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<lukegb> cert has expired, apparebtly
<lukegb> *apparently
<gchristensen> looking
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<ikwildrpepper> gchristensen: heya
<gchristensen> 1s
<gchristensen> sorted
<gchristensen> ikwildrpepper: I think it is ineligible to renew because we don't use route53 for DNS (we use netlify) but acm thinks we want to be using route53
<gchristensen> because we do have a route53 zone
<gchristensen> hmmm it is eligible now
<gchristensen> ikwildrpepper: can you delete ACM cert 21a5033d-3ee1-4f7c-8f89-91b22910eef7? the cert which is not in use
<ikwildrpepper> gchristensen: done
<ikwildrpepper> gchristensen: I see you managed to change the renewel?
<gchristensen> I didn't do anything, I guess they just figured it out
<hexa-> blackbox-exporter tls probes give you cert time left
<gchristensen> I wish there were a monitor for ACM specifically but a generic tls expiration seems fine too
<gchristensen> I'll just use blackbox's tls probes, but I meant more specifically querying the AWS API for renewal state
<gchristensen> thanks :D
<hexa-> np
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<gchristensen> FYI: I'm updating my SSH key
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<gchristensen> hexa-: was super useful, I applied almost exactly this
<gchristensen> thank you again
<hexa-> yw 👍
<supersandro2000> hexa-++
<supersandro2000> hexa- ++
<supersandro2000> I can't karma someone in this channel
<gchristensen> ah, {^_^} isn't in here
<supersandro2000> oh the other bot with a similar name is
<supersandro2000> thought they are the same
<hexa-> Also not in #nixos-acme
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