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<betawaffle> does anyone know if there's something i can poke in /sys or similar that i can use to make an ethernet port appear to the outside world as disconnected?
<betawaffle> like, the software version of physically unplugging the ethernet cable
<betawaffle> afaict, setting the interface down doesn't seem to do *quite* what i'm after, though i'm not 100% certain of that
<betawaffle> i've got at&t fiber, and the router/gateway/wireless-ap/thing they provide needs to auth with the mothership after the power goes out, or shit gets physically disconnected
<betawaffle> and it seems to only try to do that when you first connect the ethernet cable
<betawaffle> so i want my router (which is acting as an intermediary between the optical network terminal and the gateway) to simulate the cable being disconnected to trigger that re-auth
<gchristensen> oh cool
<andi-> betawaffle: ip link set down?
<andi-> betawaffle: are you still using the ebtables hack from earlier this year?
<betawaffle> yeah, that's what i've been trying. but i haven't been able to prove that actually works
<betawaffle> nftables
<betawaffle> it's kind of a hack, but also not exactly
<betawaffle> the problem i have is, when i reboot my router (such as after a power outage), the internet usually doesn't come back up on its own
<betawaffle> if it does, it takes a really long time, but i've never waited that long. i usually unplug stuff and run commands to try and cajole it
<betawaffle> the forwarding bit of that nftables thing totally works.
<betawaffle> but the startup behavior of the system, somehow, does not result in the initial auth making it to the ONT
<betawaffle> and then the gateway doesn't seem to make any other attempts, unless i unplug/replug things in the right order
<betawaffle> it *seems* like physically plugging things in (at the right time, in the right order) works
<betawaffle> but afaict, no amount of up/down'ing the interfaces does the trick
<betawaffle> so i was wondering if there's some magic i can do in /sys to tell the kernel to like power off/on the port, or something like that.
<betawaffle> whatever is necessary to make the other end think the cable was just connected anew
<gchristensen> if the ethernet interface is pcie, I wonder if you can power off the pcie slot? :)
* betawaffle ssh-es into apu2d4 to check
<betawaffle> ah shit, all that's on my other system. nevermind
<gchristensen> echo 0 > /sys/bus/pci/slots/$NUMBER/power
<gchristensen> :o
<andi-> ip link set … down should tear down the physical connection
<andi-> no need to cycle the entire card (that has potentially many phys)
<betawaffle> i'll have to do some more controlled experiments
<gchristensen> andi-, flokli: I don't suppose we could play withipv6 in like 4 hours?
<flokli> gchristensen: nope, cake & coffee with grandma ;-)
<gchristensen> haha, it is kind of funny how this hasn't worked out
<gchristensen> how about you, andi-?
<betawaffle> what were you gonna do with ipv6?
<gchristensen> debug why I can't get my ISP to give me working IPv6
<betawaffle> oh hey, i have the same problem
<betawaffle> what ISP?
<gchristensen> they will give me a /56 but then it doens't work right
<gchristensen> Spectrum, you?
<betawaffle> yeah, i've got the same problem. at&t
<gchristensen> oh cool :)
<betawaffle> i think ipv6 worked (sort of) when i was using their router/gateway/ap, but i have no interest in using that
<gchristensen> exactly the same
<betawaffle> it probably didn't help that i was also trying to get it to work via systemd-networkd
<betawaffle> fixing something that's broken is hard when you don't know anything about the tool you're using :P
<andi-> gchristensen: in 4h is kinda late :(
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