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<laduke-13> I was thinking about trying to boot this espressobin. Looking at the u-boot env, there's all this gak (from the vendor?) about booting from a tftp server and stuff like that... I don't know much about u-boot; I guess I need the env to be configured like "u-boot's generic distro configuration", but it looks nothing like it. even if i do env default -a. There must be some way to load u-boot
<laduke-13> env vars from a file?
<samueldr> what's the vendor's u-boot version?
<samueldr> IIRC that was added late 2017 or early 2018
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<laduke-13> hmm U-Boot 2017.03
<laduke-13> U-Boot 2017.03-armada-17.10.1-gaee49fc (Jan 29 2018 - 18:21:49 +0800)
<samueldr> hmm, not sure when it was added, but that could be at the cusp
<samueldr> do you have the source tree around?
<laduke-13> no, this was like a "hmm, why don't i use this board i have to try out nixos" 😅 Yeah... I'll have to come back to it later
<samueldr> it looks like mainline may have some support for it
<samueldr> just did some cursory looking, it's an aarcht64 board, which is good for the binary cache
<samueldr> so I guess the last bit is mainline linux support which I'm not sure how to check, but at that point it's so much less of a concern
<laduke-13> I think so? I had wrt running on it.
<samueldr> they could easily have used whatever repository the vendor provides
<laduke-13> hmm https://www.armbian.com/espressobin/ says mainline based kernel 4.19.y .
<laduke-13> next step would be build u-boot or get it out of the image and flash it?
<samueldr> building it, finding the fine manual for mainline u-boot, and adding it to the u-boot derivation of nixos
<samueldr> the nix-build -A pkgsCross.aarch64-multiplatform.uBootEspressobin (if that's the name the attribute you add in all--packages is)
<laduke-13> ok thanks for answering!
<samueldr> I have no experience with the marvell family of hardware, so I can't help much further :)
<thefloweringash> I think I'm hitting more purity problems, but just in case anyone's seen it before: my perl Net::DBus connection seems to fail with `Can't locate object method "_send_with_reply_and_block" via package "Net::DBus::Binding::C::Connection"`
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<clever> samueldr: its not currently setup, but it is on the desk
<clever> samueldr: oh, you mean cache, yeah it hasnt been building for a while
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<thefloweringash> which targets did the cache build?
<clever> thefloweringash: its still configured to build some things for armv7, but the build machines arent online
<clever> and qemu-user has issues
<thefloweringash> I have my little arvm7 vm, I'm slightly tempted to add it to my hydra, but I'm not sure which targets are most useful to build. Maybe nixos/release-small.nix?
<clever> thefloweringash: i think the biggest pain is just the stdenv, so even just building something basic like pkgs.hello would get that out of the way
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<thefloweringash> apparently it pushed a stdenv to https://thefloweringash-armv7.cachix.org/
<gchristensen> thefloweringash: how did you set that up?
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<gchristensen> where is the armv7 bit
<thefloweringash> um, can I answer a more specific question?
<thefloweringash> the armv7 vm config?
<gchristensen> yeah
<thefloweringash> and the hydra instance is here https://hydra.barbara.cons.org.nz/jobset/thefloweringash-armv7/nixos-unstable#tabs-jobs -- ipv6 only, and running on a rock64 so it'll probably fall over if 2 people click it at once
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<thefloweringash> now that you've all seen behind the curtain of how hacky my hydra setup is, is there a nicer way to selectively cache things than <runcommand> hooks?
<gchristensen> on an unhelpful note, I'm wondering if you can help samueldr and I get armv7 working in a VM on a Packet server so hydra.nixos.org can build it
<thefloweringash> are there more challenges there than what I hacked up with the above?
<gchristensen> it didn't boot iirc
<thefloweringash> hmm
<thefloweringash> can I get access to an equivalent machine to test with?
<gchristensen> sure
<gchristensen> but not until tomorrow after 5PM CET
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<samueldr> thefloweringash: some gicv3 issue with qemu iirc
<samueldr> I may have found some info about that scrolling aimlessly at twitter lately
<gchristensen> oh cool
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<thefloweringash> I remember `-machine gic-version=3` being critical but never looked into why
<samueldr> the thing is on the unobtainium arm server it works fine without anything special
<samueldr> (and on my raspberry pie when I tested)
<samueldr> but not on that new obtainable server with 32 bit support
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<gchristensen> I'll get y'all one tomorrow, 5:01PM CET :P
<thefloweringash> That’s 22 hours from now? I’ll be sure to be around
<gchristensen> (maybe not literally then, but if you're available to hack on it, I'll prioritize it highly)
<thefloweringash> Probably only for a couple of hours, it’s 1am local time.
<thefloweringash> What’s the target machine time in packet terms?
<gchristensen> type?
