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<martyet-o> zimbatm: ah, okay :)
<martyet-o> i see pretix setted up, good job adisbladis!
<martyet-o> okay, so i asked accountant about invoicing sponsors and how to work with payments for tickets.. :) like just on that side of accountant, so we will not have any problems if anything
<pie__> \o/
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<martyet-o> weeeeeel
<martyet-o> donation is fine
<martyet-o> standard invoice is kinda trouble for us
<martyet-o> but basically we can make also these invoices, just with +21% local tax (as its advertisement..)
<martyet-o> donations are the best, so if anyone is fine with getting confirmation of donation, its best :)
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<fadenb> martyet-o: donation receipt is fine (as written in the email) as long as it is in a Form accepted by the tax authorities
<fadenb> our finance guy said that is the most important part :p
<zimbatm> martyet-o: email inbound is working now, it was a small configuration mistake
<zimbatm> adisbladis: can you let me know if outbound is still working on cfp?
<adisbladis> zimbatm: Sure, I can try it
<adisbladis> Nope, not working
<adisbladis> Authentication error
<adisbladis> zimbatm: ^
<zimbatm> okay so the auth was attached to the domain
<snajpa> martyet-o: to be exact, we can issue invoices, we just can't put for-profit billable items there
<snajpa> so, sponsorship as a gift should be 100% fine
<snajpa> on the invoice as an item
<snajpa> in most states across the EU gifts to NGOs should be tax-deductible
<snajpa> some states do require a signed contract to go with it though
<snajpa> in those cases it would be best if the sponsor had a legally acceptable template in their language so we can just sign it
<fadenb> "acceptable template in their language so we can just sign it" I will ask our CFO whether we have something like that. Not sure wether it needs to be from .cz though?
<snajpa> fadenb: not sure what do you mean "to be from .cz" - do you mean in Czech lang as well? it doesn't have to be, as long as both parties agree
<snajpa> better said, as long as no party
<snajpa> disputes it (sorry pressed enter way too early)
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<fadenb> hehe, no, I was thinking that the organisation that hands out the receipt might have to follow some local laws too?
<martyet-o> uh, thats out of my knowledge, but making it multilangual (cz+en) should not be problem, not?
<martyet-o> snajpa ^
<snajpa> the law doesn't specify required languages for civic contracts
<martyet-o> meh
<martyet-o> thats awesome joke, Stripe is not supported here in Czech, we cant accept money as merchant here.. -_-
<martyet-o> PayPal is for 0,3$ fix fee + 4,4% goosh
<martyet-o> but this looks better, look at options and fees for credit cards, 2-3% per transaction and 0.25 eur fee (fix)
<martyet-o> okay, lets play with PayPal
<martyet-o> omg, non-protifable organization on PayPal probably newer existed..
<martyet-o> they ask for such a bullshits..
<martyet-o> sorry guys, but this looks really unreal, to setup, as stripe is not supported and about paypal im afraid of (what they are doing often) to block account because of insufficient/not correct/whatever account details
<martyet-o> difference between these payment gateways on pretix and goout.net (premade solution) is just about 0,7eur difference in one-day ticket soooo, what do you think?
<martyet-o> im sure just plain bank-transfer is not suitable for everyone
* martyet-o is investigating goout.net but still trying to figure out if any other solution over pretix isnt there already
<andi-> I am sure we could probably allow stripe via another entity. zimbatm you offered to use your company for (parts of the) financial stuff? Would it be feasible to have a strip account for you and then you wire the money?
<andi-> I wouldn't want to move away from our pretix since it give us mostly superior features that make life easier later on
<andi-> have not checked yet but pretix also supports https://www.mollie.com/en/ and that doesn't look too bad
<zimbatm> yeah I have a strip account we can use. Not sure what the legal implications would be though
<zimbatm> stripe, not strip club account, obviously
<zimbatm> andi-: do you know if the SaaS version of pretix includes the payment system?
