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<gchristensen> andi-, flokli: https://doodle.com/poll/9qygp94uw8aapqwk <- I made a doodle to try and find a time we can all meet :) the options on there are time blocks which are feasible for me, and from there we can find the best time block and then determine when in that time block
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<andi-> what TZ are those entries in o.O
<andi-> (my browser runs on UTC)
<andi-> ahh there is say Europe/Berlin.. interesting
<gchristensen> it should be in your local TZ ...
<gchristensen> no idea
<gchristensen> the Dec 3 option starts at 4:30pm my time
<andi-> ok
<andi-> sent
<gchristensen> w00t
<gchristensen> if anyone else wants to play with fixing my internet ^
<andi-> gchristensen: make sure to give me a head up once the voting is closed ;-)
<gchristensen> cool cool coo
<gchristensen> l
<gchristensen> so we'll do one day with flokli at the wheel, and a second day with andi at the wheel
<flokli> because andi only checked days that I didn't? :D
<gchristensen> yup
<flokli> lol
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<gchristensen> anyone know if RIPE's Atlas Probes have an API?
<andi-> gchristensen: yes they do
<andi-> at least the central control plain does
<gchristensen> I'd like to query the API of my probe
<andi-> oh, of the local probe?
<gchristensen> the public IP that is
<andi-> you have to go via their central API iirc
<gchristensen> basically why do dyndns-based wireguard peer discovery when I have an atlas probe :P
<gchristensen> (this is sort of a joke)
<gchristensen> flokli: got a minute?
<gchristensen> flokli: I'm thinking maybe tomorrow my-evening we can do a "router hacking day1" where we figure out all the problems with how we're going to do this
<gchristensen> things like: do we have access to the hardware we need when the network is busted? is the hotspot hooked up to the right devices? are we able to tweak the config easily enough?
<flokli> gchristensen: got a minute now or tomorrow your evening?
<gchristensen> let's do this tomorrow?
<flokli> Ok yeah
<gchristensen> great :)
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