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<{^_^}> [ofborg] @Profpatsch opened pull request #301 → WIP: Git config name and email → https://git.io/fhcvO
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<LnL> hrm, how am I going to test this...
<gchristensen> hmm?
<gchristensen> ooh
<LnL> maybe I can generalize the instantiate/build functions
<LnL> don't they do the exact same thing
<gchristensen> pretty much?
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<{^_^}> [ofborg] @LnL7 opened pull request #302 → nix: pass '--arg nixpkgs' for nixos and generalize argument handling → https://git.io/fhcRf
<LnL> gchristensen: didn't fully test the result, but I think that will finally fix the nixos tests
<gchristensen> oh cool!
<gchristensen> <3 :D
<LnL> what I changed before did this for the evals, but that didn't have any problems (yet?)
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<gchristensen> this is a nice improvement :)
<gchristensen> LnL: travis is unhappy about some rust syntax
<LnL> aww, guess I used something new and shiny
<gchristensen> nah, formatting and borrow things
<gchristensen> nix-shell --run checkPhase --arg useNix1 false -A mozilla-rust-overlay
<LnL> ah, I think those are all warnings
<LnL> that's better hopefully, I should look into setting up my editor to complain about those
<gchristensen> me too X|
<gchristensen> LnL: `cargo fmt` complaints now (guh)
<gchristensen> these sorts of test failures are so obnoxious to me
<LnL> yeah, that's why I setup push hooks for most projects
<gchristensen> oentuhoentuhonteu
* samueldr wonders
<samueldr> is it clippy that just became more aggressive?
<LnL> no idea, but it's definitively too pedantic not to run it locally
<samueldr> ah, it was a "push and see what travis think of it?"
<gchristensen> I wish we could get clippy from nixpkgs
<LnL> how did you install it?
<gchristensen> Travis uses the mozilal overlay
<LnL> it's in there?
<gchristensen> yeah, with unstable -- which it provides
<LnL> ah well, didn't want to switch to my desktop
<gchristensen> sorry, not untable
<gchristensen> nightly