<zimbatm> we should just use it if yes, they are even open to lower the fees according to https://pretix.eu/about/en/pricing
<andi-> I think they might just ask you for your API key then
<andi-> flokli talked to them already.. no chance :/
<andi-> Mollie doesn't look to bad. I think that could work but someone has to read the fineprint
<samueldr> it uses the "connect with stripe" auth flow on the hosted pretix
<samueldr> (using it with $client; it pretty much means you need a stripe account)
<flokli> yes. pretix hosted/self-hosted both simply connect to whatever stripe account you throw at it
<flokli> pretix hosted deducts something to another account, or bills afterwards, not sure
<samueldr> since they use "connect with stripe" it's likely taken off the top directly
<samueldr> (it's a big selling feature of the connect with stripe things)
<flokli> I guess so
<martyet-o> zimbatm: you think it will be fine, through your stripe acc?
<zimbatm> yeah let's do this
<martyet-o> okay!
<martyet-o> can you share with me api keys?
<martyet-o> or credentials?
<martyet-o> have to set it up, connect with pretix, set web hook (returning url), check if it works..
<adisbladis> Or I can do it (zimba already sent me some encrypted creds before and has my GPG key)
<adisbladis> zimbatm: Or if you want to do it yourself we can get you set up as an admin in pretix
<zimbatm> I'm looking through my stripe account right now
<zimbatm> I fixed the statement descriptors so it will show "NixCon" instead of "NumTide"
<zimbatm> we are going to have to charge 20% VAT for UK residents
<zimbatm> and the currency is GBP
<zimbatm> fixing the currency to EUR
<zimbatm> do we need anything other than the 3 big cards?
<zimbatm> Visa, Mastercard and American Express
<samueldr> 99% sure it's enough for all north americans fwiw
<zimbatm> martyet-o: can you add me as an admin so I can go through the connect workflow?
<zimbatm> I will have to leave in 30min and be back around midnight
<adisbladis> zimbatm: You can create an account yourself at https://tickets.nixcon.org/control/
<adisbladis> Then ping me and I'll make you an admin
<zimbatm> adisbladis: ping :)
<adisbladis> zimbatm: Done :)
<zimbatm> ok I need to setup "Stripe Connect"
<zimbatm> it's a sub-product I haven't enabled yet
<samueldr> (tell me if I'm nosing up a bit too much)
<samueldr> stripe connect is for when you build a platform where you take payments, and pay other parties that are, in turn, using stripe
<samueldr> so, skimming the x% off on transactions like a hosted instal of a SaaS
<zimbatm> please do :)
<zimbatm> nosing is a fine activity
<samueldr> IIRC, from integration pains, using the stripe connect account it cannot make charges against the same account
<samueldr> (though it might have been changed since)
<samueldr> so, please verify, but I'm not sure that you need that in your situation
<zimbatm> yeah I assumed because the General config asks for the "Stripe Connect: Client ID"
<zimbatm> but then the doc doesn't talk about it: https://docs.pretix.eu/en/latest/user/payments/stripe.html
<zimbatm> the screenshots in the docs also don't match the current stripe design
<zimbatm> the webhook end-point path is missing from the doc
<samueldr> the docs could be from before they added stripe connect https://github.com/pretix/pretix/commits/master/doc/user/payments/stripe.rst
<zimbatm> the API keys provide a (key, secret) tuple but the general config also wants a Client ID
<zimbatm> so I think I need to create a "Stripe Connect" account
<zimbatm> this is a good example of the effect SaaS has on software design
<zimbatm> a single-user wouldn't need Stripe Connect if I understand things correctly
<samueldr> though, in a way I find it interesting and good that the OSS self-hosted version has the same stripe connect integration
<martyet-o> guys i have to go, will be in one hour from train :)
<zimbatm> martyet-o: see you later. I will keep updating the channel
<zimbatm> yeah, it's better than getting the half-open-source treatment like Gitlab
<zimbatm> I wonder why not all EU-member countries are available
<zimbatm> it's like if only Texas was available in the USA
<samueldr> in stripe?
