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<NinjaTrappeur> I'm considering upgrading to a 802.11ac compatible mini PCIE wifi module for my router. Are there any obviosu gotchas/chipsets to avoid?
<hexa-> don't go broadcom
<hexa-> ath10k and mt76 based chips are fine
<hexa-> if 11ac wave1 is fine, I'm using a compex wle600vx
<hexa-> I assume you're running an APU2,3,4 setup?
<NinjaTrappeur> a qotom
<hexa-> so you might have a limited amount of outlets for sma connectors
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<hexa-> that kinda limits the number of streams you should aim for
<hexa-> but 2x2 is usually fine unless you have lots of parallel usage
<hexa-> 2x2 as in 2 send and 2 receive streams, meaning 2 antennas
<NinjaTrappeur> right
<NinjaTrappeur> duely noted regarding the chips
<NinjaTrappeur> indeed, only 2 sma connectors
<hexa-> also
<hexa-> one radio means you can only have wifi on one frequency band
<hexa-> even if the radio is dualband
<NinjaTrappeur> hmm
<NinjaTrappeur> meaning 5ghz only right?
<hexa-> or 2,4ghz only, if you have legacy devices or iot
<NinjaTrappeur> My phone do not support 5ghz :(
<NinjaTrappeur> THanks for the heads up.
<hexa-> it's always an option to go with a proper AP and use OpenWrt
<NinjaTrappeur> yeah, I currently use a nanobeam.
<NinjaTrappeur> I was looking at optimizing a bit my power usage.
<hexa-> an ac wave2 ap usually consumes ~4.5W
<hexa-> there is not much room for optimization there
<hexa-> and if you can, ceiling mounted wifi rocks
<NinjaTrappeur> 5w 24/7 = ~ 4kw/h per month
<hexa-> sure, but your power is alot cheaper than ours :p
<andi-> did the openwrt netboot story improve in any way? I would probably go that route if it wouldn't be painful to orchestrate more than one device (both config and software)
<hexa-> idk
<andi-> to put it in another way: Are the SBC with decent wifi chipsets that could run NixOS without pain ? :D
<NinjaTrappeur> haha, true :)
<andi-> RPi with decent wifi chipset would be something
<hexa-> the rpi wifi story is pure sadness
<NinjaTrappeur> andi-: I heard some good things about the rock64
<NinjaTrappeur> yeah
<NinjaTrappeur> usb bus ftw ><
<hexa-> uh yeah, but they usually ship … idk … realtek wifi?
<NinjaTrappeur> no idea how it behaves with NixOS though :/
<hexa-> rpi wifi is part of the soc
<andi-> I mean, I don't want/need much/anything from an OpenWRT if I can use Nix instead and configure hostapd
<hexa-> but the drivers/firmware are buggy
<hexa-> invest in nixwrt then :)
<andi-> nah
<andi-> nixwrt is a completly different scope
<andi-> Any SBC with a properly keyed m.2 slot should work, right?
<hexa-> sure
<hexa-> e key that is
<hexa-> NinjaTrappeur: rock64 is realtek, lots of out of tree pain
<hexa-> pain is relative with nixos though
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<andi-> NinjaTrappeur solves all the issues, I fork the project and profit!
<NinjaTrappeur> Will I get a cookie though?
<hexa-> two
<andi-> three
<NinjaTrappeur> wow
<NinjaTrappeur> I'm in
<andi-> just visit a website
<NinjaTrappeur> nix-build '<nixpkgs>' -A ubootRock64 --argstr system aarch64-linux
<NinjaTrappeur> where are my cookies now?
<hexa-> andi-: usual issue with sbcs that have m.2 is that they're keyed for ssds
<hexa-> and m.2 wifi cards usually want pci+usb (bluetooth)
<andi-> I am even thinking about small celeron/atom boards. Those might be more likely to have an e-key, no?
<hexa-> true
<andi-> and that also solves the entire uboot shit
<hexa-> they might even be shipped with shitty intel 3xxx 1x1 cards
<hexa-> sure, a nuc could be your ap
<NinjaTrappeur> +1 for the nuc
<NinjaTrappeur> I started using one as router 2 years ago, never looked back.
<NinjaTrappeur> Not the clever thing to do energy-wise.
<NinjaTrappeur> But you can host a lot of services on it. It's something.
<andi-> a NUC sounds pricy and very inefficient power wise..
<andi-> not sure if they go <5W in idle
<NinjaTrappeur> it is
<NinjaTrappeur> mine clearly don't
<andi-> but you could argue if you can build a "proper" AP <100€ compared to what else you might pay for Ubnt or whomever that you still have 200€+ of budget for power...
<NinjaTrappeur> My NUC allowed me to decomission a 10€/m VPS.
<NinjaTrappeur> But yeah, power-wise it's not a smart choice.
<andi-> getting an intel CPU that doesn't come with Displayport, HDMI and audio jacks is kinda hard and in the >150€+ region if you don't want 5y old hardware
<clever> 2 gigabit PHY's + 1 RGMII port
<clever> that could potentially be wired up to a rpi4, and turned into a router
<hexa-> nuc10i5fnk idles at ~10W
<andi-> the i3 would probably be enough and is alreayd at 250€
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<sphalerite> clever: looking forward to your product's release :)
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