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<V> this is definitely still happening, latest build has some fresh instances of the problem:
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<lewo`> gchristensen: There already are some experimental works to add consumable feature in Hydra. Actually, sone years ago, i've been using a fork of Hydra to run a lot of NixOS tests. Without the consumable feature, these tests can't succeed because too many cores would have been required to run them (accordingly to available build slots: one build slot could require 4 cores).
<lewo`> gchristensen: see this comment for instance:
<ikwildrpepper> gchristensen: I think I added it on the wireguard network
<ikwildrpepper> gchristensen: so I think you can probably just ssh into it
<ikwildrpepper> eg from bastion or from hydra
<gchristensen> lewo`: oh cool, thank you :)
<gchristensen> ikwildrpepper: great! I should have looked :x
<ikwildrpepper> gchristensen: it's been a while, so forgot all about it, luckily, at least I commited the code etc in nixos-org-configurations :D
<gchristensen> ikwildrpepper: hmm I don't suppose you could put a new key on that mac for me?
<gchristensen> ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAILBPW2syaEH82DrqIl8/7/ypTgyfK8CRRTBEA4AmMB1l grahamc@HyperChicken
<ikwildrpepper> gchristensen: I could
<gchristensen> that would be great :)
<ikwildrpepper> gchristensen: will do once I find my laptop
<gchristensen> thanks! let me know
<ikwildrpepper> gchristensen: is that key in the repo already?
<gchristensen> good checking :)
<gchristensen> ikwildrpepper: I changed my hostname though
<gchristensen> (you could use @nixos it won't offend me)
<ikwildrpepper> gchristensen: you should be able to ssh into root now
<ikwildrpepper> gchristensen: also, don't hack my network :-p
<gchristensen> thanks!
<ikwildrpepper> OMG someone is talking to me
<gchristensen> ikwildrpepper: I'd never, your rates are too affordable
<ikwildrpepper> security-by-cheapness
<gchristensen> lol
<gchristensen> thanks :D
<gchristensen> there are probably better ways to do this: for f in mac{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}; do printf "wg set wg0 peer '%s' endpoint '%s:%s' # %s\n" "$(nixops ssh -d buildfarm $f -- wg show wg0 public-key)" "$(nixops ssh -d buildfarm $f -- ip --json addr show | nix-shell -p jq --run 'jq -r ".[] | .addr_info | .[] | select(.broadcast == \"\") | .local"')" "$(nixops ssh -d buildfarm $f -- wg show
<gchristensen> wg0 listen-port)" "$f"; done
<ikwildrpepper> we are not worthy
<gchristensen> it didn't work though :(
<ikwildrpepper> still, we are not worthy
<ikwildrpepper> I blame niksnut
<gchristensen> ikwildrpepper: we need to upgrade your internal network to 40G between all the nodes
<hexa-> 40G is a dead technology, go for 100G instead
<gchristensen> now we're cooking
<gchristensen> btw I'm copying the new Catalina image which has been running on mac1 for the past few months to the rest of the macs
<asymmetric> aminechikhaoui: should the 21.03 image be removed then?
<asymmetric> it would be more clear if the images matched the manifest
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<gchristensen> the macs are busy busy so I won't flip them over just yet
<gchristensen> ikwildrpepper: uh, can you reboot macofborg1? :)
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<gchristensen> ikwildrpepper: sorted it :)
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