<zimbatm> yeah
<samueldr> it's likely like how many contests or financial tools are canada-wide, but not available in Québec
<samueldr> our laws are written in french
<samueldr> and there is no official translation
<samueldr> so e.g. a US or english-canadian business will draft with "legal" rules, check against english written law and exclude Québec from the things
<samueldr> especially annoying in the financial realm
<zimbatm> yeah I18n in the EU is a bitch for sure
<samueldr> I'm thinking that is likely that they haven't (yet) had country-specific legal in there
<zimbatm> it's weird that canada doesn't have a law to enforce the translation
<samueldr> it has :)
<samueldr> at the federal level
<zimbatm> in switzerland everything, from product labels to laws, is translated in 3 languages
<samueldr> the country has laws in french and english
<samueldr> each province has its own laws for the official languages
<samueldr> Québec has one official language, French, New-Brunswick is the only province with two official languages, french and english
<samueldr> and of note here, it's the language for _law texts_
<zimbatm> OMG, so I enabled Stripe Connect. Now I have to create an account inside of strip connect, and re-register my company
<samueldr> :/ I (obviously) don't have a pretix install to look at
<samueldr> so, I assume there is only one option to configure and it's for stripe connect?
<zimbatm> yeah or deploy an old version of pretix I imagine that would work as well
<zimbatm> (not that I am suggesting we do that)
<zimbatm> I used to like point-and-click adventures
<zimbatm> this feels more like a Sierra-type adventure where it's super easy to die
<samueldr> looks like it still supports setting the secret key and webhooks
<samueldr> (as legacy configurations?)
<zimbatm> oh that's great to hear
<zimbatm> I really need to go soon
<zimbatm> do you mind looking up what the webhook end-point path is?
<zimbatm> it would also be great to find out exactly what permissions are required for the key
<samueldr> not sure what it means in that framework
<samueldr> url(r'^_stripe/webhook/$', webhook, name='webhook'),
<zimbatm> looks like a regexp
<samueldr> sure, but is it literally /_stripe/webhook/ or is _stripe replaced?
<samueldr> is there a prefix setup elsewhere when the "plugin" loads?
<zimbatm> all good questions..
<zimbatm> stripe now asks what event types to send and the pretix doc is not talking about it
<samueldr> dummy/dummy/ I wonder what it ends up being
<andi-> zimbatm: ^
<samueldr> (now imagine a closed source service, with equivalent docs, no source to look at!)
<zimbatm> thanks for the spelunking
<zimbatm> indeed, as a developer it's hard to go back
<andi-> samueldr: disassembler!
<samueldr> on a platform as a service?
<zimbatm> hack into their servers and you're good to go
<andi-> whatever floats your goat in that regard
<zimbatm> ok I need to go now, I'll figure out the refund webhook later
<adisbladis> zimbatm: \o
<zimbatm> adisbladis: martyet-o : I added the API keys, please test by switching to the sandbox keys and then using the fake cards: https://stripe.com/docs/testing#cards
<zimbatm> :facepalm:
<zimbatm> adisbladis: you can copy the keys from https://tickets.nixcon.org/control/global/settings/
<zimbatm> ++
<adisbladis> zimbatm: I think it's fine for us to use the global settings instead
<adisbladis> Yay \o/
<adisbladis> Test order successfully placed
<adisbladis> zimbatm: martyet-o: andi-: etc etc ^
<andi-> \o/
<andi-> now we just have to agree on a pricing ;D
<adisbladis> Heh "just"
<snajpa> should be fairly easy once we have all the inputs
<snajpa> we'll see what tomorrow will bring, we're going to Impact Hub to finally agree on the setup
<snajpa> AFAIK the venue will force us to split in two tracks
<snajpa> is that a big issue? I believe as long as both tracks are recorded, it's ~ok .. what do you guys think?
