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<johnw> hmm.. somewhere between 8b457aef6963b8b5e6c0f76ce754c37554b14a69 and 7d4574747fbd47b7365ad1a5ea31128ff0331ee7, emacs26Packages.emacs no longer builds...
<johnw> has anyone else build it with the latest unstable?
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<johnw> Does this work for others on today's unstable: nix-build '<darwin>' --cores 4 -A pkgs.emacs26Packages.emacs
<thefloweringash> I don’t have a <darwin> in my path, but this works for me, and IIRC was cached: nix-build channel:nixpkgs-unstable -A emacs26Packages.emacs
<LnL> yeah, doesn't build anything so maybe you have something overlayed
<LnL> nix-build channel:nixpkgs-unstable -A emacs26Packages.emacs
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<domenkozar[m]> TIL channel:
<johnw> let me drop my overlay
<johnw> building '/nix/store/6m5shfijbxcs950p04g8iwz0r8rwjb9f-emacs-26.3.drv'...
<johnw> without my overlay I get:
<johnw> unexec: not enough room for load commands for new __DATA segments (increase headerpad_extra in to at least 1518)
<johnw> I guess you guys are not on a mac?
<johnw> wait, that's not right if you're here :) so I wonder how plain unstable works for you...
<johnw> ok, something systemic is wrong on my side
<johnw> my last-known-good version, which works just fine, fails to build if I make a minor change that forces the same version to rebuild
<johnw> the intermediate ../src/emacs fails to execute with "Cannot allocate"
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<johnw`> I updated the machine and rebooted, but still can't run the src/emacs which is produced as part of the Emacs build. Most strange.
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<johnw`> so, I have this executable here, and trying to do anything with it, like "sudo dtruss src/emacs --help" dies immediately with "Cannot allocate memory". Any thoughts on how to track it down? It's the exact same derivation as what's currently running on my system, except that I changed -O2 to -O3 to get it to rebuild.
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<johnw> More info: Please log in with `gist --login`. (GitHub now requires credentials to gist
<johnw> oops
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<LnL> weird
<johnw> very!!
<johnw> and only the Emacs build
<LnL> maybe this could point you in the right direction?
<LnL> or does everything load finne
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<johnw> trying
<johnw> zsh: killed DYLD_PRINT_LIBRARIES=1 src/emacs --help
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