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<betawaffle> i've been really happy with nixos on my router
<betawaffle> especially nftables, which is really cool
<betawaffle> though the UX of the nft cli is really bad
<teto> betawaffle: what hardware is it running on ?
<betawaffle> apu2d4
<betawaffle> and i have an apu2e4 as backup
<teto> want to buy a homerouter to install nixos on, not sure what to choose. something to replace my ISP box
<cransom> i run on a, at this point, very old intel nuc.
<hexa-> teto: apu4 is a solid choice, it's only flaw is that it only comes with mPCIe slots, not M.2 :)
<hexa-> could use a refresh some day
<cransom> seems like i should update some day, but it keeps ticking. curious about doing a hostapd setup, which hopefully maybe could have some better antenna set up to reach more of the apartment. if not the router, the aps probably need help.
<hexa-> you can certainly do 802.11ac Wave1 within an APU4
<hexa-> not sure about newer radios, they draw more power than the APU consumes itself
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