<snajpa> ah an that's the other relatively big item on the budget, the AV recording
<snajpa> have to sort this out quickly, who's going to do that and who's able to do it with more community-friendly fees
<snajpa> plus we have a ceiling in I would say 60e/day incl. food/beverages, that's the most I would want to pay personally, given it's in CZ and all
<andi-> snajpa: we covered that partially. I think adisbladis wanted to ask the guy that did it last year. We also have equipment from last years.
<adisbladis> andi-: It's goibhniu :)
<adisbladis> snajpa: Last year I believe goibhniu brought his own camera. HDMI capture devices we have since last year.
<adisbladis> And also adapters from basically anything -> HDMI
<adisbladis> (goibhniu is cillianderoiste2 on trello)
<andi-> adisbladis: should we allow people to opt out of swag? Maybe someone doesn't want some
<adisbladis> andi-: I think it may make things more difficult for flokli
<andi-> adisbladis: well we eyeball from the registrations 4-6 weeks before the event?
<adisbladis> andi-: Sure we can. I'm not opposed to an opt-out =)
<martyet-o> zimbatm: sorry, really had to go to catch train.. im back now
* martyet-o goes testing
<adisbladis> martyet-o: Right now it's configured to use stripe testing creds, use one of their test cards if you want to place an order.
<andi-> adisbladis: BTW. Did you figure out how we can ask for all attendee names in e.g. sponsor bundles?
<adisbladis> andi-: No I didnt
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<martyet-o> andi-: what do you mean by "sponsor bundles" ?
<adisbladis> The "Sponsoring" heading
<andi-> adisbladis: check those tickets out. I added the conference tickets to them so we can just book them as we advertise (includes 4 conference tickets)
<adisbladis> andi-: I mean I did have a look but I don't think pretix can do that
<andi-> Mhmm I'll check later. At dinner right now.
<martyet-o> hey
<martyet-o> i think pretix can do that
<martyet-o> there is checkbox i think i checked..
<martyet-o> "require name for every ticket"
<martyet-o> when i got through that all
<martyet-o> guys, there is option to engrave logo of sponsors on back side of badge..
<adisbladis> andi-: Oh actually I'm an idiot and confused by the UI
<adisbladis> All the questions are already per "product"
<martyet-o> as i said earlier, on top will be logos of sponsors and on bottom will be text regarding that dragon in logo (what it does mean in Brno)
<adisbladis> andi-: So at the chekout stage you are already asked the questions once per ticket
<martyet-o> adisbladis: its fine, when you order sponsoring, you have to specify name of every attendee
<martyet-o> yeah
<adisbladis> So we're good on that front :)
<martyet-o> once per ticket, but in gold you have tickets 4, they are all included in checkout
<martyet-o> so its fine :)
<martyet-o> yeha!
<martyet-o> i just need it then prepare
<martyet-o> for catering i agreed with guy from venue on 14 days before conference deadline
<martyet-o> i think similar deadline will be fine for badges too
<martyet-o> how visitors got swag last year? just like that? or in bag?
* martyet-o is thinking about paper bag - some regular one
<martyet-o> and about hotel vouchers.. they want (dont know why?) sign a contract about this.. so im not sure if we will be ready till friday :(
<martyet-o> do we really want 4 seats for silver sponsor?
* martyet-o fixed number of tickets for bronze (it was set to 4)
<martyet-o> also not sure if we want to ask sponsor (in any level) twice for dietary restrictions, t-shirt size, twitter, github..
<martyet-o> i will set these questions only to standard ticket, which is included to that sponsor pack
<martyet-o> nice, so much better now :)
<adisbladis> martyet-o: Good :)
<martyet-o> payment was successful :)
<martyet-o> so it looks fine
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<gchristensen> is nixcon 2019 "on topic"?
* samueldr checks year
* samueldr checks topic
<samueldr> well, topic is still technically right :)
<samueldr> gchristensen: I guess so, otherwise discussions have been off-topic for a while
<gchristensen> lol
<gchristensen> I wonder if there is a chance for like some "newbies" track?
