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<flokli> I tend to avoid the whole nat and firewall situation on NixOS exposed by the module system. IMHO, it should be refactored
<aranea> Yeah, I actually consider the fact that the nftables module doesn't respect the firewall.* options an advantage.
<flokli> aranea: don't rely on it staying that way ;-)
<aranea> haha
<flokli> :thisisfine:
<aranea> Well, even if that changes, I'd hope that explicitly setting networking.nftables.ruleset would still override everything else.
<flokli> hehe
<aleph-> flokli: What're the issues with the nat and firewall modules?
<flokli> they don't work with networkd networking most of the time, for example.
<aleph-> Ah. Never actually used networkd.