zimbatm changed the topic of #nixcon to: NixCon 2018 is over. See you next year! https://www.youtube.com/c/NixCon/ - https://nixos2018.org
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<martyet-o> shall we notify on Discourse + Twitter about CfP now, or wait till we will have also ticket system? (this midnight)
<martyet-o> zimbatm: pls can you add A record and AAAA 2a03:3b40:fe:1c::1 for tickets.nixcon.org please?
<martyet-o> we will setup ticket system
<zimbatm> +
<zimbatm> I need to fix the email as well, it seems like my latest changes have broken the discourse integration
<martyet-o> mmm
<zimbatm> martyet-o: what's the hostname for the machine? since it's shared with cfp I will make an alias
<martyet-o> ah
<martyet-o> hostname is nixcon.martinmyska.cz
<martyet-o> zimbatm i will investigate if we can use vpsfree RT
<zimbatm> RT?
<zimbatm> it's not a big deal, I just need to restore the MX record properly
<zimbatm> it's just because I added mailgun as another email provided that it broke
<zimbatm> adisbladis: I'm going to have to change the mailgun config. Can I send you new credentials?
<adisbladis> zimbatm: Sure!
<zimbatm> martyet-o: ok the DNS alias is in place
<adisbladis> martyet-o: I already sent out the CfP to discourse
<adisbladis> I asked in #nixos-dev if someone could tweet it on the official nixos twitter account but it hasn't happened yet
<zimbatm> let's fix the email quickly and then I'll ping the proper people for the tweet
<zimbatm> adisbladis: can you check if the cfp outbound emails are still working?
<zimbatm> back in 30min when the MX records will have propagated
<andi-> adisbladis: where did you announce the CFP? Can't see it at https://discourse.nixos.org/c/events/nixcon
<andi-> mhm things can't be in two categories I see
<adisbladis> https://tickets.nixcon.org is up :)
<adisbladis> Admin accounts can be registered at https://tickets.nixcon.org/control/
<adisbladis> Ping me when you are registered and I'll make you an admin
<adisbladis> martyet-o: andi-: flokli: zimbatm: etc: ^
<andi-> adisbladis: registered
<adisbladis> andi-: Set you as admin
<andi-> adisbladis: thanks, how difficult was the packaging after pretalx was already done?
<adisbladis> andi-: Not very
<andi-> would be nix to host those two in a nix-community repo.. Adding to nixpkgs might not be a good idea just now because it probably will only be maintained whenever there is a nixcon? :D
<adisbladis> andi-: I'm using my new python2nix thing for this. It's not quite yet ready for nixpkgs inclusion
<andi-> Nice we have a checkin App for android. I remember last years checking was a bit stupid with the long list of names
<adisbladis> Yeah it's looking really good.
<adisbladis> I think pretix will serve us well
<andi-> Did we agree on a date for the next call? Today maybe?
<adisbladis> I think we should have one today.
<andi-> martyet-o: flokli: zimbatm: … 17:00 UTC again?
<martyet-o> andi-: not sure if we agreed, nothing big to talk about now i think so..
<martyet-o> just working on badges, will set up (configure) pretix, adisbladis will help with installation of pretix onto our vm
<adisbladis> martyet-o: Pretix is up
<andi-> martyet-o: we will have to come up with ticket pricing, sponsor tiers,…
<adisbladis> I think we have some things to talk about..
<andi-> that would probably be the next steps
<adisbladis> Imho we should flesh out everything that goes into pretix today
<martyet-o> okay
<martyet-o> do we need to make call about this, cant we keep it on IRC?
<martyet-o> i think similar sponsor tiers like last year are not looking bad, as 2 sponsors contacted me by myself and agreed on 2000 EUR donation
<andi-> ok, do you have a rough estimate how many of those we will get? I recall fadenb wanted to come back to us this week with an update about the invocie requirements
<martyet-o> i dont! zimbatm should :-) as they contacted me really by myself, every else sponsor is mostly contacted by zimbatm
<martyet-o> so, better to ask, do we know anything more about sponsors and they donation goals, zimbatm?
<andi-> in order to come up with the ticket pricing we should also have a very good estimate on the expenses
<andi-> e.g. what the venue, catering, swag, small things on the side, … will sum up to
<fadenb> <andi- "ok, do you have a rough estimate"> andi-: I asked accounting but did not yet get a proper reply. It was allong the line "Usually we get invoices with taxes but I am not sure" ;)
<andi-> fadenb: ok, do you think we could have a definitive answer by next week?
<fadenb> I hope so, I will ping them again
<martyet-o> andi-: yeah, these expenses are in that sheet i shared with you
<andi-> martyet-o: OK, so they are final? Then we are at roughly 12k€ for the event
<zimbatm> martyet-o: andi- flokli anyone in the meeting yet?
