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<mdlayher> i'm running a wireguard tunnel and am having some difficulty getting the systemd dependency ordering correct so that things like nftables, coredns, and dhcpcd start up after wireguard. it appears that wireguard requires network-online.target by default and i'm unsure if there's a way to bring it up earlier
<mdlayher> fwiw it seems like i can just make nftables require wireguard-wg0.service but that doesn't seem to work when i try to do the same with other targets. and i'm not super happy that my machine has no firewall until the tunnel is up.
<mdlayher> i guess i could just rework and remov wg0 from my firewall rules, but meh
<mdlayher> tldr, i guess i'm looking for someone else who's running wireguard and trying to bind services on it so i can take a peek at your config and see how you're doing it :)
<mdlayher> i've tried enough different combinations that i'm having a hard time keeping it straight
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