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<gchristensen> when I get home I will get an LTE hotspot and hook it up to my router, and give everybody here a shared tmux session
<gchristensen> and we will play Twitch Fixes IPv6
<andi-> that will be fun
<gchristensen> I am actually 90% sure this would be fine
<andi-> you know about Twitch install Gentoo?
<andi-> s/Gentoo/linux/
<andi-> and they ended up with gentoo?
<gchristensen> haha yeah, I was just telling flokli about it
<flokli> lol
<eyJhb> Twitch installs Gentoo? Like, mass controlled input?
<gchristensen> yup
<eyJhb> Så basically.. Everything works with keyboard smashing at some point
<eyJhb> When will you be home gchristensen ?
<gchristensen> I arrive home Friday night
<eyJhb> :( Forgot about that
<eyJhb> What are the advantages of using IPv6 at home?
<gchristensen> it isn't legacy
<eyJhb> Well... Is IPv4 actually considered legacy?
<eyJhb> Because it doesn't seem like it
<eyJhb> How would a normal local IPv6 address look? I have some idea that it is harder to remember than 192.168.1.x prefix
<gchristensen> we could call it Premium IP, since you can't really get more of them anymore
<qyliss> lol
<andi-> eyJhb: fd42::f00
<andi-> that could be a local address
<cransom> if i were a normal home user, there's no advantage having ipv6. but say, if you want to access one or more machines at that are at your house without setting up a vpn or doing port forwarding shenanigans, ipv6 access works
<gchristensen> cransom, traitor to the ipv6erati
<cransom> bring on the ipv6 though. clients haven't been using it because services don't provide it, services dont' provide it because clients don't use it.
<cransom> i'm waiting for all the guest wifi/captive portals to hand out v6, then i'll know there's a tipping point at least. i've never seen one.
<andi-> I have been on a public wifi that BLOCKED edns0 queries... The state of the internet out there is seriously fucked