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<__monty__> LnL: Ok, so I reproduced the pass test failures on the other mac. How do I get at the drv?
<LnL> the build error should tell you which drv failed
<__monty__> Any formatting tricks I can use to make it more readable? This one giant line of text offends my sensibilities : )
<gchristensen> make the derivation more readable?
<__monty__> Yeah, it's not JSON is it?
<LnL> just compare the paths
<LnL> just want to know if it's the same content as the working version for now
<__monty__> Yeah but this is so hard to read at 80 cols:
<LnL> I mean eg. /nix/store/affh6pkk2927qjv8mq6gr8ppc84j13s6-hello-2.10.drv
<__monty__> Yep, I get it. I'll do that ASA I have access to the machine where it works again : )
<LnL> if the store path is the same as on the working machine the rest will also be the same
<LnL> but there's nix show-derivation <drv> if you want to see the content
<__monty__> Ah, that's more readable, thanks.
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<scheming_around> I was just browsing (What's needed for Catalina? #166)
<{^_^}> LnL7/nix-darwin#166 (by dhess, 13 weeks ago, open): What's needed for Catalina?
<{^_^}> (by jcumming, 7 years ago, merged): - libarchive-3.0.4
<scheming_around> Have people been able to make nix-darwin work on catalina?
<__monty__> Afaik yes? And the installer works out of the box on catalina iiuc.
<scheming_around> The installer fails on the "Would you like to create /run" step for me
<scheming_around> That issue has a workaround in the thread I was just browsing though
<scheming_around> I just wanted to make sure I won't run into other problems during daily use
<LnL> not out of the box
<LnL> you'll need to add run to synthetic.conf and the fonts module won't work yet
<__monty__> Oh, I thought it did the synthetic.conf stuff out of the box. My bad.
<scheming_around> Where is the darwin-rebuild binary installed?
<scheming_around> I'm trying to bootstrap fish
<__monty__> /run/current-system/sw/bin/darwin-rebuild
<__monty__> For me at least.
<LnL> the manual install section shows how to bootstrap, but you can just run the installer multiple times which is probably easier
<scheming_around> Oh cool, that worked great
<scheming_around> Yeah, I was running into trouble with the bootstrap instructions
<scheming_around> Oh, nix-darwin sets up its environment in /run/... instead of ~/.nix_profile?
<__monty__> How do I find the derivation for something that built without errors?
<qyliss> nix-store -qd
<__monty__> But that requires a store path?
<__monty__> Then my question becomes how do I find the store path for `pass.withExtensions (es: [ es.pass-otp ])`?
<__monty__> : )
<qyliss> nix-build it
<evelyn> scheming_around: that's right, just like on NixOS.
<__monty__> Ugh, can't figure out the syntax : s
<__monty__> Oh, -E and then import nixpkgs?
<qyliss> nix-build -E 'with import <nixpkgs> {}; pass.withExtensions (es: [ es.pass-otp ])'
<__monty__> Yah, got it. Thanks : )
<__monty__> LnL: Update: derivations are identical.
<{^_^}> #73701 (by jwiegley, 7 weeks ago, open): password-store derivation does not properly allow overriding
<__monty__> I don't overlay nor override pass.
<__monty__> And this derivation builds fine on one machine but not the other.
<evelyn> As far as I understand, the issue is describing the problem which results in pass.withExtensions (es: [ es.pass-otp ])' etc not working
<__monty__> As I read it it explains why overriding pass doesn't override the "pass" used by pass.withExtensions.
<__monty__> And it doesn't explain the behavior of the exact same derivation working on one machine but not the other.
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<LnL> __monty__: in that case something impure is definitively going on
<__monty__> Yeah, I'm not at all sure how to debug it.
<__monty__> I asked for help before in #pass. For someone to explain the tests. But they weren't interested in helping.
<__monty__> I may look into it some more tomorrow. Feel free to ,tell me useful things to try.
<__monty__> nn, peoples
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<LnL> some things that come to mind 1. nix, 2. system impurity, 3. other impurities (no sandbox)
<LnL> but it's probably easier to figure out what's behind the test failure first instead of trying to stab in the dark
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