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<lukegb> Am I missing something blindingly obvious? python3.pkgs.pyqt5 has things in its propagatedBuildInputs, but no /nix-support/propagated-build-inputs in its main o... oh, it's in the dev one
<samueldr> "yes" I assume is the answer
<samueldr> (but really maybe it's not?)
<lukegb> Interestingly that means this software doesn't work if you put "pyqt5" in its pythonPath
<lukegb> but _does_ work if you put "" in its pythonPath
<sterni> depends on put it in its python path how probably
<lukegb> that was a wordbag
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<zhaofeng> What do people think about a patched version of GTK in Nixpkgs? The patch set in question is from Pusism for mobile devices running Phosh:
<zhaofeng> Would stuff like that belong in Nixpkgs or as an out-of-tree overlay?
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<samueldr> more to the point, in Nixpkgs for end-user use with replaceRuntimeDependencies
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<Ericson2314> zhaofeng: it's a lot of patches, but purism librem 5 is pretty important
<Ericson2314> I would talk to samueldr and other nixos mobile people
<samueldr> heh, I told zhaofeng to ask for the general opinion
<samueldr> if it was my call only, I'd say it can go in Nixpkgs, but I don't know what's the opinion of other people attached to gnome things
<Ericson2314> hah
<Ericson2314> ask Jan Tojnar i guess
<Ericson2314> hopefully purism is trying to upstream these?
<Ericson2314> if we can link PRs that always helps
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<jtojnar> Ericson2314: those are not very upstreamable unfortunately (it is cherry-picking opinionated classes from other library)
<jtojnar> zhaofeng: I think we should have gtk3-librem package, that would include the patches
<jtojnar> and then use replaceRuntimeDependencies in phosh module as Samuel suggests
<zhaofeng> jtojnar: Cool, what about other patched packages that Purism has, like evince and gnome-control-center?
<zhaofeng> A list of packages can be found at, with the "most important" (well, chosen by a relatively popular distro) ones at
<rnhmjoj> anyone familiar with cmake willing to help me? i'm stuck trying to replace a bundled library with the one from nixpkgs in a package
<rnhmjoj> this is what i'm doing: the library is found by cmake and it builds, but while linking the linker complains about missing symbols from the library
<siraben> cmake is scary, I cry every time something cursed happens while packaging a cmake-based package
<rnhmjoj> yeah, on every minor or bugfix update this thing manages to break the build
<jtojnar> rnhmjoj: maybe move it from private to public?
<jtojnar> that way it should get inherited from qrdecoder by whatever links against qrdecoder
<jtojnar> zhaofeng: I would expect those to be much more upstreamable so it would probably be fine to include them in the regular packages
<jtojnar> would need to evaluate the individual patches to be sure
<rnhmjoj> Jan Tojnar: the problem seems to be the library is not even being linked to qrcodereader (if i make it SHARED and run ldd on it, it's not there)
<jtojnar> rnhmjoj: it will probably depend on how the library is being linked to qrcodereader
<jtojnar> unfortunately, with this ancient-style cmake code you need to call multiple different functions for it to work properly
<rnhmjoj> it's ancient? it's funny because they just moved from a qmake-based build system and this is supposed to be "modern"
<jtojnar> rnhmjoj: they might actually be using modern CMake (they do it for Qt) but I have not seen the rest of the code
<jtojnar> most projects unfortunatelly use CMake 2 idioms (sometimes with few instances of modern CMake to rub the salt into the wound)
<rnhmjoj> tried all combinations of STATIC/SHARED PRIVATE/PUBLIC but still not being linked
<siraben> Can someone familiar with autotools please take a look at ? I really don't know why it's not working
<{^_^}> #116518 (by siraben, 6 weeks ago, open): mmv: 1.01b -> 2.0rc3
<siraben> I just revisited it after 2 months and still doesn't work :(
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<qyliss> zhaofeng: maybe you could have a "purism" attribute, and then group whatever is needed under that? e.g. purism.gtk3. Would make them easy to all find, and keep them all in one place.
