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<LnL> anybody here have experience debugging refcount issues with frameworks?
<LnL> can't figure out what's leaking memory
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<felix> Hi! I want to test the configuration for a Linux NixOS machine on macOS. I am trying to build a qemu image for the configuration. I created a file nixos.nix which imports <nixpkgs/nixos>, imports my configuration.nix and sets system to "x86_64-linux" (similar to the first code example here:
<felix> http://www.haskellforall.com/2018/08/nixos-in-production.html). Then I run nix-build --attr vm ./nixos.nix which works because I already setup a remote builder for x86_64-linux.The problem is that when I run result/bin/run-backend-vm I get a Exec format error. I assume this happens because in the derivation qemu is built for x86_64-linux as well? I
<felix> think I somehow need to be able to specify x86_64-linux for the NixOS system that is built while overriding qemu with x86_64-darwin. Is this possible?
<felix> I figured it out. I just had to set configuration.system.build.qemu = hostPkgs.qemu; and pin system to darwin in hostPkgs. But the actual problem is that darwin doesn't support VirtFS so the whole idea won't work out :/
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