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<capitol> hi, we are having trouble building a package on macos, nix-review fails due to gnu-tar not beeing in the path:
<{^_^}> #72188 (by stigtsp, 5 weeks ago, open): ripasso-cursive: unstable-2019-08-27 -> 0.3.0
<capitol> i'm wondering if this is something that should be solved in our package, or in nix?
<LnL> can you clarify?
<LnL> I don't see anything related to tar, but rather CF + sandboxing
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<capitol> it's a bit hidden, if you scroll to the right it says:
<capitol> tar xf "$fn"
<capitol> do not know how to unpack source archive /private/var/folders/g1/y968ywwx2s9c016g26_dbpcm0000gn/T/nix-build-source.drv-0/release-0.3.0.tar.gz
<capitol> and my guess is that gnu-tar understands that it's a gz and doesn't need the 'z' flag on the command line, but maybe tar on macos doesn't
<LnL> ah I see, it's not tar just sandboxing
<LnL> it seems like tar has started to depend on frameworks which isn't very nice, but that's not the root of the problem
<__monty__> bsdtar has had autodetection for far longer than gnu tar.
<LnL> sandboxing is only partially functional at the moment
<capitol> i'm not really sure what sandboxing is in this context, i'm very new to nix
<LnL> nix show-config | grep sandbox
<capitol> right :)
<capitol> is this something we should try to fix in our package?
<LnL> with that enabled nix will try to isolate builds, preventing packages from performing network operations or finding dependencies accidentally present on the system but not declared explicitly
<capitol> ok, thanks :)
<LnL> sadly on darwin we have a grey zone that is currently only allowed in certain conditions, but that doesn't always trigger correctly
<LnL> with that or not enabling sandboxing I'd expect you not to see this problem
<capitol> thanks, let me contact the person with a mac and see if that helps
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<LnL> rpath points to our swift-corefoundation so the issue I mentioned shouldn't happen
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