<gchristensen> I know it is a bit late
<samueldr> might not be late
<samueldr> you might be just in time
<gchristensen> omg that is awesome
<gchristensen> snajpa: yas lets do it
<gchristensen> I could give a tutorial or something
<adisbladis> Oh yeah that would be awesome!
<samueldr> thinking about that: "big" talks, e.g. the usual nix one, maybe the RMs one, would they be simultaneously cast to the other room?
<gchristensen> yeah that would be very good
<gchristensen> oh god what did I sign up for
<gchristensen> eh, it'll be great. let's do it!
<adisbladis> Hmm that does add complexity around video streaming and such
<adisbladis> We'd potentially need to duplicate some of our gear
<gchristensen> hmm indeed
<andi-> but nothing we couldn't handle, right? I volunteer to help out during the event ;-)
<adisbladis> No we can absolutely do it! :)
<adisbladis> And we do have some spare stuff like extra HDMI capture devices
<adisbladis> We just need to plan accordingly
<andi-> We probably just need an extra laptop for the other room(s)
<andi-> and someone that hits the buttons
<samueldr> well 2 cameras, probably not that much of an issue though
<samueldr> I guess the laptop has to be "beefy" since there's live obs at 1080p
<samueldr> but probably not a big deal either :)
<adisbladis> Add anything you need there and we'll try to arrange it
* gchristensen makes an account
<adisbladis> gchristensen: You already have an account :O
<adisbladis> grahamchristensen5
<gchristensen> huh
<gchristensen> can you add my other account grahamchristensen3 ?
<gchristensen> who picks these usernames!
<adisbladis> I'm not an admin on the nixcon org on trello :<
<adisbladis> gchristensen: Your other account is though :P
<gchristensen> what
<gchristensen> ok my account is now named grahamschristensen
<gchristensen> I dunno who that grahamchristensen5 is
<adisbladis> Must be an imposter
<adisbladis> gchristensen: I guess the only one who can help you with this is zimbatm
<gchristensen> okay
<gchristensen> oh
<gchristensen> you know what
<adisbladis> ?
<gchristensen> zimb*tm added my work trello account, which I totally forgot I had
<zimbatm> back!
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<martyet-o> adisbladis: dont panic! we will visit impact hub today, take photos of everything to better know space.. and we will be fine :)
<martyet-o> okay!
<martyet-o> so there is official font for NixCon logo "Vegur"
<martyet-o> shall we use Vegur or keep it as it is now?
<gchristensen> Vegur is the font used for NixOS (cc samueldr as Chief Brand Officer)
<martyet-o> (on right side)
<martyet-o> well
<martyet-o> for me both is fine
<gchristensen> my hunch is samueldr will say we should use Vegur, but I want to make sure he gets his opinion heard
<martyet-o> samueldr: tell us, as Chef Brand Officer, when you see NixOS logo in Vegur, how do you see NixCon logo? :)
<samueldr> ideally, a vegur 6.02 derived text
<samueldr> especially if it's for the left variant; the "normal font"
<samueldr> the highly stylized one is... something
* samueldr digs through files
<snajpa> does it have Š? :D
<samueldr> that was a detail I was about to share
<samueldr> it would be used for the _logotype_, but can't be relied upon for the letters
<samueldr> it lacks at least one of those fine czech letters
<samueldr> hm! I thoughg I had a vector of the logotype manually kerned
<samueldr> thought*
<samueldr> ll
<samueldr> oops, wrong focus
<snajpa> a bit short password "D
<samueldr> ls -l alias :)
<snajpa> well I thought we would end up using some regular widely used font for the names, it's a common problem
<samueldr> exactly
<samueldr> and please do ;)
<gchristensen> yeah that is fine, no need to use Vegur for everything
<samueldr> though the NixCon logotype ideally would be using the same font and metrics
<gchristensen> but having it for the logo would be super
<samueldr> gchristensen: last year I had to abort using vegur for everything because of lack of accents
<samueldr> in fact...
<samueldr> badges accidentally fell back to another font
<gchristensen> understood