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<mdlayher> i recommend nftables if you're willing to make the switch. it's very expressive.
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<hexa-> again: the nixos module isn't really composable yet
<hexa-> and I feel too dumb to change that.
<hexa-> firewall rules need to be kept alongside their service, i.e. i include service X … bam … firewall changes
<hexa-> and that must not introduce arbitrary ordering
<gchristensen> it is a bit tricky to do that, since the firewall rules shouldn't be very opinionated
<NinjaTrappeur> I'm not sure firewall rules are that composable.
<NinjaTrappeur> Especially nftables
<gchristensen> maybe we could run all the systemd services in their own namespace and use that as a building block for composable firewall rules
<hexa-> i'm currently including /etc/nftables.d/*.nft and that has <prio>-<service>.nft file names
<hexa-> i'm one reload mechanism short, will probably go for .path unit
<hexa-> also nft isn't really checkable
<hexa-> needs root permissions to do just about anything
<hexa-> (re again: sorry, didn't mean for that to come across as snappy, wasn't meant that way)
<hexa-> individual namespaces will primarily block crosstalk, you'd need to loosen that up again for $service to talk to $database again
<gchristensen> yeah
<hexa-> and netns specifically will break the localhost assumptions of many users
<NinjaTrappeur> Maybe all we need is nix-compose? :P
<hexa-> hehe
<NinjaTrappeur> I'm not a fan of trying to abstract over nftables, nor splitting up the firewall definition at several places, especially between the nixos config and the nixpkgs modules definitions.
<cransom> imo, once you get into a spot where there's automatic firewall rules, that level of magic so super hard to maintain or operate once you are off the path. especially when you have things like docker that start up and start doing it's own thing
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<Church-> Okay, serial console emulators are awful.
* Church- goes back to trying to get nixOS installed on this thing.
<Church-> Oh well that's fun, 20.03 minial image can't boot on my apu2... hmm.
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<hpfr> Is systemd networkd in a good enough state on NixOS yet to base a router on it? I’ve been on opnsense for a while and I’ve been waiting to switch to avoid reinventing it twice
<hexa-> it is
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