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<adisbladis> goibhniu: I got a 15M HDMI cable but couldn't find any XLR
<goibhniu> oh, cool!
<adisbladis> Also got 10x power strips
<adisbladis> The universal kind
<goibhniu> I nearly got the wrong XLR adaptor ... just realised now
<adisbladis> With 4 outlets each + 2 usb outlets
<goibhniu> ah, nice to have the usb outlets
<adisbladis> Yeah I thought so too
<adisbladis> And the price difference is not very substantial
<goibhniu> I ordered a HDMI cable too ... but we might well need two
<adisbladis> Couldn't hurt to have more
<goibhniu> there's nothing worse than having everything you need, except a cable :D
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