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<thefloweringash> gchristensen: (looking at logs) "and we will play Twitch Fixes IPv6" -- did this happen, and can I watch the vod?
<gchristensen> not yet
<gchristensen> first I want to take a backup, get a secondary internet connection, and also be home for it
<thefloweringash> I should have kept reading the logs to get to the part about when you'll be home, d'oh.
<gchristensen> no worries :)
<gchristensen> but yeah it could actually be fun to open it up with an open tmate session and let y'all get to it
<thefloweringash> sounds like my kind of friday night
<andi-> I still believe that it was somewhat working the last time. We probably also need a client in the local network to figure out if forwarding works as expected.
<thefloweringash> what's the tl;dr of the setup required?
<andi-> home network with ipv6 from PD and IPv4 NAT as it is now
<thefloweringash> that sounds wonderfully standard
<gchristensen> andi-: I will provide another tmate session then :P
<eyJhb> Actually wondering how my ISP supports IPv6. I would assume it is all go, but I have no clue about the natted network I am actually on...
<eyJhb> Wooo, I am assigned IPv6 etc. so I should be good-to-go
<eyJhb> And after that, it is "Forskernettet" (uni network)
<andi-> eyJhb: all go?
<eyJhb> Regarding having actual IPv6 support all the way, and my ISP being good