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<Smith[m]> samueldr: I tried to add `defconfig = "pinebook_pro_defconfig";` to get the kernel config from Manjaro. But I get an error about modDirVersion not being 5.4.0-MANJARO-ARM. I guess I need to override the LOCALVERSION but not sure how to do this
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<samueldr> or you can remove -MANJARO-ARM from their config file manually
<samueldr> though I'm not sure theirs would build faster, it's pretty similar
<samueldr> it looked like it would differ as much as their normal kernel with our normal kernel
<Smith[m]> I saw some config about the rockchip and hantro in manjaro arm defconfig. Since we use tys’s kernel git repo I thought we might as well use the defconfig too...
<samueldr> if there are missing options, we may as well enable them, but using the nixos defaults is probably better since at some point this should all be upstreamed anyway
<Smith[m]> Noted , thanks for answering ! I see that Thra11 enabled some extraConfigs too.
<samueldr> we probably should work in merging our work to reduce deduplication, Thra11 looked a bit more at the userland
<samueldr> I'm about done implementing rndis stuff for the "gsi.rndis" gadgetfs... whew
<samueldr> the "fun" thing with android rndis is that it looks like there is at least two implementation for gadgetfs
<samueldr> in addition to the older android_usb one
<samueldr> and lacking documentation, "gsi.rndis" requires the ipa firmwares to be loaded
<samueldr> and a magic 1 sent to /dev/ipa
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<samueldr> OH
<samueldr> I think I fixed something by using adding support for /vendor
<samueldr> not 100% positive, but I think the pixel 2 wasn't charging in mobile nixos before, and now I see tracing in the logging about that
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