zimbatm changed the topic of #nixcon to: NixCon 2018 is over. See you next year! https://www.youtube.com/c/NixCon/ - https://nixos2018.org
<samueldr> martyet-o: I can provide a vector of the logotype during the week, if I haven't shared it with you by friday, ping me (on friday)
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<t184256> What is "newbies track"?
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<zimbatm> t184256: I think the idea is to have beginner-friendly talks in a different room
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<martyet-o> samueldr: good, thanks :-) yeah, accents are worst, we used Open Sans because accents is fine in it :)
<martyet-o> samueldr: any logotype manual or anything would be amazing, logo doesnt need accents so its fine to engrave it :)
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<martyet-o> guys, we have EUR acc!
<martyet-o> zimbatm: how it works with payouts from Stripe to bank account, is it fine?
<zimbatm> martyet-o: yeah I just need the IBAN
<zimbatm> payout is either automatic on an interval or manual
<snajpa> CZ9020100000002401655031 @ FIOBCZPPXXX
<snajpa> zimbatm: ^
<martyet-o> thx snajpa :)
<martyet-o> we are now with the guy from venue (Radek), any questions to place?
<andi-> martyet-o: AV equipment (pictures), venue pictures, maybe an indoor map for the website?
<andi-> snajpa: any news from the hotels?
<martyet-o> andi-: thats question to me :)
<martyet-o> we will have enough rooms from courtyard
<martyet-o> at price about 70 eur/night
<martyet-o> fine, if its everything..
* martyet-o goes off :)
<samueldr> how's the price applied, for those that arrive e.g. one day earlier, or depart a couple days later?
<samueldr> (you can answer whenever you have time)
<andi-> I also plan to arrive ahead and leave on monday
<samueldr> please arrive abody and afoot too
<andi-> ahh
<andi-> will leave the body parts that I will not require at home :)
<martyet-o> flokli: please, as chef of swag chaos, can you send me to Trello some $$$ numbers how much will every item in swag cost?
<martyet-o> so i can finally tell final price for ticket :)
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<snajpa> (19:02:44) You're not a channel operator :'(
<snajpa> who's got op here?
<gchristensen> let me ping freenode staff again
<gchristensen> none are available at the moment
<samueldr> zimbatm is a founder, should be able to do the things
<samueldr> (chanserv info)
<gchristensen> ah
<gchristensen> I can't do IRC super-powers here since it isn't #nix-* or #nixos-*
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