<martyet-o> Nope
<martyet-o> As I said, let's take it only IRC
<martyet-o> I don't have headphones now, so my voice will be really bad
<zimbatm> catching-up on history for a bit
<martyet-o> Ah
<andi-> argh i also forgot the headset at the office /o\
<martyet-o> Second one, someone else? :P
<andi-> I am playing with the ticket shop trying to create the sponsor ticket bundles etc..
<martyet-o> andi- you can ask me and I can talk with our accountant
<martyet-o> Right now I will ask if it's possible to include to invoice "golden sponsorship"
<zimbatm> andi-: flokli do you have any experience debugging mail delivery issues?
<martyet-o> If so, we will have first sponsor :)
<andi-> zimbatm: maybe, depends on what kind of log access you have
<zimbatm> andi-: now much, my client is gmail and the target is mailgun
<zimbatm> andi-: I'm getting `550 5.1.0 Recipient rejected: <orgateam@nixcon.org>` from mailgun I guess?
<zimbatm> mailgun doesn't have any logs for the inbound emails
<andi-> ouch
<zimbatm> on mailgun I have a rule setup: `match_recipient("orgateam@nixcon.org") Priority: 0` => `forward("nixos1+nixcon-organisers@discoursemail.com")`
<martyet-o> Maybe if mail-tester.com can't help?
<zimbatm> martyet-o: it's the other way around
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<martyet-o> Nah, but for debugging it's fine..
<martyet-o> If you will see it gets bad points, then it could be because of spam filter?
<martyet-o> Not sure, never used mail gun, just trying to help :)
<zimbatm> yeah thank you :)
<zimbatm> I will figure it out, eventually
<zimbatm> martyet-o: regarding sponsorship, do you have everything in place to send invoices now?
<zimbatm> I'm pretty sure we can get 16k EUR through sponsorship, I just need to chase the people and have all the info to make the process go smoothly
<zimbatm> how much do you want? :)
<andi-> 16k would mean we have 4k surplus as of my knowledge :-)
<andi-> (fine by me)
<zimbatm> and we have 3k surplus from last year
<andi-> oh nice
<zimbatm> who wants awesome swag? :D
<zimbatm> andi-: do you have access to a non-gmail account? I think the MX are being cached there
<zimbatm> please all send your emails to orgateam@nixcon.org
<andi-> zimbatm: andi@notmuch.email
<zimbatm> perfect, can you send an email to orgateam@nixcon.org using that account?
<andi-> on it
<andi-> zimbatm: sent
<andi-> zimbatm: Jul 1 17:22:25 mail postfix/smtp[17294]: DCE881C005D: to=<orgateam@nixcon.org>, relay=mxb.eu.mailgun.org[]:25, delay=0.47, delays=0.32/0/0.09/0.06, dsn=5.1.0, status=bounced (host mxb.eu.mailgun.org[] said: 550 5.1.0 Recipient rejected: <orgateam@nixcon.org> (in reply to RCPT TO command))
<zimbatm> thanks. At least our results are consistent
<martyet-o> zimbatm we will be regarding sponsorship fine in this week, have to create dedicated account number
<martyet-o> 16k should be really fine
<zimbatm> martyet-o: how long will it take to create the account?
<martyet-o> zimbatm awesome swag? What I missed? :)
<martyet-o> It's instant :)
<martyet-o> Just in working days of course
<andi-> martyet-o, flokli, adisbladis, zimbatm: thoughts on these? https://tickets.nixcon.org/nixcon/2019/?require_cookie=true
<andi-> I just eyeballed the pricing for now so we have an idea also setuo quotas on the shopp
<andi-> (it is not net public)
<adisbladis> Hmm.. Shouldn't sponsorships be handled outside of the ticket classes?
<adisbladis> (Also sorry I'm late to the party :))
<andi-> adisbladis: not sure, if someone feels like sponsoring why not? It comes as a bundle with N conference tickets right now
<adisbladis> andi-: I'll add one or two "supporter ticket" classes too (we were asked about it last year)
<adisbladis> At 150 and 200 euros
<andi-> ofc they can contact us off list but if someone wants to sponsor that isn't in the target circle of sponsors..
<andi-> adisbladis: you can set your own price
<andi-> I only set the minimum
<andi-> would that be sufficient?
<andi-> You can buy a conference ticket for any absurd amount of money that you want to throw at the event.
<adisbladis> andi-: I just did (with a minimum of 150)
<andi-> ok, maye that is more obvious to some people of if we want to call them out as such ;-)
<andi-> adisbladis: how do you enforce a quota amongst two ticket types?
* zimbatm waiting on the mailgun support for MX delivery
<zimbatm> last year we had 2 people buying the "supporter" ticket if I remember correctly
<andi-> I think just allowing people to pay any amount >= X is the best option. Soeone might wnat to pay 5€ more other 100€
<adisbladis> Yeah that's good
<martyet-o> Is that price of ti met
<martyet-o> Price of ticket plus donation?
