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<aterius> Do we have to do something special to run asan with darwin stdenv?
<supersandro2000> did you add it as a build inputs?
<aterius> Do you need to do something special for darwin?
<aterius> It works fine on linux stdenv
<supersandro2000> no
<supersandro2000> oh you didn't want to link against it? than you need to put it into nativeBuildInputs
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<aterius> I don't have it in my nativebuildinputs for linux though?
<aterius> What package would I even put? clang wrapper shouldn't be used on darwin?
<supersandro2000> no idea
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<EmoSpice> Hi! I'm using lorri to manage a dotfiles repo while I migrate to a nix{os,-darwin} specific loadout, and I'm having trouble getting straight.el to bootstrap packages because the git clone for each package fails.
<EmoSpice> The problem has to do with "unable to get local issuer certificate", which seems to be a very common problem. The answer seems to be to set up the lorri environment with a dependency on cacert (which I have done) and possibly to export a few env variables (SSL_CERT_FILE and one related to git directly, iirc) - which I'm just realizing I have not
<EmoSpice> done. Can anyone provide pointers? I'm trying out the env export now.
<EmoSpice> It looks like setting a dependency on cacert was enough to get it to work in the shell (though I have to `lorri watch` to get it to rebuild for some reason right now) but not enough for emacs. I suspect something having to do with direnv / exec-path-from-shell. I'll keep digging, but if anyone has ideas - please just highlight me.
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<mocker> Any issues w/ using the curl command on the website to install nix on Mac OS Big Sur (11.1) ? I know there used to be issues that required creating the /nix path that the installer couldn't handle, not sure if still the case.
<EmoSpice> The installer has support for creating the APFS partition, but I've not tested on Big Sur yet. (nor have i tested it on Cantina - I created it manually by following some outdated advice) but I did read the script and it seems to have support.
<EmoSpice> Unsure if that is news to you or not :)
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<mocker> That is news, thanks. :)
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<cransom> did apple add a dns rebind protection mechanism to big sur? eg, i have a public domain that returns a private ip. if i `host domain`, it returns nothing. `host domain dnsserver.ip`, it's there.
<cransom> ah nope, they didn't. carry on.
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