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<MichaelRaskin> ekleog: nobody cares about the speed of running a working test, but debugging overhead of NixOS tests is suboptimal
<MichaelRaskin> VM tests have most of the features, I believe. Except not being a pain to write.
<MichaelRaskin> I am not sure if that NixOS-container-inside-Nix-build featuer is ever going to be merged… It could help a lot, as its overhead is indeed small.
<ekleog> MichaelRaskin: yup, I'm mostly concerned about “not being a pain to write” — I kind of wonder whether they're a pain to write only due to the fact that they're awfully slow to boot, or whether there are other things that could be done to make them faster to iterate on
<ekleog> (and I must plead guiltly to having only written nixos tests for network services yet, and not having even tried to write one for a GUI application)
<MichaelRaskin> When starting LibreOffice and clicking around a bit and checking at least something happens takes less time than booting the VM to begin with, the operating word is probably not «guilty» but «reasonable»
<MichaelRaskin> With network tests you at least have some vague idea what you are suffering for…
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<MichaelRaskin> Maybe staged tests where VMs are prepared, booted, suspended to storage and then resumed before tbe real work could be better.
<MichaelRaskin> Of course, writing VM tests only got more annoying since my PR, because some people think that the current mode of formatting checks is acceptable at all (and somehow good)
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<MichaelRaskin> (asserting bit-perfect formatting with strict rules about line breaks — neither too few nor too many — that are applied to post-parameter-expansion sources, just to make sure you cannot use the formatter automatically at the edit time)
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<jtojnar> symphorien: it would probably be feasible to construct such hook but not sure how practical it would be
<jtojnar> closure-size wise (cocci is written in ocaml, IIRC)
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<supersandro2000> Would it be insane to exit with 1 if pytest/setuptools executed 0 tests?
<supersandro2000> I mean half of the python packages would break...
<energizer> supersandro2000: pytest exits 5 if it executed zero tests
<supersandro2000> 🤔 this means we could modify the setupHook to exit 1 if it exists 5
<supersandro2000> something to do in the future I guess
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<lovesegfault> supersandro2000: you around still?
<lovesegfault> or anyone who can review a change
<supersandro2000> yeah
<supersandro2000> lovesegfault: which PR?
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<lovesegfault> supersandro2000: the beets one
<{^_^}> #108275 (by lovesegfault, 7 hours ago, open): beets: 1.4.9 -> unstable-2020-12-22
<supersandro2000> its only 7 hours old
<supersandro2000> no hurry
<lovesegfault> It's more motivated by upset at having navigated the source of bs1770gain
<lovesegfault> now I just want it gone
<lovesegfault> saw your suggestion just now; I thought it was recommended to justify why a package was yanked?
<supersandro2000> well... you are right but I want to try to find something over which you can't argue
<supersandro2000> maybe just add that it was unused after beets dropped it
<supersandro2000> or it is no longer reqired
<supersandro2000> you can't argue against that 😉
<lovesegfault> fair enough, on it
<lovesegfault> bs1770gain = throw "bs1770gain has been removed from nixpkgs, as it had no maintainer or reverse dependencies."; # added 2021-01-02
<supersandro2000> yeah I think that works
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<ekleog> Did anyone see a recent ofborg darwin build happening? I've got a build that's been stuck in the queue since yesterday, and with down I can't check whether the queue is just really full or whether there's no darwin builder live these days
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<zowoq[m]> no darwin builders for ofborg for a while now
<{^_^}> ofborg#529 (by happysalada, 16 weeks ago, closed): Missing builders on x86_64 darwin
<ekleog> oh ok, thank you, I had missed this!
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<FRidh> there is some kind of evaluation error on master as well
<FRidh> blocking hydra evals
<{^_^}> #108304 (by FRidh, 1 hour ago, open): Evaluation error on master since after 2021-01-02 09:24:30
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<{^_^}> firing: RootPartitionLowDiskSpace:
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<lukegb> FRidh: huh, ofborg was happy about that when doing its evals but nixpkgs-review wasn't?
<FRidh> possibly different ulimit settings
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<supersandro2000> so lets find out why and fix it
<supersandro2000> found the first issue. noma_1_0 was missing the inherits
<{^_^}> firing: RootPartitionLowDiskSpace:
<supersandro2000> the zigbee2mqtt issue is itneresting
<supersandro2000> I needed to turn up ulimit -s after that but didn't notice it was that PR
<supersandro2000> Mic92: thats most likely the issue I got with nixpkgs-review
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<lukegb> ofborg evaluations are bork at master, can someone revert
<lukegb> #108345 to fix it
<{^_^}> (by lukegb, 36 seconds ago, open): kdeApplications.kaccounts-integration: unbreak derivation
<supersandro2000> today is eval breaking day
<supersandro2000> lukegb: merged
<lukegb> It's weird that the original PR evaluated though
<lukegb> supersandro2000: thanks!
<supersandro2000> ofborg does not clean green checkmarks after force pushing
* lukegb sighs
<supersandro2000> broken again?
<lukegb> ah, no, I see why
<supersandro2000> you see why what?
<supersandro2000> yeah...
<lukegb> which changed the kdeApplications mkDerivation to require pname, which the new derivation didn't have, so... [sigh]
<lukegb> We need BORS or something :p
<supersandro2000> that can always happen and we have no way to check other than checking eval if merging older PRs
<supersandro2000> BORS?
<lukegb> Effectively a merge train, so instead of having +w people merge directly the bot adds it to a queue, does some tests with the merged state and then pushes
<lukegb> there's a WG looking at this
<lukegb> sorry, SIG
<lukegb> seems to have fizzled a bit though
<supersandro2000> that sounds like something we want
<supersandro2000> we should probably prioritize that more
<ekleog> yessssssssss bors
<ekleog> the problem being, compute power — it'd probably be quite resource-intensive, and integrating it with hydra would probably be hard
<samueldr> for a good "merge train" approach for Nixpkgs, we probably want it to build through the hydra infra, including sending binaries to the cache, so that once the train is in master, it's already built the `tested` jobset
<samueldr> instead of having things build needlessly in isolation, again and again
<samueldr> "but what about $badthing"?
<samueldr> well, if it's in the merge train, it's slated to go into master, $badthing would have gotten into master anyway
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<supersandro2000> I wouldn't build the packages
<supersandro2000> just evaling should be fine to catch those nasty eval errors that occur when two PRs are merged which are not compatible
<{^_^}> firing: RootPartitionLowDiskSpace:
<{^_^}> resolved: RootPartitionLowDiskSpace:
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