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<jtojnar> siraben: instead of autoreconfhook run ./bootstap manually in preConfigure
<rnhmjoj> Jan Tojnar: turns out the version from nixpkgs wasn't ABI compatible and needed a bump. anyway, thank you for the sanity check
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<bennofs> Anyone know why is not valid JSON?
<bennofs> Example: curl | brotli -d | grep -oE '.{10}120271936.{20}'
<bennofs> results in "arOffset":120271936}}}}}}}}}}t":6858888"
<lukegb> yeah, there's a bug
<bennofs> ah :(
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<Ericson2314> Jan Tojnar: sounds good
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<siraben> Jan Tojnar: new error regardingmmv
<jtojnar> siraben: you will likely need to fetch the submodules
<siraben> Jan Tojnar: I have fetched the submodules
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<jtojnar> siraben: from the error message it sounds like the macro did not get expanded for some reason
<jtojnar> which is the job of the bootstrap script
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<jtojnar> siraben: oh, do you have pkg-config in nativeBuildInputs?
<siraben> Jan Tojnar: no, fixing that now
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<siraben> Jan Tojnar: what's bdw-gc
<siraben> now it's giving me a pkg-config error
<jtojnar> boehm gc
<siraben> ah yeah
<siraben> Jan Tojnar: thanks, it builds now.
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<siraben> sterni: I opened #121515 since we appear to have reached concensus
<{^_^}> (by siraben, 45 minutes ago, open): top-level/coq-packages: remove dontDistribute
<siraben> consensus*
<gchristensen> how long are these builds?
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<maralorn> When is the branch-off for 21.05 gonna happen?
<maralorn> thx
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<samueldr> qyliss: I vaguely remember you talking about "xen" things recently, if it's related to xen things you know, care to look at #121514 ?
<{^_^}> (by radhus, 4 hours ago, open): grub: build PVH variant of Grub2 for Xen
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<qyliss> samueldr: afraid it's not
<qyliss> I use a VPS that's run on Xen, so I know about it from the guest's side, but that sort of thing is taken care of my the VPS host
<samueldr> qyliss: thanks
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<lukegb> fyi: if you're relying on the .ls files in the nixos cache, ones uploaded in the last month or so may be invalid JSON (and may be orders of magnitude larger than expected, in some cases - ~40MB -> ~4GB)
<lukegb> it'll get "fixed" whenever the next world rebuild happens
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<samueldr> oh no :( make-disk-image shouldn't be expanded upon anymore :(
<samueldr> it's all the wrong abstractions you could make :/
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<gchristensen> +1
<samueldr> re #121532
<{^_^}> (by numinit, 1 hour ago, open): Allow swap size and partition UUIDs to be specified in make-disk-image
<gchristensen> yeah, just got email about thath :)
<samueldr> we need to declare filesystems builders / disk image builders bankruptcy!
<gchristensen> +10
<gchristensen> let's do it, once and for all, and tear down these old todo's from copumpkin from a decade ago
<samueldr> my time's a bit lacking for that :/
<samueldr> and, I say that, but I don't mean to imply my proposal is the right way to go
<samueldr> (it is, though, I think)
<samueldr> maybe it warrants something like a CFP? call for proposals, from any interested parties? kind of flipping the RFC process on its head, where we have identified an issue, but want opinions about how to go forward?
<samueldr> since, in **all** cases here, it's a big chunk of changes
<gchristensen> I like that idea
<gchristensen> but I also think putting yours forward initially is useful
<gchristensen> might inspire alterantives :)
<qyliss> CFPs sound like a good idea in general
<MichaelRaskin> CFP should be an RFC with requirements establishing a commitment to accept any design satisfying the requirements
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<lukegb> I wondered why the NixOS tests were running _super slowly_. Turns out if you, err, try to run them in a VM without nested virt then that's kinda what's gonna happen :P
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<gchristensen> haha
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