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<betawaffle> question for the linux networking experts here: is there a way to start a packet capture on a down interface, such that when i bring it up, there is no opportunity to lose any of the packets?
<gchristensen> I was wondering that too and just shoved it in a while loop
<betawaffle> gist me
<gchristensen> while true; tcpdump ...; done
<betawaffle> ok, simple enough
<gchristensen> ;)
<betawaffle> i *really* want to figure out if i can crack this 802.1x auth the at&t gateway does, because it's the only reason i still need it
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<thefloweringash> I assume you've looked at a packet capture, what kind of auth does it use?
<betawaffle> 802.1x with certs
<betawaffle> EAP-TLS, or whatever it's called
<betawaffle> how can i find the "official" name an interface had before i renamed it?
<betawaffle> or, the name the kernel/udev/systemd *would have* given it, had i not configured it to do otherwise?
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<thefloweringash> I was hoping for 802.1x with one of the simple protocols. I’d be interested to know if you find a way around it.
<betawaffle> the internet says i need to figure out the currently undisclosed way of rooting my arris gateway to extract the cert/key
<betawaffle> and then use that for wpa_supplicant
<NinjaTrappeur> fiy, could somebody with commit rights merget https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/75140 ? I'd like to backport it together with https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/75146 to 19.09.
<{^_^}> #75140 (by tomfitzhenry, 6 hours ago, open): hostapd: use getrandom(2)
<{^_^}> #75146 (by NinjaTrappeur, 5 hours ago, merged): hostapd: 2.8 -> 2.9
<NinjaTrappeur> For Information You... Of course ><
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<Dandellion[m]> Are there any more config examples other then diasm's?
<gchristensen> I thnik disasm asm and I influenced each others a lot, but https://github.com/grahamc/network/tree/master/lord-nibbler
<betawaffle> gchristensen: how'd you pick the vlan ids you did?
<gchristensen> hjust made them, up, but thinking 80+ for IoT junk, 50+ for "client"ey stuff, 40+ for "My" stuff, and 1=10+ for "admin"ey stuff
<gchristensen> not a lot of care went in to them
<betawaffle> and what about your 10. scheme?
<gchristensen> 10.5.... being house stuff, 10.54.xx for "clients" and 10.8.... for super shady stuff but again mostl yjust made up and without a lot of care :)
<Dandellion[m]> gchristensen: thanks
<gchristensen> yep!
<betawaffle> any idea why i get "RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument" when i run "ip link add link lan name default type vlan id 1"
<gchristensen> not off the top of my head, and the internet here is so bad I can't reasonable look in to it with you either :(
<betawaffle> hmm, i tried naming it `lan.1` instead of default (or anything else) and it worked
<betawaffle> lol... i guess there's just some name filter in the kernel
<gchristensen> hehe
<betawaffle> it doesn't like "default" or "primary"
<betawaffle> it has no problem with "bloop"
<betawaffle> but doesn't like "example"
<betawaffle> i'm so glad i have a serial cable
<gchristensen> I think primary is reserved by bonds
<betawaffle> does anyone know how i can tell networkd to wait before bringing an interface up
<flokli> grml grml
<flokli> went to ikea today, got one of these sonos devices
<flokli> turns out, with avahi reflection it only works across multiple subnets halfway
<flokli> as in, announcements go through, it's visible in spotify and airplay, but airplay doesn't do any sound
<gchristensen> aww
<betawaffle> hmm... "Unknown key name 'PrefixDelegationHint' in section 'DHCPv6', ignoring."
<betawaffle> it's in the documentation...
<betawaffle> i can't get networkd to request ipv6 with dhcp...
<betawaffle> the docs make it seem like it should work
<flokli> betawaffle: you're on nixos?
<flokli> or some distro which has an outdated systemd?