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<NinjaTrappeur> I'm using it on my home router.
<andi-> I've been using it for almost ~8 months now. Pretty happy. Still have a few bugs to fix tho but those might come from my custom patches.
<hpfr> if anyone has links to public systemd based configs I'd appreciate it
<mdlayher> i am also interested in switching to networkd but haven't done so yet
<andi-> hpfr: yeah, thats me. Let me know if you have questions :)
<andi-> One of the recent systemd patches introduced a bug where my router accumulates IPv6 ULA's on all interfaces over time.. until there is no more room for the v4 address I receive via DHCP :D
<andi-> gotta track that down still
<andi-> currently 259 /64's on every internal device :/
<hpfr> do you use networkd on clients as welll
<andi-> Yeah
<aranea> nice bug
<mdlayher> oh yikes that's an interesting one
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