> you get at least a /64
<eyJhb> I have a list of inet6 when doing a ifconfig, on my external interface
<eyJhb> Maybe need to read a little more up on it
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<andi-> eyJhb: just enable v6 on a vlan on your network and then play with it. You'll never want to go back to a NAT world afterwards ;)
<sphalerite> (not technically a router, but I guess this is the closest match…) I want to (ab)use a mini-PC I have here as a wireless AP. However, the wifi driver doesn't allow adding the wifi interface to a bridge (my idea was to create a bridge containing the wifi interface and a VLAN interface on the ethernet link). Is anyone aware of a way around this?
<hexa-> ip link set master br-foo dev wlan0 doesn't work?
<hexa-> that's not uncommon, since some drivers are not giving you a 5-tuple required for bridging
<hexa-> what you can try is, in your hostapd.conf
<hexa-> bridge=br-foo
<sphalerite> oh silly me. hostapd wasn't starting because I'd forgotten to set an interface name on it, which is why it wouldn't let me put the interface in the bridge… pebkac
<sphalerite> thanks hexa- x)
<sphalerite> hrm, it's still not working though. The DHCP requests coming in on the bridge aren't arriving on the DHCP server.
<hexa-> huh
<hexa-> then the dhcp server isn't listening on the bridge :p
<sphalerite> well the DHCP server is on a different machine
<sphalerite> and according to tcpdump on that machine, the DHCP requests aren't arriving
<sphalerite> the AP machine is getting an address via DHCP on the bridge just fine though.
<sphalerite> and the AP machine is getting the DHCP requests on the bridge, according to tcpdump
<sphalerite> so I think the bridging isn't working?
<sphalerite> all this effort just to try and eliminate this passive-PoE AP…
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