<thefloweringash> machine type*
<gchristensen> c2.large.arm iirc
<samueldr> now that I'm back at my machine, not sure it's relevant, but here https://twitter.com/winocm/status/1212867868645191680
<samueldr> Just a heads up, if you are using qemu-system-aarch64 with large numbers of SMP cores with KVM, add the "gic-version=3,kernel_irqchip=on" option to your machine configuration.
<samueldr> This will allow you to scale beyond 8 cores as GICv2 (the default) does not support more.
<gchristensen> nice
<samueldr> and interesting to me is in the comment the note about using "nodefault"
<samueldr> I don't know if our tests do, and if they don't, maybe they should, rather than rely on the default of qemu
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<mla> is the pinebook pro bootable with any sd image produced on hydra currently?
<samueldr> no
<mla> mm ok, i guess ill have to bootstrap
<samueldr> both the linked repositories from that page allow you to either native build or cross-compile an image
<mla> i see - thanks for the help
<samueldr> just measured, 2:40 wall clock time on the PBP for the kernel compilation
<samueldr> not bad
<samueldr> it's the generic kernel build, with all things enabled as modules
<mla> ah nice that's not bad at all i guess really that's the only pkg that needs to be built from src too
<samueldr> depends on what hydra failed to build for aarch64, but mostly yes in my usual setup
<samueldr> not sure it clocks faster while plugged in, but that was built on battery
<samueldr> (to work it out a bit for better time estimates)
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<danielrf[m]> hey samueldr I was able to get wifi working on mobile-nixos for google-marlin
<samueldr> oh, amazing
<danielrf[m]> turns out to not be too hard--just following the qualcomm instructions here: https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/WiFi#Debugging
<samueldr> yeah, that's what I assume for "older" devices
<samueldr> once I'm done with booty stuff that's what I need to work on
<danielrf[m]> specifically: "echo sta > /sys/module/wlan/parameters/fwpath"
<danielrf[m]> and then everything magically works!
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<samueldr> speaking of, you had troubles with android_usb on that new init?
<samueldr> did adb/rndis work on current master?
<samueldr> (I haven't had the chance to read more, simply saw your comment)
<danielrf[m]> I don't think so--but I haven't tested in a while
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<danielrf[m]> tested against master I mean
<samueldr> well, I said master, but when you contributed would have been good too
<samueldr> at any point since you contributed to now
<danielrf[m]> I remember it wasn't working when I originally made the contribution
<samueldr> if adb or rndis never worked, then it's "good", it means that there's nothing wrong in what I ported
<samueldr> but it's "bad" since it means we may have more quirks to deal with
<danielrf[m]> for sure--nothing has been broken for me with the new stage-1 PR
<danielrf[m]> at least, nothing became broken
<samueldr> didn't android_usb break?
* samueldr re-reads your comment
<danielrf[m]> it wasn't working before or now
<samueldr> ah, so when you don't enable it, the new stage-1 works, that's it?
<danielrf[m]> yes
<samueldr> great
<danielrf[m]> sorry if my comments were confusing!
<samueldr> no worries, it's that you said that it worked, but I clearly saw your comment saying it doesn't [when enabling usb gadget with android_usb]!
<samueldr> I seem to remember that motorola-addison was confusing
<samueldr> it had the gadgetfs stuff in the kernel, enabled, but it's still an android_usb using device
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<samueldr> oooof, if we need to do something before mounting the functionfs it needs a small rework of that bit of code
<danielrf[m]> yeah I wasm
<samueldr> that means we can't just dump it as a `boot.specialFilesystem`
<danielrf[m]> yeah I wasn't sure how to do something before mounting functionfs....
<samueldr> oh
<samueldr> no, we have a solution maybe, but not something that great
<samueldr> it relies too much on the order of execution to my taste, but that wouldn't be the first time
<samueldr> ah, maybe a first thing to try, costs almost nothing
<samueldr> disable adbd
<samueldr> but make sure usb networking is enabled for rndis
<danielrf[m]> ok i'll look into that
<samueldr> if it works, and rndis works (do you know how to check?) that means only adb requires that, and it's likely easier to fixup
<danielrf[m]> nope I've never used rndis
<samueldr> make sure your stage-1 doesn't go to stage-2, and plug your device via usb to your computer, rndis will add a usb network interface to your computer
<samueldr> the phone will serve an IP via dhcp
<samueldr> there's bin/ssh-initrd as a helper to connect easier
<danielrf[m]> that worked!
<samueldr> right, so only adb
<danielrf[m]> is there much benefit to having adb? given that we already have networking via usb and/or wifi?
<danielrf[m]> not saying that we shouldn't try to fix it...
<samueldr> there's the bragging rights :3
<danielrf[m]> hehe true!
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<samueldr> in actuality it allows fixing stuff when wifi or rndis doesn't work yet
<samueldr> (once adb works with gadgetfs, that is)
<samueldr> it may also have other uses on a running system
<samueldr> like adbfs
<samueldr> adb push/pull
<samueldr> and mtp is part of the same subsystems
<samueldr> I think using the phone as a sound card or webcam *could* be part of this too, but haven't looked closely yet
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