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<Ashy> hi
<gchristensen> nice hostname
<Ashy> heh, a joke i forget and then remember every now and then
<Ashy> so i've been attempting to install nixos on my rockpro64 from an existing ayufan ubuntu 18.10 install but not having much luck getting my config to actually successfully build
<Ashy> with an error about being unable to build spidermonkey-1.8.5
<Ashy> wondering if i'm just barking up the wrong tree and should start with a fresh image and follow these steps: https://nixos.wiki/wiki/NixOS_on_ARM/PINE64_ROCKPro64
<Ashy> has anyone here done the lustrate install method on a rockpro64?
<gchristensen> is there a reason you don't want to do the fresh start method?
<Ashy> not really
<Ashy> let's do a fresh start then
<Ashy> so then the next question is, the rockpro64 page says to dd uboot to sector 64, is that over the top of the main nixos image?
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<Ashy> hmm, doesnt seem to be booting
<Ashy> hmm, wait a minute, this build seems to be for the rpi3 based on the `kernel=u-boot-rpi3.bin` in config.txt on the boot partition
<Ashy> yeah there's no rk3399-rockpro64.dtb on the /boot partition of the latest aarch64 unstable image
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<samueldr> the aarch64 images are generic, but the board needs to be supported by the mainline kernel
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<samueldr> I do not know the status with regards to installation instructions, if idbloader.img is small enough, it should work to dd it on the sd card after dd'ing the sd image to it
<samueldr> and as far as missing a dts, not 100% positive, but I think it should continue and boot without one, though maybe I'm wrong here; u-boot will provide a device tree in that situation
<lopsided98> Ashy: I don't have time right now, but I can help you in about an hour if you're still around
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<lopsided98> Ashy: You need to make sure the main partition starts at a sector that does not overlap with U-Boot
<samueldr> from experience with another rk3399 board, I assume sd-image does overlap, right?
* samueldr thinks the image could be fixed to reduce chances of this happening
<lopsided98> I don't know, I used manual partitioning and nixos-install for my boards
<lopsided98> My root partition starts at sector 16384
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<lopsided98> Also, config.txt is only used by raspberry pis; it is ignored by other boards
<samueldr> but note that (with the default sd image) in the FAT partition the extlinux directory and file _are_ used by other boards :)
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<Ashy> cheers for the above, it was getting too late last night
<Ashy> i'll try manually partitioning again tonight
<Ashy> ayufan's armbian and ubuntu images both boot fine too so i'll try manually partitioning the emmc tonight and maybe nicking the kernel from one of those images too
<Ashy> i'm not sure why ayufan's patches haven't been posted to the lkml yet either, his fork dates back to early last year by the looks
<samueldr> or at least when ready
<Ashy> ah yeap, nice
<lopsided98> I know the mainline kernel mostly works on the Rock64, but I'm not sure about the RockPro64
<Ashy> ayufan has a fork of both rockchip's kernel and also mainline with his patches applied
<lopsided98> I use a ayufan's mainline branch, except I rebase it on the latest stable release
<Ashy> on a rockpro64 or rock64?
<lopsided98> both
<Ashy> ah nice
<Ashy> seems like i'm in the right place then to figure this out :)
<lopsided98> Are you installing from another aarch64 machine?
<Ashy> i'm keen to get an official build of nixos for rockpro64 available or if that's not possible (because of the downstream kernel potential security issues) then maybe add the board to this: https://github.com/illegalprime/nixos-on-arm
<Ashy> no im not, i have an rpi2b that i could potentially use
<Ashy> everything else is x86
<lopsided98> You have to do it a little differently from the instructions in the manual in order to install from x86_64
<lopsided98> So that Nix builds the system closure for the right architecture
<samueldr> the 2b may not be aarch64, depending on which one it is
<samueldr> though I guess one could build an aarch64 image natively on another distro by installing nix on it
<gchristensen> super powers
<lopsided98> I was able to install from an x86_64 machine, but I realized that's because I already had an aarch64 remote builder
<lopsided98> The binary cache has most of what you will need already built, but you still need an aarch64 machine to build the system configuration
<Ashy> ah ok
<Ashy> i guess that's what the nixos-on-arm projet is about then right? cross compiling the system closure
<lopsided98> The easiest way might be to do what samueldr suggested, and install Nix on ayufan's image, build the system closure on the RockPro64, copy it to another computer, and then install it to the eMMC with "nixos-install --system /path/to/closure"
<samueldr> nixos on arm (or well, just nixos :)) is made without cross-compilation; cross-compiling a complete system didn't work until recently, and is still limited if it work right now
<samueldr> using another native aarch64 (linux) system is still native compilation
<Ashy> lopsided98: that's actually what i was trying to do originally but my configuration was failing to build, complaining about spidermonkey
<Ashy> maybe i'll try that again with a fresh configuration too
<Ashy> i also have the pci nvme adapter that i've successfully had ayufan's ubuntu image installed to
<Ashy> i just dd'd the root partition over and hacked up the uuid references in the /boot
<Ashy> so maybe i can just build the closure with nix on ayufan's image and then nixos-install to the nvme drive
<Ashy> the /boot stays on the emmc and i could probably dual boot then with a u-boot menu entry right?
<Ashy> does nixos on arm do the nice bootloader menu list entries for generations with u-boot like it does for grub on x86-64?
<lopsided98> Yes, U-Boot has a generation selection menu
<samueldr> it's a bit less featureful wrt to adding entries than other bootloaders IIRC
<lopsided98> Yeah, there's no extraConfig option for extlinux.conf, but you could probably add one pretty easily
<Ashy> ah cool