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<aleph-> Hmm, for those running wg on a nixOS router. Do you have your wg interface set as one of the internal interfaces under networking.nat?
<hexa-> why would you nat against wg?
<aleph-> Honestly I don't see why I would. But I'm trying to run all the reasons my peer would possibly be unable to connect to my router
<aleph-> run through*
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<andi-> Just avoid networking.* tbh...
<hexa-> yeah, it's a pain
<hexa-> it's often flaky
<hexa-> and how would you create airgapped computers *with* networking?
<hexa-> not possible!
<cransom> yes, i have an interface in networking.nat. it's not used regularly, just an escape hatch if i want to route my home network traffic through it
<aleph-> Heh
<cransom> "it" being the vps
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