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<supersandro2000> Can someone please take a look at why ofborg does not start for a lot of PRs lately? I need to manually start it often because it did not to anything after two hours.
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<hexa-> agreed, it's messy
<gchristensen> I think I can commit some hours to it tomorrow during the work day
<lukegb> does someone want to restart #104642 strikes again
<lukegb> oh, rather #15690
<lukegb> wow I hadn't noticed how old that bug is, hah
<samueldr> restarted
<lukegb> samueldr++, etc.
<gchristensen> it'd be cool if hydra had the idea of consumables, so a kvm test could take several job slots
<hexa-> {^_^}?
<samueldr> gchristensen: though I didn't want to say it, TAGS would have helped here
<samueldr> uh... no maybe not
<samueldr> since it _finished_ unsuccessfully
<samueldr> it depends on if it would have had the time to finish unsuccessfully in time
<gchristensen> yeah tags probably won't really solve it
<gchristensen> okay time for bed.
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<asymmetric> aminechikhaoui: is this what you'd need to do to make the GCE nixos images listable?
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<aminechikhaoui> asymmetric I think we already do that in, but that's just to make the image usable by any user and doesn't cover listing
<asymmetric> right now, the only way i've found to list the images is via gsutil
<asymmetric> gsutil ls -l gs://nixos-cloud-images
<aminechikhaoui> yes
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<gchristensen> I've tried a little bit of a reconfiguration on the webhooks side of things
<gchristensen> I disabled an old webhook and enabled a new webhook. It might have broken {^_^}'s notifs for non-nixpkgs PRs though
<gchristensen> I wonder if they're making the old access tokens fail some % of time
<gchristensen> I switched back to the old webhook URL because I didn't want to break those notifs
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<gchristensen> ikwildrpepper: can you remind me how to connect to the mac you provisioned for ofborg?
<endocrimes> I have some more free time coming up soon and am happy to help with nix infra stuff if there's anything that would benefit from extra eyes/hands btw
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<asymmetric> aminechikhaoui: any idea about the 21.03 image returned by `gsutil ls -l gs://nixos-cloud-images`?
<aminechikhaoui> most likely created while testing
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