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<ark3> I've installed emacs-pgtkgcc using nix-env on my Ubuntu system. How do I add vterm? I see there's packaging for it, but I'm not sure what I need to do (via nix-env) to get it.
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<adisbladis> ark3: You should use an expression like `pkgs.emacsPgtkGcc.pkgs.withPackages(epkgs: [ epkgs.vterm ])`
<adisbladis> I'm not sure how you do that kind of thing with nix-env
<adisbladis> I suggest adopting home-manager
<ark3> So... that's a bit daunting. I've been using nix-env as an imperative package manager. I see how to install home-manager (using the standalone installation instructions) but how do I do package manager stuff from that point forward? The next section in the docs is about writing modules, with no explanation of what that means...
<adisbladis> ark3: I understand it may be a bit daunting.
<adisbladis> home-manager contains a set of modules, much like nixos modules
<adisbladis> Except for user-level configuration
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<adisbladis> Some modules exists for managing your dotfiles, some for systemd user services, etc etc
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<adisbladis> ark3: Btw, home-manager is in nixpkgs
<ark3> Would the expression you suggested above go in home.packages in my home.nix file?
<adisbladis> Yes
<adisbladis> home.packages = [ (pkgs.emacsPgtkGcc.pkgs.withPackages(epkgs: [ epkgs.vterm ])) ];
<adisbladis> Note the surrounding parens
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<AmandaC> If I wanted to package something for my own use, how would I go from the .el / git repo to something I can use with emacsWithPackages? I'm not seeing any docs on this process other than for lots of large repos like elpa/melpa
<AmandaC> Specifically I want to package and an .el file I wrote for another game's scripting language.
<AmandaC> I plan to put this into my overlay, not nixpkgs/emacs-overlay
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<ark3> What's frustrating here is that I don't have a good mental model of what's going on... Okay, so the expression above works as an argument to nix-shell -p, but not as an argument to nix-env -i. I don't understand how one is different from the other...
<ark3> Sorry, I realize there may be other discussion between now and adisbladis's expression. In short, nix-shell -p 'pkgs.emacsPgtkGcc.pkgs.withPackages(epkgs: [ epkgs.vterm ])' works (creates a shell with Emacs set up correctly), but nix-env -i 'pkgs.emacsPgtkGcc.pkgs.withPackages(epkgs: [ epkgs.vterm ])' complains that the selector matches no
<ark3> derivations. Of course it doesn't, but I don't know how to tell nix-env to do the right thing.
<ark3> In other words... What is the type of thing that nix-shell -p accepts, and how do I convince nix-env to accept the same thing and install that?
<ark3> turns out I can work around this by having nix-env permanently install the emacs that nix-shell temporarily installed by passing the full path to nix-env -i. I'd prefer to know the real solution, of course.
<dash> probably `nix-env -e "with import <nixpkgs> {}; emacsPgtkGcc.pkgs.withPackages(epkgs: [ epkgs.vterm ])"`
<dash> sorry, `nix-env -iE`
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