<martyet-o> Or just pay what you want?
<andi-> Pay what you want above the minimum
<martyet-o> Ah
<andi-> I am also wondering how much we should ask for if we have a huge surplus by todays accounting.. We could make it affordable for students etc..
<martyet-o> That's good!
<adisbladis> andi-: Imho that money should go towards a "Nixcon Foundation" so this can be easier next year =)
<andi-> we could basically sell them at 1€ or ask for 42€ (Conference), 23€ Hackday and try to enable people with less income to attend by sponsoring the travel?
<martyet-o> Cheaper for students, free for students with any approved talk, what do you think?
<martyet-o> Hmm
<adisbladis> Imho do what CCC is doing: Add a note saying if you can't afford it please contact us
<andi-> Given that we will have ~7k surplus after the even we could offer that if someone asks
<martyet-o> Travel expenses are huge, usually, not?
<adisbladis> martyet-o: Everyone pays their own travel
<adisbladis> andi-: Huh? How do you assign a quota to a product?
<andi-> zimbatm added a note to trello about a potential demand for sponsored tickets. zimbatm, did you have some concrete requests for that?
<andi-> adisbladis: you create a ticket sale quota
<andi-> and add products
<adisbladis> Ahh
<adisbladis> Found it
<adisbladis> andi-: We have a shared quota for standard/supporter tickets
<andi-> adisbladis: ok, makes sense as those run on the same "seats"
<andi-> and we should maybe lower the quota from 160 to 100 for the presale. Can always increase it later on. Would like to reserve some for well known community members that might just forgot/missed the (pre)sale
<martyet-o> andi +1
<adisbladis> Ok so now the big missing thing is being able to accept payments...
<adisbladis> What swag questions do we need to ask?
<andi-> strip to whatever account and SEPA I guess
<adisbladis> Dietary restrictions?
<adisbladis> T-shirt size?
<andi-> ahh yes
<adisbladis> andi-: Yes, but who is gonna do it?
<martyet-o> flokli
<martyet-o> ?
<martyet-o> Or should ask I?
<andi-> adisbladis: can add the dietary things to the checkout process
<adisbladis> andi-: Yes I'm doing it.
<andi-> ok
<martyet-o> Guessing sizes will be funny game
<adisbladis> I'll just leave sizes as free-form text (but required)
<andi-> martyet-o: can you try to obtain the data we need to wire money on the correct vpsfre account and what subject people should be using? We also need some way to confirm ticket payment.
<martyet-o> How long it takes to process and deliver t-shirts?
<andi-> martyet-o: 14days or so if we are lazy
<zimbatm> andi-: yeah I have 4 companies lined-up for sponsoring, haven't contacted the rest yet
<martyet-o> Okay, like what can be in payment info andi?
<martyet-o> I will check this
<martyet-o> Also that stripe
<adisbladis> Man, pretix is 1000x better than eventbrite :)
<andi-> martyet-o: we probably have to add some reference to the order and then your accounting has to tell us how they'd like it.
<andi-> adisbladis: yes :D
<martyet-o> :D
* adisbladis likey
<martyet-o> Okay :)
<andi-> I'll make some food now. be back in ~30min :-)
<adisbladis> Cool :)
<martyet-o> I'm destroying some food now, sorry for delays :)
* adisbladis is anxious to get payments going :)
<martyet-o> We will make it!
<adisbladis> So... Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the only blocker atm is stripe?
<martyet-o> Well
<martyet-o> It's bigger than the bank account itself
<martyet-o> But nothing I can't handle
<martyet-o> As I said, I will sync with you and others in two days, maybe tomorrow - depends on reply from accountant
<flokli> Sorry guys, I was mostly offline this afternoon, and apparently missed a meeting ;-)
<flokli> Catching up backlog on that wall of text
<martyet-o> hmm i see big troubles with mails..
<andi-> martyet-o: do you have an ETA about the hotel booking codes and which ones?
<martyet-o> andi-: guy is pretty lazy, im setting meeting with him to better sync..
<martyet-o> in tuesday if lucky
<martyet-o> booking codes itself w
<martyet-o> will be faster one things
<martyet-o> 550 5.1.0 Recipient rejected: <orgateam@nixcon.org>
<martyet-o> ^ zimbatm adisbladis not working :(
<martyet-o> im gonna at least set RT for all of us (mentioned by emails in last google hangout meeting) on nixcon@vpsfree.cz
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<zimbatm> martyet-o: still working with the mailgun support. they haven't been super helpful so far.
<zimbatm> hopefully we will get inbound fixed tomorrow
<andi-> Use the cloud they said ;)
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