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<Ericson2314> sterni: kicked it off
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<hexa-> jonringer: if perl is :(, what is node?
<gchristensen> I feel liek I will have to pay for my sins of persuading cole-h to learn some perl
<jonringer> perl was :( because I had to delete volth from last years post
<hexa-> awhh, meh
<siraben> Is there a fork nixpkgs-review extension that also posts build logs?
<siraben> Maybe supersandro2000 knows
<siraben> a fork of*
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<ryantm> I think this is the way for forward for converting the NixOS manual to Commonmark. Please review and support me if you think so too
<{^_^}> #107444 (by ryantm, 19 weeks ago, open): nixos/doc: add, convert "Building Your Own NixOS CD" to CommonMark
<samueldr> ryantm: maybe we can wait up to at least right after the branch-off?
<samueldr> making sure we have the maximum amount of time in unstable before it goes to a stable branch
<samueldr> (since it's close by anyway)
<ryantm> samu,,:eldr jonringer was asking about getting the release notes in Markdown. Not sure if he meant this release or next.
<samueldr> let's have their opinion then :)
<samueldr> but I don't think it'd be nice if it ends up creating a lot of work to fix issues in the stable branch down the line (not that I see any cause for concern)
<ryantm> Makes sense to me
<samueldr> I haven't reviewed the PR, but I'm generally in favor of actions towards tackling the migration
<samueldr> at some point the generic brand adhesive bandage needs to be ripped off
<ryantm> The only problem I see is pages converted from markdown to Docbook will potentially lose some fidelity so it might be difficult. But those sections could stay as Docbook if really necessary until the end.
<ryantm> And I guess flokli s argument for doing it as one long running PR. I don't like long running PRs.
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<supersandro2000> siraben: mine can
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<siraben> supersandro2000: thanks
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<__monty__> So roomy in here.
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<{^_^}> Mic92/nixpkgs-review#187 (by rmcgibbo, 5 weeks ago, open): Upstream features from r-rmcgibbo bot
<Mic92> rmcgibbo[m]: yeah, sorry. I was quite busy the last few weeks with doing both teaching and research. All my weekends were gone.
<rmcgibbo[m]> yeah, for sure. i totally understand, it's all good.
<jonringer> is there no staging-next PR? If not, I can start the next round
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<jonringer> samueldr: my main desire is to create the next release notes in something other than docbook
<jonringer> doing large refactors in xml is how people get burned out very quickly :)
<ryantm> Sounds like we're going to try to merge my NixOS Markdown PR after branchoff and get the next release notes in Markdown.
<jonringer> I'm also okay with this. Just want this to be the last release having to do xml edits for release notes :)
<jonringer> Or, more ideally, the next RM doesn't have to put up with docbook
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<hexa-> rmcgibbo[m]: didnt your bot supply logs of build failures?
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<rmcgibbo[m]> hexa-: it usually does, yes. it's running the code in that PR to mic92/nixpkgs-review linked above.
<hexa-> rmcgibbo[m]: sadly never for home-assistant, maybe the log is too long?
<rmcgibbo[m]> i honestly have no idea why it doesn't pick up home-assistant. i've tried to figure that out before, and come up short.
<hexa-> ah meh
<rmcgibbo[m]> basically `nix log {drvPath}` is returning nothing, i think. it's not truncation at the level of my code.
<hexa-> weird
<hexa-> just built home-assistant, and `nix log $out` works
<rmcgibbo[m]> πŸ˜‚ strange.
<rmcgibbo[m]> let me file an issue to track this. it's annoying
<hexa-> thank you!
<hexa-> drvpath as well
<rmcgibbo[m]> maybe there's a race condition between the build finishing and `nix log` responding with the log... unlikely. i really don't know (i just looked through the code again, and i don't see anything).
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<hexa-> fwiw i have seen the same Problem with nixpkgs-review
<maralorn> Does someone now about LC_ALL stuff in nix-shell and can maybe chime in on the discussion in this issue? I donβ€˜t feel competent to judge what the correct solution here is. Should we just hard code the locale in the script in question?
<{^_^}> #122023 (by shlok, 3 hours ago, merged): haskellPackages.streamly-archive: unbreak
<abathur> locale feels like one of those pieces of sidewalk chewing gum that could use a little guide, or section
<{^_^}> #122042 (by jonringer, 17 minutes ago, open): ZERO Hydra Failures 21.05
<cole-h> πŸŽ‰
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<endocrimes> Go bump with a CVE fix if anyone has a mo
<{^_^}> #121951 (by endocrimes, 21 hours ago, open): go1_16: 1.16.3 -> 1.16.4, go1_15: 1.15.11 -> 1.15.12
<infinisil> endocrimes: Should this maybe go to staging instead since it's quite a bunch of rebuilds?
<infinisil> Or is master intentional to get the security fix in asap
<endocrimes> go usually goes straight to master afaik
<endocrimes> But yeah bouncing CVEs via staging seems not ideal
<samueldr> I think it all depends on the severity (which I haven't looked at at all)
<samueldr> well, some kind of cross product of severity Γ— rebuild amount
<qyliss> yeah
<qyliss> at least for non-security fixes, go bumps should probably go via staging
<samueldr> total of 4727 store paths changed across the three systems ofborg checks
<samueldr> 4727 go things are probably a drop in the bucket
<samueldr> aren't go builds quick?
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<qyliss> depends ime
<samueldr> at least 4727 *total* across the uh... four system... isn't that bad for a rebuild
<samueldr> (forgot i686-linux)
<qyliss> yeah, esp. for security impact
<endocrimes> Go builds are usually p quick
<endocrimes> for nix anyway
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<maxine> Go has gone straight to master for every single bump I've done, with this exact discussion repeating... πŸ˜…
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<adisbladis> My 2Β’: ~2 years back bumping Go was a 2-3 hour rebuild on a decently powerful machine (epyc 7401)
<samueldr> adisbladis: rebuild of every paths, or go itself?
<adisbladis> samueldr: Every path
<samueldr> that sounds like a trivial rebuild amount then
<adisbladis> I'm sure we have a lot more packages now and it probably takes longer, but given the security impact I think it's a no brainer
<endocrimes> It’s like... 4-6 hours on a 24t ryzen CPU usually, so that checks out
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<rmcgibbo[m]> I wish there was a nix-community OSX build box. Trying to debug ZHF darwin issues on a crappy 2016 macbook i pulled out of my closet is painful.
<samueldr> rmcgibbo[m]: there might be something that can help
<rmcgibbo[m]> oh good idea
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<sterni> ofborg darwin builders seem to work again
<sterni> but you need to be a trusted user for ofborg
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<gchristensen> everybody is trusted now
<gchristensen> there is no distinction
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<sterni> can also confirm that darwin builds don't get started for me
<sterni> but I've seen them working recently so
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<rmcgibbo[m]> thanks for the pointer to run nixpkgs-review on a darwin zhf pr. seems to work? might be a good tool for lots of people.
<rmcgibbo[m]> Jan Tojnar++
<samueldr> rmcgibbo[m]: the matrix bridge breaks nick expansions :(
<samueldr> jtojnar++ on behalf
<{^_^}> jtojnar's karma got increased to 73
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<jtojnar> huh, did not we have more members in the team?
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<cole-h> looks like you have to request to join
<cole-h> so maybe somebody didn't get around to approving them?
<adisbladis> Github teams </3
<adisbladis> It's one of those things that really makes me wish we used gerrit for code review
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