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<makefu> gchristensen:i used one of these sonoff iot power switches with custom firmware to achieve that: https://github.com/arendst/Sonoff-Tasmota/wiki/Sonoff-S20-Smart-Socket no need for a servo. i attached serial from the raspi to see the boot screen.
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<samueldr> finally have a pinebook
<andi-> oh?
<andi-> first thoughts?
<samueldr> that keyboard :(
<samueldr> not the quality of the keys, but the layout
<samueldr> other than that, just received it so software wise can't tell and won't really look on the distro it shipped with
<samueldr> if it wasn't for the keyboard, at 99$USD it'd be pretty good
<samueldr> (considering it's based on an A64)
<andi-> looking at images of the keyboard doesn't ring any concerns. Is the spacing off?
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<samueldr> might be looking at the 14" keyboard
<hexa-> the layout doesn't look too bad imo
<samueldr> this is a 105-like bottom row, BUT this is NOT a 105th key!
<samueldr> that key is the key that should be on top of the "Enter" key on a 104 keys layout
<andi-> the number row seems a bit squashed
<samueldr> (and near enter on a 105 key layout)
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> and they elongated the "?" key, which is where I press to try and use shift
<samueldr> whith is now all the way across the up arrow
<samueldr> if the size of the "/?" key was fine, I would have been able to remap the up arrow key, but alas no, the "/?" key is taking the rightful location
<samueldr> also, no "windows" key
<samueldr> so no super
<andi-> but a dropdown key!
<samueldr> the key left of Alt is the "menu" key
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> so that will be fixable using some udev trickery
<andi-> we aren't buying those for using them anyway right? We just want NixOS to work on them so we can sleep well at night? ;-)
<samueldr> oh no, just realised another key is missing
<samueldr> andi-: exactly
<hexa-> no super key is a bummer :<
<samueldr> no super key is super easy to fix
<samueldr> missing keys is... hard
<samueldr> oh boy
<hexa-> true
<andi-> but a StrSc Fn-Key... so you can still do Sysreq..
<samueldr> the one with '" on it (US qwerty) is all the way on "-_" on an Fn key
<samueldr> so it's missing two keys near "Enter", and the shift key location is screwey :(
<hexa-> whats the bootloader?
<andi-> Reminds me of my GPD pocket.. they seem to have used some chinese buttons but slapped the US keylayout onto it without ever having used it.
<samueldr> hexa-: anything the SOPINE family handles, so right now AFAIK only u-boot
<samueldr> andi-: 100% sure it's someone just fitting key caps on their fancy CAD of a laptop and not realising the location is important
<andi-> samueldr: who needs those keys anyway?!?
<samueldr> me!
<andi-> ;)
<samueldr> though, TBF, this is hard to entirely fault it on the Pine64 team; they did not design the keyboard, but they did select it :/
<samueldr> size constraints must have been the main issue
<andi-> possible price?
<samueldr> also
<samueldr> so while I dislike the keyboard, I understand and sympathize with the terrible choice
<samueldr> though, I have a smaller chuwi laptop/tablet combo that has a nice keyboard
<samueldr> it's extremely fine, the keyboard itself has some travel issues, need to type hard to use it, but the layout is wonderful
<andi-> looks good. As a european I dislike the small enter button but well..
<samueldr> (you can use it to compare location of keys with the pinebook one, on the chuwi all keys are at the right place AFAIK)
<samueldr> yeah, that's a 104 vs. 105 (or ANSI vs. ISO) layout thing, but it should be possible to produce one identical, but with the tallboy enter
<samueldr> but it'd be real skinny
<andi-> samueldr: please keep us updated regarding your progress :-)
<samueldr> /!\ MTK
<samueldr> mediatek is a bad idea
<samueldr> even google had trouble getting something recent running on 'em :/
<hexa-> :)
<samueldr> I mean, getting the OEM to do stuff etc.
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<andi-> wasn't rockchip the new hot stuff?
<samueldr> (I looked a bit at ARM chromebooks)
<samueldr> eeh, in chromebooks yeah, but outside it's iffy imo
<samueldr> mainly other than the chromebook variant of their setups, it's still hard to get good mainline stuff
<andi-> every other day I see myself browsing for alternativ computing hardware.. There is no decent AMD powered notebooks. Then there is the ARM world with those stupid OEMs and it feels like in a year nobody cares about your device anymore (if even that long).
<samueldr> so yeah, pinebook will probably wait to this week-end, still setting up my replacement main laptop; got that chromebook (with intel though) and it's a reaaally nice machine
<samueldr> andi-: there is a DELL laptop that was the second contender in my laptop search
<samueldr> AMD powered
<andi-> buuut?
<samueldr> it lost to the intel chromebook due to the intel chromebook allowing coreboot
<andi-> fair point
<samueldr> opening the bootloader is more important IMO than using AMD; which starting this year you might be able to eat your cake too
<samueldr> (a bit off-topic here)
<samueldr> but AMD chromebooks (so coreboot able) are popping up, starting with the low end
<andi-> I just wish Dell would know that (some) customers are not buying their devices due to those choices..
<samueldr> I wish ALL OEMs knew that using an open firmware would help everyone in the end :/
<andi-> As soon as one of the big players decides to use corebook (or u-boot for that matter) with a upstream-ish version the others would probably follow.
<samueldr> hopefully, though not sure it works considering google (a big player?) does already and OEMs do through their platforms following google specs
<samueldr> wondering if the fault lies somewhere else, maybe ODMs and Award/Phoenix?
<samueldr> I'm mostly wondering who makes the BSP they use and just fork for each device they produce
<andi-> I think that the OEMs do not see the chromebooks as a competition to their usual lineup. It is mostly an additional product with a limited featureset?
* andi- checks out the job openings at Dell...
<samueldr> though, can't they observe and see how a coordinated source tree for the firmware is good?
<samueldr> but maybe they don't
<samueldr> since google handles updates :/
<samueldr> maybe they just see it as "software free"
<andi-> uff those positions read like they are indeed very far away from doing anything related to hardware or low-level software engineering..
<andi-> sadly the expected outcome
<samueldr> I think Dell is still extremely US based for their development work, not sure though
<andi-> I only saw sales/overhead positions outside of India so far
<samueldr> looks like the eMMC is on a carrier board, so it's upgradable, neat
<gchristensen> hmm nice
<samueldr> could move the 64 GB from my pine a64-lts there
<gchristensen> this picture is ridiculous
<samueldr> ridiculously huge?
<gchristensen> as I think about washing-machine hard drives
<samueldr> oh
<gchristensen> and ENIACs filling rooms
<samueldr> that image maybe didn't fit on one of those drive?
<samueldr> oh, just 3.6MB
<gchristensen> here I am looking at this super computer the size of my hand, and I'm thinking "Hrm. a shame it isn't better spec'd hardware."
<samueldr> exactly :)
<samueldr> the 1080p screen looks neat though
<samueldr> I wonder what it looked like at 1366x786p
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