<samueldr> neat! u-boot's efi shows the graphical interface to grub instead of the text one for pinebook
<samueldr> not sure what's different compared to hdmi out on pine64, maybe from a u-boot change
<samueldr> awwww, all that for naught... looks like using grub in the boot on the pinebook somehow sets something wrong and the display will not init :(
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<bennofs[m]> is there a way to keep state in the bootloader so that power-cycling also switches to another generation? Idea would be that on first boot, first generation is booted, and then if the system doesn't come up for some reason I can just reset the board to boot the next generation
<bennofs[m]> ah, extlinux has a boot-once command, that's exactly what I was looking for
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<bennofs[m]> wait, how is the extlinux bootloader installed in the AArch64 images? I cannot find any references to extlinux in nixpkgs...
<bennofs[m]> and the syslinux package refuses to evaluate on aarch64?
<bennofs[m]> oh, right, this is handled by uboot
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<samueldr> right, it's not syslinux
<samueldr> it's only the format
<samueldr> grub could
<samueldr> recent (2018+) u-boot support EFI booting
<bennofs[m]> a custom uboot script should also be able to do it
<samueldr> sure!
<samueldr> it would be nice to have a u-boot specific way to select derivations, maybe using their menu system
<bennofs[m]> instead of the extlinux way?
<samueldr> in addition to
<samueldr> IIRC the extlinux way doesn't allow for purely custom u-boot commands
<samueldr> so adding something like fastboot support in an easily accessible way is not possible
<bennofs[m]> fastboot support? what's that
<samueldr> and it also feels a bit clunky to select a generation using a number
<clever> bennofs[m]: an android bootloader
<samueldr> clever: no, a protocol
<clever> sort of both i think?
<samueldr> different android bootloaders implement the same fastboot protocol
<clever> ah
<samueldr> ABOOT, and the new one I don't remember the name, mainly
<samueldr> and the myriad forks from OEM :)
<samueldr> fastboot allows pushing an image to boot, or flashing* things
<bennofs[m]> oh, so you mean it would be nice to be able to use custom uboot commands in boot menu options?
<samueldr> yes
<bennofs[m]> hmm, fastboot on a raspberry pi could be useful
<samueldr> it requires an OTG port
<samueldr> only the A models and Zero models can do it IIRC
<samueldr> because other models have the usb controller behind a hub
<samueldr> or uh, usb root port, or something like that
<samueldr> and just now I'm thinking, it should be possible to make a custom u-boot script that detects all attached storage (like their default boot option does) but shows them in a menu
<samueldr> hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<samueldr> that would be EXTREMELY useful for the shenanigans I'm doing right now
<samueldr> (using EFI boot on the pinebook, but display init doesn't want to work in the kernel after grub booted)
<clever> and the compute modules
<samueldr> well, technically yes, but you need a host compatible, I guess; unless they do have a micro USB port on them?
<samueldr> never had the pleasure to use one
<clever> the compute module lacks a usb hub, so you can put whatever USB port you want on the host board
<clever> and then use it as a host or device
<samueldr> yeah, that's what I assumed
<clever> the model A's lack a usb hub, but they also have the "wrong" connector on the board, and the ID pin isnt routed, so USB OTG is tricky
<samueldr> it can be dont through config.txt
<samueldr> dtoverlay=dwc2,dr_mode=peripheral
<samueldr> (apparently)
<clever> samueldr: have you seen the usb boot stuff?
<samueldr> yes
<clever> if others want it
<clever> that mode doesnt read a config.txt
<clever> oh, i need to play with the new serial debug
<clever> BOOT_UART=0
<samueldr> though yeah, config.txt would make it seamless with u-boot (I hope)
<clever> now, wheres my ftdi...
<samueldr> I bought a couple dirt cheap serial things from ebay, like 2-3$CAD a pop
<samueldr> I can leave them assigned to projects :)
<samueldr> (though check them before using them, they could have a defect where the usb male port is not mechanically attached right into the board)
<samueldr> (with a slight flex it will bend the connector; reflow good solder on the data pads, and flow a big glob on the "mechanical" attachment pads)
<samueldr> and I additionally tape them with yellow tape meaning it's a cheap one, so I keep track of the fancier ones since they look almost identical
<clever> so far, ive found an rfid reader, OBD-II adapter, 3 rfid cards, a ds18b20, and a bunch of wire
<clever> and a bare avr, avr programmer, and xbee
<clever> samueldr: aha, an ftdi on the end of a usb lead
<clever> its set to 3.3v
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<clever> Raspberry Pi Bootcode
<clever> Read File: fixup.dat, 6639 (bytes)
<clever> Read File: start.elf, 2835780 (bytes)
<clever> Read File: config.txt, 231
<clever> samueldr: wooo!
<samueldr> nice
<clever> MESS:00:00:01.746469:0: Failed to open command line file 'cmdline.txt'
<clever> MESS:00:00:01.762081:0: Failed to load Device Tree file '?'
<clever> MESS:00:00:01.757692:0: No kernel trailer - assuming DT-capable
<clever> i think it failed to boot
<clever> its also flashing status 7 times, which means "kernel.img not found"
<clever> [pi0]
<clever> oh, config.txt has 2 sections like that
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<clever> kernel=u-boot-rpi0.bin
<clever> but this is a pi3...
<samueldr> that might explain it
<clever> MESS:00:00:01.789358:0: brfs: File read: /mfs/sd/u-boot-rpi1.bin
<clever> MESS:00:00:01.807949:0: brfs: File read: 425400 bytes
<clever> MESS:00:00:01.803700:0: No kernel trailer - assuming DT-capable
<clever> MESS:00:00:01.793671:0: Loading 'u-boot-rpi1.bin' to 0x8000 size 0x67db8
<clever> MESS:00:00:01.812864:0: Failed to load Device Tree file '?'
<clever> it just hangs now
<clever> Found SD card, config.txt = 1, start.elf = 1, recovery.elf = 0, timeout = 0
<clever> one of the first things it prints
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<clever> MESS:00:00:01.731629:0: hdmi: HDMI:hdmi_get_state is deprecated, use hdmi_get_display_state instead
<clever> samueldr: the logs are even throwing deprecation messages, lol
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<clever> ARP request: my IP addr my eth_addr b8:27:eb:80:d9:b6 ARP for addr
<clever> Done ARP for got 00:30:48:c5:d2:df
<clever> Read File: config.txt, 80 (bytes)
<clever> samueldr: and if i flip over to netboot, i get this
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