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<LnL> domenkozar[m]: hmm, I think I reproduced your thing
<domenkozar[m]> with the same repo?
<LnL> something completely different
<domenkozar[m]> try with --substituters ''
<LnL> oh hmm, a 'aarch64-linux' with features {} is required to build ...
<LnL> weird that this got stuck with substitutes tho
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<domenkozar[m]> hmm :)
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<gchristensen> LnL: any suggestions on timemachine alternatives?
<LnL> not really
<gchristensen> ok
<gchristensen> time machine keeps failing several hours in :(
<LnL> but I don't even backup my machines, everything I care about is in git or copied/stored somewhere else
<gchristensen> aye
<gchristensen> I wish it was ZFS :)
<LnL> only exception are credentials but I rotate those with each machine
<gchristensen> I'm on try 3 of backing up this box
<gchristensen> it fails like 8h in :(
<LnL> don't even have private keys on this one anymore because of secretive :D
<gchristensen> nice
<__monty__> gchristensen: Maybe something like Borg or Restic or Tarsnap?
<__monty__> gchristensen: Or trusty old rsync?
<cransom> are you timemachining over afp?
<gchristensen> that'd work in a pinch
<LnL> what kind of data is this? zfs on osx is a thing :)
<gchristensen> cransom: yeah
<gchristensen> LnL: spouse's personal laptop :P
<LnL> just wouldn't recommend it as the root disk
<gchristensen> (ie: low tolerance for "wtf did you do?"s)
<cransom> i've noticed my timemachine can be real persnickety and it fixes itself after either i restart afpd (no idea why that is. it seems to accumulate zombie processes) or clean out my disk because i didn't notice my snapshots filling it up.
<gchristensen> hrm
<gchristensen> so I just rotated the backing store on the backup target to let it start fresh
<gchristensen> and afp has recently restarted
<gchristensen> let's see if it sorts itself out this time, and if not I'll go for something a bit less nice UX wise, but nicer in the "finishes" sense
<LnL> yeah was going to suggest to just have it start over
<gchristensen> I wish it wouldn't fail so far in
<gchristensen> and then have to just restart
<cransom> TM is usually very eager to start over after noticing faults that it doesn't elaborate on. but for the troubles it can give, it is a 'just works' mechanism and it's worked when i really needed it.
<cransom> like when the last catalina update wreaked havoc on my displays, i reverted in a hurry.
<LnL> yeah it's TM is a bit of a crufty thing, you don't want to know how that worked on hfs+
<gchristensen> nice
<gchristensen> heh
<gchristensen> cransom: to my horror, Emily updated to catalina without telling me backups had been broken for a month
<cransom> of course, i look up to the TM icon now... 'last backup, april 21'. i hit the manual button, the machine can't be found. restart netatalk, repush button, seems to be grinding away now.
<gchristensen> lol.
<gchristensen> https://gsc.io/snaps/c95e5322-56bf-4926-b174-49c6038aa391.png <- vs. this, much preferred, get an alert if backups stop
<LnL> if having a specific location for backed up data is an option you could look into zfs
<gchristensen> I really don't have much novelty budget with her computer
<LnL> yeah I figured
<cransom> oh, i also use arq to ship a subset of data up to backblaze (does nfs/s3, whatever as well). non-free, but it is spousally-compatible from my experience.
<LnL> oh yeah, forgot about that
<gchristensen> oh cool
<cransom> it's not the apple backup experience, but the files are there for fetching again if you need it.
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