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<samueldr> :|
<samueldr> I spent a while looking at the android implementation of reboot
<samueldr> and then the kernel stuff
<samueldr> and it looks like "reboot" from whatever package already does the right thing to tell the kernel to reboot to bootloader
<samueldr> I should have just tried "sudo reboot bootloader" way before
* samueldr tests on an older device
<samueldr> and it work on my oldest 64 bit device
<samueldr> yay!
<samueldr> for those curious, the reboot syscall has a __user parameter that is being used to pass "anything"
<samueldr> ah! an explanation why busybox reboot doesn't work
<samueldr> it expects busybox init to be running
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<colemickens> So do RPi owners surf on nixpkgs-unstable? Did I just get lucky/coincidence that I was getting cached kernels for a revision or two of nixos-unstable.
<clever> colemickens: id usually avoid nixpkgs-unstable, since it lacks testing, though the tests may not cover rpi specific cases anyways...
<samueldr> let's assume nixos vs. nixpkgs, lucky yes, there is a limitation in nix and hydra meaning that we still can't bundle the whole aarch64+x86_64+i686 package set together :/
<samueldr> so it ends up being nixpkgs-unstable that runs the builds for aarch64
<samueldr> nixos-unstable might update before nixpkgs-unstable has finished with those specific builds
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<wavirc22> I've managed get an odroid n2 working on nixos for anyone whose interested : https://github.com/wav/nix-odroid-n2.
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<marijan[m]> Hello, could somebody help me with enabling spi on the pi3b+ running nixos 19.09? I've tried enabling it in the config.txt using the corresponding option in my configuration, but the devices don't get listed in /dev after a reboot.
<marijan[m]> I would be very grateful for any help :)
<marijan[m]> I've asked this question a few weeks ago and tried to figure it out by using the deviceTree option but i couldnt find the deviceTree_rpi overlays in nixpkgs to make use of them.
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<samueldr> posted a small update on the pbp overlay; forced powersave off for wifi, it's a bit opinionated compared to what I would prefer to do, but it's day and night
<samueldr> with powersave it's comparatively broken
<Thra11> samueldr: I see you've added u-boot beep-boop :)
<samueldr> yeah, mostly useless
<samueldr> doesn't happen soon enough to my taste
<samueldr> I want to re-visit see if it can happen much sooner at some point
<Thra11> Ah ok (Haven't tested it yet)
<samueldr> it just lights up the LED amber
<Thra11> Got to be better than not showing anything for ~24 seconds
<samueldr> (and does a pattern with it that happens too quickly to actually be notable)
<samueldr> Thra11: your green LED should be showing up
<samueldr> that's ASAP from the kernel I'm pretty sure
<Thra11> samueldr: Mine doesn't come on until about 24s after pressing the power button
<samueldr> oh
<samueldr> I haven't compared your kernel build options
<samueldr> in fact I somehow missed your repo
<Thra11> I haven't done a kernel comparison yet
<samueldr> might be one of those modules I build built-in
<Thra11> That would make sense
<Thra11> Cool. Been meaning to look into that, but haven't had time
<samueldr> nullr0ute, the author of the pbp patch, has said he'll update it soon
<samueldr> I tried rebasing on top of latest u-boot and it doesn't apply cleanly
<samueldr> though it's likely trivial
<samueldr> curious if there will be other changes
<samueldr> I think we're now at 4 known PBP users in the community :)
<Thra11> Yeah. I tried rebasing u-boot patches and had the same experience.
<samueldr> at this point it's good enough to be mainline based, the main issue with it is GFX init anyway
<samueldr> (and keyboard, but that's not useful without GFX)
<disasm> samueldr: any recommendations on a tablet I should purchase to run nixos mobile on?
<samueldr> none
<samueldr> false
<samueldr> a chromeos-based tablet with RK3399 is likely a good candidate
<Thra11> Yes. GFX+keyboard is particularly handy for NixOS, with its generations in extlinux
<disasm> ah k, so chromeos is the best place to begin :)
<samueldr> but at that point there's not much mobile nixos will bring other than niceties at boot
<samueldr> (I have a chromeos RK3399 based tablet from asus)
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<samueldr> I don't know that there is any good android-based tablet right now, other than the samsung ones
<samueldr> and I don't know what's the state of the samsung ecosystem
<samueldr> *especiallt* in north america
<samueldr> *especially**
<samueldr> their phones in N/A can't have their bootloader unlocked, and that's a damn shame
<samueldr> their snapdragon-based flagship phones*
<samueldr> meanwhile the chrome hardware team at google has been extremely good at using and providing back to upstream projects
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<samueldr> it's running a coreboot-based firmware, which you can flash in a safe manner
<samueldr> the sources are not only available, but part of mainline coreboot
<samueldr> you can also have trivial serial access
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<samueldr> right now the status with it is that pretty much everything works on mainline
<samueldr> I think there's a fixable issue with audio
<samueldr> and there's a broader issue with mmc storage where it sometimes fails to init
<samueldr> (not limited to the tablet, not even RK3399 AFAICT, but weirdly underreported)
<samueldr> RK3399 is likely the best SoC for mainline, as it's powerful enough not to be seen as a toy, and has seen high profile usage
<disasm> something like Acer Chromebook Tab 10 ARM Cortex A53 4GB Ram 32GB Flash Chrome OS should work?
* samueldr checks
<samueldr> yeah, there's not been any new chromeos-based tablets than those
<samueldr> they're all "scarlet", the asus, acer and "no brand" ones
<Thra11> samueldr: Have you considered 'RTC_DRV_RK808 y'. Think there was some timing issue with it as a module.
<samueldr> Thra11: not at all
<samueldr> haven't researched much about the kernel
<samueldr> made sure it booted and then had early display init
<samueldr> Thra11: I'd be glad to work with you in somehow merging our repos
<Thra11> It was in one of the manjaro or mainline kernel threads on the forum IIRC
<samueldr> (if you want to)
<samueldr> disasm: the two I linked are technically the same as the one you're looking at
<samueldr> the chrome hardware team will work with one OEM, making a base platform, that other OEMs "have" to use
<Thra11> samueldr: Sure, if there's anything useful in mine which you haven't already got.
<samueldr> I haven't looked at the userland stuff like you did for ffmpeg
<samueldr> and I was thinking more about the coming improvements :)
<Thra11> samueldr: Most of the ffmpeg stuff was using the old rkmpp stuff. I threw it out in favour of the hantro driver.
<samueldr> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<samueldr> you did work a bit more on that than I did
<samueldr> disasm: the pen input is also a standard Wacom EMR, for which cheap ~5$ older galaxy note pen replacement work
<samueldr> (and works on mainline!)
<Thra11> I'm off to bed now. Goodnight! (Should have a fresh new kernel in the morning :) )
<samueldr> UGH!
<samueldr> my boot thing is too fast
<samueldr> (or something along the lines)
<samueldr> unless I put a sleep after starting fbterm, it doesn't start since the very next step is to switch root