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<johnw> upgrading to Catalina at long last
<__monty__> My condolences : )
<johnw> lol
<johnw> it happens when you buy new Apple hardware
<evelyn> Ooh, what shiny gadget have you unwrapped?
<johnw> I have a MacBook Pro 16" on its way
<johnw> setting up a 13" that my wife swapped with me for my old 15"
<johnw> so installing Catalina just to make sure everything will go smoothly
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<johnw> at the moment, ~11k store paths being copied into the brand new /nix store :)
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<LnL> not merged yet, but nix#3212 creates an apfs volume now and should just work
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nix/pull/3212 (by LnL7, 7 weeks ago, open): [WIP] install: configure and bootstrap synthetic.conf on darwin
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<johnw> for now I just appended to synthetic.conf by hand
<LnL> that also works, but you'll have to configure fstab aswell
<LnL> diskutil has a -mountPoint flag but it's not persistent :/
<johnw> yeah, did that too
<__monty__> Hmm, my /etc/fstab.hd has a big scary warning about being deprecated.
<LnL> that's basically all it does so with that ready a regular install will work
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